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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Spring weather is taking place right now! It is the most exciting time of year to watch the weather. Students can actively engage in learning this thru a scavenger hunt. Students will learn tools on the internet that will be beneficial to their learning while doing this scavenger hunt. The internet is a major tool or learning and performing this scavenger hunt will provide them with many tools they can apply to all learning areas! Good luck!!
  2. 2. Students Instructions  You will be graded on your search skills. You will have to answer these questions on a separate piece of paper.  You have plenty of time to complete it so do your best.  To use the hyperlink, to the website that you will search for your answer, It will be highlighted in yellow, all you have to do is click on it and search the sight.  You will be graded on completion and accuracy. There are five questions and each one is worth 20 points, I will give partial credit if you get some of the question correct!
  3. 3. SCAVENGER HUNT!!!! Questions for your hunt. What is your weather like right now in your city? Internet source: My weather What causes rain? Internet resource: How rain is formed What causes thunderstorms? Internet resource: Thunder In what months are storms most dangerous? Internet resource: Severe Months Where do most severe storms form? Internet resource: Where it's At!
  4. 4. Answers  Depends on the time, right now rainy and 58*f.  Rain is caused by moist warm air at lower levels of the atmosphere. Very cold air at mid levels and a front. Moisture collides with other air and forms rain, the clouds are also in a spiral pattern in the air.  The storm has basic ingredients; warn air mass, humid tropical air that flows over east and central America.  April, May and June  The most severe storms start forming over the Rocky Mountains in the United States. They form and reach their full potential in tornado ally.
  5. 5. Usage in the classroom Technology is the most useful tool to our education. When we use this scavenger hunt in our classroom, we are preparing our students for so much more than a lesson on storms. As they continue to learn they will be able to apply these skills in other applications. They will know how to use hyperlink, such as the ones on slide three and do research. We live in a constantly changing world and the internet is they only way to keep up. It is a challenge to keep up with other nations on being technology advanced and the sooner we teach our students the better chance we will have as a whole.