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Microsoft India – Sai Supreme Textiles Case Study


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Sai Supreme Textiles is a pioneer in introducing reusable, biodegradable, sustainable jute and organic cotton bags. Currently the company also assists thousands of environment awareness campaigns. Its products are not just environmentally friendly; but are a proven success in promotions, packaging and retail.

Sai Supreme was finding it difficult to meet the growing needs of the business with its time-consuming manual processes. Working with Microsoft® Certified Partner Novellsys Technologies, Sai Supreme implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. The company now has a robust solution that supports all business processes and enables employees to access relevant information thus boosting productivity by 100 percent.

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Microsoft India – Sai Supreme Textiles Case Study

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics Customer Solution Case Study Textile Manufacturer Improves Efficiency with CRM Solution Overview “Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM solution provided us a ® Country or region: India Industry: Textile single, enterprise wide framework to manage sales, marketing, and customer interactions through Customer Profile Sai Supreme Textiles is India’s leading standardized workflows and familiar user interfaces.” manufacturer of promotional textiles and J. Seetharaman, Managing Director, Sai Supreme Textiles bed linen. It employs 500 people and its sales revenues in 2006 – 07 was INR 8.6 Sai Supreme Textiles is a pioneer in introducing reusable, crore (U.S.$ 2 million). biodegradable, sustainable jute and organic cotton bags. Currently Business Situation the company also assists thousands of environment awareness The company found that lack of any IT infrastructure was hindering its ability to campaigns. Its products are not just environmentally friendly; but compete. The manual operations were not are a proven success in promotions, packaging and retail. only error-prone but also expensive. Solution Sai Supreme was finding it difficult to meet the growing needs of To meet its business goals, Sai Supreme partnered with Microsoft® Certified Partner, the business with its time-consuming manual processes. Working Novellsys Technologies to implement with Microsoft® Certified Partner Novellsys Technologies, Sai Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM 3.0. Supreme implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. The company Benefits now has a robust solution that supports all business processes and  Improved customer service  Increased sales efficiency enables employees to access relevant information thus boosting  Faster, more effective reporting productivity by 100 percent.
  2. 2. Situation that its existing system simply did not have Sai Supreme is located in the peaceful and the functionality or scalability to grow with the spiritual city of Pondicherry in India with a company’s needs. built in factory area of 45,000 square feet that houses state of the art facilities in “To stay competitive and meet the company’s weaving, printing, including design and growth goals, we needed to eliminate the development and stitching. The Supreme manual processes,” says Kannan, GM – Group directly employs over 500 dedicated Sales & Marketing, Sai Supreme. “We wanted professionals each caring for the a solution that would streamline our environment. processes along with locating inefficiencies and eliminating them.” It manufactures and supplies promotional packaging or retail printed and embroidered Sai Supreme decided that it needed to textiles in cotton, canvas, jute bags, t-shirts, implement an effective CRM system. The and caps. It also manufactures bed, bath and CRM implementation needed to not only “The new standardized food and beverage (F&B) linen to some of the meet the immediate business requirements and automated CRM finest hotels in the world. Sai Supreme also but also monitor its competition and prepare offers the finest traditional and contemporary reports to help plan future strategies. system helps us to designs for home collection also. increase sales volume The customer list of Sai Supreme includes Le Solution every day. The sales Royal Méridien, The Grand Ashok, GRT Grand, Sai Supreme evaluated several customer team processes 50 GRT Regency, The Chancery Pavillion, relationship management (CRM) solutions, Holidays Farms & Resorts, Hotel Sai Inn, including ones from SageCRM, in addition to percent more leads Hotel Riverview, Hotel Jayaram, and Hotel Microsoft. Based on a rigorous analysis, the each day thus Mass. Some of the international corporate company selected Microsoft® Dynamics™ customers are TESCO, Allied Domecq, Co- CRM 3.0. increasing their operative stores, National Portrait Gallery and productivity. Body Shop. Dynamics CRM was chosen primarily for its unique functionality and scalability. In V.R.Kannan, GM – Sales & Marketing, Sai In the highly competitive market, success addition to this it integrates quickly and Supreme Textiles depends on IT systems that drive internal seamlessly with Microsoft Office Outlook efficiencies. Over time, Sai Supreme found 2003 messaging and collaboration client. that its manual processes were no longer Customization was also easier with the new adequate to efficiently handle its business. solution, which meant that it could easily be These were also outdated, and time- adapted to suit the way the company does consuming. The system was inadequate for business. the growing business needs of the organization and maintaining competitive Janani, Export Executive, Sai Supreme, advantage. comments: “We judged that Microsoft Dynamics CRM offered a proven, easy to However, with ever increasing complex deploy, highly scalable and user-friendly processes, Sai Supreme was quick to identify solution. And being a Microsoft product it
  3. 3. would provide the required functionality and and resources, e-mail, calendars, contacts, more importantly a familiar and easy to use internal Web sites, network files, business interface.” applications, and more from any computer with Internet access. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 improved the provides the tools and capabilities needed to company’s sales process and also enhanced create and easily maintain a clear picture of the performance of the sales team. customers, from first contact through to “Microsoft’s innovative CRM platform purchase and post-sales. With modules for permitted us to customize the tool in a way sales, marketing, and customer service, that matched our sales process instead of Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables closer forcing us to fit the business into the model relationships with customers and helps to of an off-the-shelf product,” says Janani. achieve new levels of profitability. The new CRM solution provided a single, Sai Supreme selected Microsoft Certified enterprise wide framework to manage sales, Business Solutions Partner, Novellsys marketing, and customer interactions Technologies, to deploy Microsoft Dynamics through standardized workflows and familiar CRM 3.0. “We wanted a solution to our user interfaces. Automatic alerts, automated “With the problem and therefore choosing the right workflows, and access to real-time, business- implementation of partner was an important task,” says Kannan. “With Novellsys, we made the right choice. critical project data make for an efficient process. The solution helped create Microsoft CRM, our They guided and supported us through the workflows which would trigger automatic e- executives have better implementation process.” mail, to the production department when the sample checkbox is checked in the insight into our Janani, Export Executive, Sai Supreme, customized order form. Automated workflows customers and sales agrees, “With a clear CRM strategy we were able to design and implement scalable, user- provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 also gave a boost to employee productivity. trends with a lot less friendly, and process-oriented solutions.” work.” Supported by Microsoft Windows Small The company also implemented Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 communication and K N Ravishankar, Asst. Sales Manager, Sai Business Server (SBS) 2003, Microsoft collaboration server, part of Microsoft® Supreme Textiles Dynamics CRM 3.0 has been customized to Windows® Small Business Server 2003. meet the company’s specific needs. It Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 has helped integrates easily with Microsoft Small the company in creating their own e-mail Business Server 2003. system. Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Working with Microsoft Certified Business 2003 gives you the tools to take better care Solutions Partner Novellsys Technologies, the of customers, present a professional team conceived and deployed the solution in appearance, and manage customer just three months. relationships more effectively. It helps the employees to access business information
  4. 4. Benefits The company can more effectively manage By eliminating manual processes, Sai every aspect of its sales process, including Supreme immediately benefited from its tracking customers, contacts, and business Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. By opportunities. “The new standardized and using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the company automated CRM system helps us to increase benefits from instant access to both sales volume every day,” says Kannan. “The customer and ERP information. sales team processes 50 percent more leads each day thus increasing their productivity. As Improved Customer Service a result, we are much more efficient.” Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 helps Sai Supreme provide better and faster customer Faster, More Effective Reporting service as employees can now easily view all Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the sales data associated with any given customer. It team of Sai Supreme is able to quickly share helps us provide extra value to our sales activity reports with the company’s customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides managers. With powerful reporting “With the Microsoft the sales team of Sai Supreme with the tools capabilities provided by Microsoft CRM, the Dynamics CRM solution, and capabilities it needs to complete business-critical tasks quickly and efficiently. company can look at its business in ways not possible before. Reports are available we have real-time By automating time-consuming repetitive immediately, making it possible to act directly access to customer tasks while alerting employees of open customer issues, the solution facilitates more on sales information, and giving senior management a valuable strategic decision- information and thus constructive customer interactions. making aid. we’ve been able to K N Ravishankar, Asst. Sales Manager at Sai “With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we now have improve our customer Supreme, adds, “With the Microsoft real-time data reporting, and this was not service dramatically.” Dynamics CRM solution, we have real-time access to customer information and thus possible before. That saves us time because we don’t have to search for the data from all K N Ravishankar, Asst. Sales Manager, Sai we’ve been able to improve our customer over.” Supreme Textiles service dramatically.” In addition, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics provides an advanced sales reports do not have to be put together CRM solution that is well suited to its needs. manually. The effort for manually preparing Having a complete picture of each customer sales reports per employee has reduced from at any point in time helps project managers about 30 minutes to 15 minutes. and management better meet customer needs while increasing the company’s own productivity and sales. Increased Sales Efficiency Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, executives and sales managers have an enterprise view of the activities of the sales team and a better understanding of the sales pipeline.
  5. 5. For More Information About Intech Systems About Microsoft Dynamics For more information about Microsoft Novellsys is a fast growing IT service provider Microsoft Dynamics, a division of Microsoft, products and services, call the Microsoft based in Chennai, India. Since inception offers a wide range of integrated, end-to-end Sales Information Center at (800) Novellsys is growing at a brisk pace and is business applications and services designed 426-9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft catering to some of the well reputed to help small, midsize, and corporate Canada Information Centre at (877) multinational companies. Novellsys believes businesses become more connected with 568-2495. Customers who are deaf or not just in its progress alone but progress of customers, employees, partners, and hard-of-hearing can reach Microsoft text all its partners, clients, investors and suppliers. Microsoft Dynamics applications telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) employees. optimize strategic business processes across 892-5234 in the United States or (905) financial management, analytics, human 568-9641 in Canada. Outside the 50 resources management, project United States and Canada, please contact management, customer relationship your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access management, field service management, information using the World Wide Web, go supply chain management, e-commerce, to: manufacturing, and retail management. More information about Microsoft Dynamics can be found at: For more information about Novellsys Technologies products and services, call (91) (44) 4266 8060 or visit the Web site at: For more information about Sai Supreme Textiles products and services, call (91) (413) 227 4153 or visit the Web site at: Software and Services Hardware  Products  Dual 1.8 GHz Pentium Xeon P4 server with − Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 512 MB RAM and 80 GB hard disk − Microsoft Windows Small Business  Pentium P4 desktop with 256 MB RAM Server 2003 and 20 GB hard disk Partner  Novellsys Technologies © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Microsoft, [list other trademarks referenced] are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Document published March 2007