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Microsoft Windows Azure - Siemens Professional Services Expands Software Delivery Service Case Study


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Microsoft Windows Azure - Siemens Professional Services Expands Software Delivery Service Case Study

  1. 1. Windows Azure Customer Solution Case Study Siemens Expands Software Delivery Service, Significantly Reduces TCO Overview “Our first estimates show that we can Country or Region: Germany Industry: Professional services— reduce our TCO by a factor of 10. The High tech software distribution system we built with Customer Profile Windows Azure is 10 times cheaper than Siemens is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical our previous solution.” engineering, operating in the Siemens—a global powerhouse in electronics and industry, energy, and healthcare sectors. The company has electrical engineering, operating in the industry, around 410,000 employees and energy and healthcare sectors—has built a a worldwide reputation for innovation and achievement. worldwide reputation for innovation and technical achievement. Siemens IT Solutions and Services Business Situation To deliver software more developed a system for remote service of more efficiently, reduce costs, and than 80,000 devices worldwide. An additional get more complex software packages to more devices, service enables its users to distribute software Siemens wanted to expand the packages to devices spread around the globe capacity of its software distribution system. through virtual private network connections. To make these software updates and installations Solution Siemens used the Windows more efficient, reduce costs, and deliver more Azure™ platform to deliver complex software packages to more devices, software packages from a central Internet-based storage Siemens is now able to use the Windows Azure™ location to thousands of platform for devices directly connected to the devices for many different customers. Internet. The company now can dynamically scale its global software distribution, while reducing Benefits • Reduced capital risk costs, enhancing services, and avoiding • High scalability significant new capital investment. • Reduced operating costs • Enhanced customer services • Familiar development environment
  2. 2. “From a technical Situation centers around the world. point of view, the With headquarters in Berlin and Siemens uses the cRSP to primary challenges Munich, Germany, Siemens is a remotely support more than global powerhouse in electronics 80,000 devices worldwide. The we wanted to meet and electrical engineering, cRSP includes a software operating in the industry, energy, distribution service that sends out were smooth and healthcare sectors. The software releases and updates to integration to the company has around 410,000 devices through virtual private employees around the world. In network (VPN) connections, existing platform, fiscal 2008, Siemens had revenue without requiring on-site of €77.3 billion (approximately maintenance support. scalability, reduced U.S.$113.8 billion) and a net complexity, and income of €5.9 billion (IFRS). In the future, new fields of application like video streaming higher security. From Siemens IT Solutions and or large-scale software updates Services is an internationally will necessitate a solution that is a business point of leading provider of IT solutions easy to scale up and down in view, flexibility and and services. It covers the entire response to traffic and demand IT service chain from a single inside and outside of Siemens. To the cost factor were source, from consulting to the meet these requirements with management of IT infrastructures. cRSP in its own on-premises data key drivers.” In addition, Siemens IT Solutions centers, Siemens had to build a Elmar Stoecker, Director Portfolio and Services extends the range large server infrastructure to Management, Siemens IT Solutions of offerings of the other Siemens handle peak loads. This large and Services Sectors to include IT solutions. server infrastructure would be Siemens IT Solutions and underutilized during period of Services employs more than lower demand. 41,000 people and posts annual sales of €5.3 billion (U.S.$7.8 “Having the whole system billion), of which over 70 percent implemented in-house had made are generated outside of the it expensive to distribute Siemens Sectors. software,” says Elmar Stoecker, Director Portfolio Management at To help control costs and offset Siemens IT Solutions and the decreasing availability of Services. “We wanted a solution facilities and computing we could implement rapidly and resources, Siemens IT Solutions that would give us more agility.” and Services developed the common Remote Service Up to now, the growing amount of Platform (cRSP), a remote software which distributed to services system managed devices around the globe caused through a large server significant effort as software infrastructure in three data packages had to be transferred
  3. 3. “By temporarily via VPN connections and across firewalls. Customer firewalls had Solution storing software to be configured for VPN Siemens decided to develop a connections by administrators, software distribution using a packages on and Siemens IT solutions and “cloud computing” model. Now Windows Azure, Services had to make sure VPN the company is able to store and server capacity was available in manage its software packages we have much less the data centers. Both efforts and distribution information using increased the total cost of computing resources hosted on expensive storage ownership (TCO) for the VPN the Internet (the “cloud”) capacity than we based solution. through an external data center. could maintain in Wanting to make software Siemens IT Solutions and updates and installations more Services participated in a our own data efficient, reduce costs, and Microsoft® Technology Adoption center.” deliver more complex software Program so it could immediately packages to more devices, begin using the Windows Azure™ Elmar Stoecker, Director Siemens IT Solutions and platform, an Internet-scale cloud Portfolio Management, Siemens Services began to investigate services platform hosted in new technology that would make Microsoft data centers, to it easier to expand the capacity of transfer software packages from the cRSP. It needed a solution a central storage location to that would deliver the functionality thousands of devices for many of the existing software different customers. distribution mechanism, reduce configuration effort for Siemens chose the Windows customers, help prevent Azure platform because it offers unauthorized changes to complex high availability, a scalable software package orders, and be infrastructure with a pay-as-you- supported by a reliable world- go pricing model, the Windows wide communication Azure cloud services operating infrastructure. system, and a set of developer services that it can use “From a technical point of view, individually or together. the primary challenges we wanted to meet were smooth Multicomponent Software integration to the existing Distribution Service platform, scalability, reduced The company can now replace complexity, and higher security,” the existing software distribution says Stoecker. “From a business system and VPN connections with point of view, flexibility, and the a new multi-component software cost factor were key drivers.” distribution service hosted on the Windows Azure platform. Within
  4. 4. the Siemens intranet, a SAP customers can decide when to system generates orders for download the software.” software distribution. Based on Microsoft SQL Server® data Data Storage management software, Siemens Siemens stores its order- IT Solutions and Services processing and management developed an application called information in SQL Azure which is Software Delivery Manager (SDM) synchronized with references to that gathers orders from the SAP Windows Azure Blob Storage system and coordinates the holding the software packages. orders with software packages By separating management and extracted from a repository. bulk data, Siemens can dedicate load balancing of management SDM then uploads the orders and Web roles. Load balancing of packages to the Software Blob Storage is achieved Delivery Service (SDS), which automatically by Windows Azure uses Windows Azure Storage for Storage. The company uses software packages and the Shared Access Signatures to Microsoft SQL AzureTM database secure the access to software as a service for management packages for customers without data. SDS notifies the Software providing them the shared Delivery Client (SDC) at the access key for the Windows customer sites when software Azure Storage. packages are available for download. SDC downloads and “Developing the application installs the software packages on management logic on SQL Azure individual devices, and notifies allowed fast and seamless SDS of completion status. migration and internal code reuse. So we could use the same Finally, SDS relays feedback to data model in the cloud as we do SDM and the SAP system in our on-premises repository,” regarding the download and explains Gerald Kaefer, Architect installation processes and at Siemens. This enables Siemens provides billing information, to use a single code base which including the amount of Windows is easier for the company to Azure capacity utilized. manage than two separate sets. “With Windows Azure, we don’t Benefits have to connect the end devices By taking advantage of the to the data centers,” says Windows Azure platform, Stoecker. “Now we have a Siemens IT Solutions and central location where we store Services is developing globally the information, and the available software distribution as
  5. 5. “Most of our a service, while reducing its packages for its industrial operating costs and avoiding appliances around the world. developers are significant new capital Then it can scale down, using and investment. paying for fewer computing experienced with resources during periods when Visual Studio tools. The company can scale its demand for processing capacity solution dynamically to meet is low. Overall distribution time That was a good demand and pay only for the could be reduced significantly. computing and storage capacity argument for using it needs, only when it needs it. “By knowing how many orders the Windows Azure Now, Siemens IT Solutions and we have to send, we could derive Services can serve its customers the number of Windows Azure platform, because better by introducing enhanced computing resources we need in solutions and services in less advance,” says Kaefer. we can use the time and at less cost. “Transferring the data directly same development from Windows Azure Blob Reduced Capital Risk Storage allows automatically environment.” Siemens has reduced its risk on seamless scaling and avoids infrastructure investment in a costs for additional façade Web changing market by using the services hosted in Web roles.” Windows Azure platform. By not having to invest up front in a Reduced Operating Costs physical infrastructure capable of By replacing its physical meeting peak demand, Siemens infrastructure with Windows is on track to lower its TCO and Azure computing and storage create economies of scale. resources that can be managed flexibly, Siemens will reduce its “Our first estimates show that operating costs significantly. By we can reduce our TCO by a no longer relying on VPN factor of 10,” says Stoecker. connections, it can spend less on “The software distribution system administration and system we built with Windows licenses for system management Azure is much more scalable and tools over time. Siemens can also cost efficient.” use pay-per-use pricing to gain flexibility and maintain cost High Scalability transparency across orders and Now Siemens can quickly and customers and reduce the cost of easily scale its software maintaining the capacity it needs. distribution system up or down. It can use the storage and “By temporarily storing software processing power it needs when packages on Windows Azure, we it needs it, to store, distribute, have much less expensive install, and monitor software storage capacity than we could
  6. 6. maintain in our own data center,” and Visual Studio Team says Stoecker. Foundation Server.” Enhanced Customer Services With its new delivery model based on the Windows Azure platform, Siemens IT Solutions and Services can offer improved services and quality to its customers. For instance, it can offer cost flexibility and save customers money with fast, easy software trials and quick responses to increased demand. The company anticipates introducing new services more often, based on its new software distribution system. Familiar Development Environment According to Stoecker, “The solution we built with the Windows Azure platform is not only more cost-effective, but also has been much simpler to implement than our previous system.” Siemens IT Solutions and Services is familiar with the Microsoft Visual Studio® development system, and it used that technology to deploy its Windows Azure–based software distribution system. “Most of our developers are experienced with Visual Studio tools,” says Stoecker. “That was a good argument for using the Windows Azure platform, because we can use our known development environment based on SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008,
  7. 7. For More Information Windows Azure Platform self-managed database For more information about The Windows Azure platform service built on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 technologies. Microsoft products and provides an excellent foundation services, call the Microsoft for expanding online product and To learn more about the Windows Sales Information Center at service offerings. The main Azure platform, visit: (800) 426-9400. In Canada, call components include: the Microsoft Canada • Windows Azure. Windows Azure Information Centre at (877) is the development, service 568-2495. Customers in the hosting, and service United States and Canada who management environment for are deaf or hard-of-hearing can the Windows Azure platform. reach Microsoft text telephone Windows Azure provides (TTY/TDD) services at (800) developers with on-demand 892-5234. Outside the 50 compute and storage to host, United States and Canada, scale, and manage Web please contact your local applications on the Internet Microsoft subsidiary. To access through Microsoft data information using the World centers. In addition, Windows Wide Web, go to: Azure serves developers’ connectivity needs through the following services. For more information about 〉 The Service Bus connects Siemens IT Solutions and services and applications Services products and services, across network visit the Web site at: boundaries to help developers build distributed applications. Additional Resources: 〉 The Access Control Service Download: Windows Azure provides federated, Tools and SDK claims-based access View: Architecting and control for REST Web Developing for Windows Azure services. • Microsoft SQL Azure. Microsoft SQL Azure offers the first cloud-based relational and Software and Services • Microsoft Visual Studio • Windows Azure Platform − Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 − Windows Azure • Microsoft Server Product − Microsoft SQL Azure Portfolio − Windows Azure Tables − Microsoft SQL Server 2008 − Windows Azure Storage − Blob Storage This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published November 2009