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Microsoft SQL Azure - Infosys Creates Cloud Based Solution For Auto Dealers Case Study


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Microsoft SQL Azure - Infosys Creates Cloud Based Solution For Auto Dealers Case Study

  1. 1. Microsoft SQL Data Services Customer Solution Case Study Infosys Creates Cloud-Based Solution for Auto Dealers using SQL Data Services Overview “With SDS running on the Microsoft Services Platform Country or Region: United States Industry: Information Technology we can give customers a zero-maintenance data hub. The cloud is becoming real.” Customer Profile Jitendra Pal Thethi, Principal Architect, Infosys Technologies Ltd. Based in Bangalore, India, Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner and Strategic Alliance Partner Infosys Technologies defines, designs, and delivers IT-enabled business Infosys Technologies Ltd. is an IT transformation leader for its solutions for Global 2000 companies. clients around the world. With over 95,000 employees in more than Business Situation 64 offices around the world, the company constantly searches for Infosys needed a cloud-based database as a central part of its strategy to offer its the best technology to help its customers meet their business customers low-cost, zero-maintenance goals. As Infosys began designing a solution to let automobile solutions that are accessed through the Web. dealers share information on inventories and other resources, it wanted to offer a cloud-based solution that would be simple to Solution The company is building its solutions using deploy, easy to scale, and require zero maintenance from the the cloud-based Microsoft Services customer. To create its hub-in-the-cloud solution it needed a cloud- Platform, including Microsoft SQL Data Services. based database, which it found with Microsoft® SQL Data Services, part of the Microsoft Services Platform. Infosys is using SQL Data Benefits Complete cloud solution Services to create a solution for auto dealers, which it can easily Low-cost deployment and zero replicate to meet similar integration needs for healthcare, maintenance Easy replication for other verticals hospitality, insurance, and other industry verticals. Scalability Integration with legacy systems
  2. 2. “You really need a hub Situation The Infosys auto dealer solution is built using Infosys Technologies Ltd., which defines, Web and STAR based standards and it that each dealer can designs and delivers technology-enabled leverages the technologies from the cloud- simply plug into, and business solutions for Global 2000 based Microsoft® Services Platform including companies, continuously tracks the Microsoft SQL Data Services (SDS). SDS cloud-based services innovations in core technology to leverage offers highly scalable and Internet-facing running on the Microsoft the benefit to clients. distributed database services in the cloud for storing and processing relational queries. It Services Platform The company, which has over 95,000 helps developers create and provision new provides an ideal low- employees in more than 64 offices around applications with REST and SOAP based Web the world, is eager to offer its global protocols. The services are built on robust cost, zero-maintenance customers solutions that take advantage of Microsoft SQL Server® database and hub solution.” cloud computing, an emerging technology Windows Server® technologies, providing high based on offering computing resources, availability and security. Jitendra Pal Thethi, Principal Architect, Infosys applications, and storage from the Internet, Technologies Ltd. or cloud. The cloud concept, which As Infosys considered the design for its auto encompasses popular delivery technologies dealer and OEM integration solution, it knew such as Software + Services and Software as that it needed to go beyond conventional a Service, enables developers to create rich point-to-point connections between dealer solutions that customers can access through locations. “We want to deliver a simple, the Web. appliance-like solution that can be placed in a dealership premises and would augment Customers benefit from cloud-based the existing DMS systems to provide the solutions because there doesn’t need to be additional B2B integration capability from our any client-side application deployment or cloud-based services” says Jitendra Pal maintenance. Similarly, organizations can Thethi, Principal Architect at Infosys. avoid the IT expenses traditionally involved in hosting server-based solutions. Getting beyond point-to-point connections meant finding an efficient hub-based system, Infosys was looking at revitalizing its auto which again pointed toward the cloud, and dealer solution to address flexibility and SDS running on the Microsoft Services scalability requirements. Infosys assessed Platform. the applicability and value of a cloud-based model and decided it provided enhanced “It would be costly to create and maintain benefits to customers in this scenario. The physical integrations between dealerships in Infosys cloud-based solution for the one dealership network, for example, and automotive industry would simplify the such point-to-point solutions aren’t scalable,” process of sharing inventory and other data says Thethi. “You really need a hub that each between dealerships in a network and with dealer can simply plug into, and cloud-based their original equipment manufacturers services running on the Microsoft Services (OEMs). Platform provide an ideal low-cost, zero- maintenance hub solution.” Solution Infosys Solution Architecture
  3. 3. “With SQL Data Services Infosys is using a three-tier architecture that the infrastructure we need for deploying our includes: application from the cloud, and for supporting we are able to provide authentication.” Web-based Interface . Dealer employees, our customers with a wanting to check inventory at another Infosys sees the platform as a great value cloud-based solution dealership, or seeking OEM information, use proposition. “SQL Data Services and the rest a desktop browser to connect to the cloud- which requires no based Infosys solution. of the Services Platform combine to form a cloud infrastructure that is very exciting,” capital expenditures or Application Tier. Infosys provides the says Thethi. “This opens the door for creating middle-tier code and business logic enabling operational integration of data between participating a new generation of cloud-based solutions.” expenditures. This parties. This Infosys application tier provides Low-Cost Deployment and Zero- connectivity between SDS in the cloud and removes a lot of would- the dealer’s existing data systems. The Maintenance As Infosys searched for the best platform on be barriers to solution Infosys Legacy Modernization solution, a part which to build its cloud-based auto dealer of the Catalytic IT solution suite is used with acceptance.” dealerships that have green-screen legacy integration solution, it sought a solution that would be inexpensive for its customers to Jitendra Pal Thethi, Principal Architect, Infosys systems. The Infosys application tier is deploy and maintain. Technologies Ltd. hosted in the cloud. Data Tier. Data from all parties—dealers, “We needed a database at our hub, but didn’t OEMs and other participants—is hosted on a want dealers to have to deploy and support dedicated instance of SDS in the cloud. that level of infrastructure,” says Thethi. “With SQL Data Services we are able to Benefits provide our customers with a cloud-based Infosys has found the platform it needs to solution which requires no capital create complete cloud-based solutions for its expenditures or operational expenditures. global customers. The company can create This removes a lot of would-be barriers to solutions that have low-cost deployment and solution acceptance.” zero customer-side maintenance. The solutions can be easily replicated for other Working with SDS and the Microsoft Services verticals, provide virtually unlimited Platform also relieves Infosys and its scalability, and integrate easily with legacy customers from the anxiety and expenses of systems. ensuring high availability and similar administrative concerns. Thethi notes, “We Low cost Robust Infrastructure Ensures like the idea that data replication, disaster High Service Availability recovery, and other administrative Working with SDS and the rest of the responsibilities are completely handled by Microsoft Services Platform has provided Microsoft.” Infosys with the complete cloud infrastructure it needed to create its auto dealer solution. Easy Replication for Other Verticals “We needed a robust cloud-based database Auto dealerships are just one of a number of solution to support hub-based integration,” industries that Infosys sees benefiting from Thethi notes. “That is exactly what SDS appliance-like cloud-based solutions using provides. The Services Platform also provides SDS as the data repository. Whether
  4. 4. “With SDS and the rest providing an integration point for hotels, Modernization solution has enabled clinics, or insurance agents, all of these companies around the globe to maximize the of the Microsoft Services verticals typically include geographically value of their legacy systems,” Thethi says. Platform, we can scale distributed operations that could benefit from “We can create our solution to sit between easy to deploy, low-cost, and zero- the legacy system and the cloud, and we can to any number of maintenance solutions. deploy that solution on the cloud. This brings automobile dealers, or great value to our customers—to be able to “We need a general cloud platform that will make full use of their legacy systems, while insurance agents, or to make it easy to replicate our solution for handling everything from the cloud.” any number of other verticals,” says Thethi. “The hospitality industry, healthcare industry, insurance participants of any other industry, and several other verticals could all vertical we work with." benefit from cloud-based solutions. But all of Summary these solutions require a hub-based data In summary, Infosys is using the Microsoft Jitendra Pal Thethi, Principal Architect, Infosys store, which is why SDS is so important.” Services Platform as it designs a new Technologies Ltd. generation of cloud-based applications to Thethi adds: “The need for a solution like this help its global customers enjoy low-cost, zero- has always been there. With a cloud-based maintenance solutions accessed through the platform and leveraging Microsoft Services Web. Platform we can give customers a scalable, zero-maintenance services and data hub. The cloud infrastructure is becoming real and the this appliance based approach for connecting the cloud with the enterprise makes it more relevant” Scalability Infosys likes the ease with which it can add new participants to a cloud-based solution. “With SDS, we can scale to any number of automobile dealers, or insurance agents, or to any number of participants of any other vertical we work with,” says Thethi. “As the number of participating dealerships goes up, the cost of the cloud service is incremented, but this is offset by the increase in revenue. The customer never has to worry about scalability. That is handled by the huge data centers of the Microsoft Foundation Services.” Integration with Legacy Systems Integration of legacy systems is an area of Infosys expertise. “Our Infosys Legacy
  5. 5. For More Information Azure Services Platform Microsoft SQL Services For more information about Microsoft The Azure™ Services Platform provides an Microsoft SQL Services extends the SQL products and services, call the Microsoft excellent foundation for expanding product Server capabilities in cloud as web-based Sales Information Center at (800) and service offerings. The Azure components services. It enables you to store data from 426-9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft include: structured, semi-structured, and unstructured Canada Information Centre at (877)  Windows Azure . Windows Azure is a documents. SQL Services will deliver a rich 568-2495. Customers who are deaf or development, run-time and control set of integrated services for relational hard-of-hearing can reach Microsoft text environment that is scalable, flexible, database, search, reporting, analytics and telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) secure and Interoperable. data synchronization with mobile users, 892-5234 in the United States or (905)  Microsoft SQL Services. SQL Services remote offices and business partners. The 568-9641 in Canada. Outside the 50 is a suite of cloud-based SQL Server data first of these SQL Services available today is United States and Canada, please contact platform capabilities. The first of these database services called SQL Data Services. your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access capabilities is SQL Data Services, which . information using the World Wide Web, go offers Internet-facing database service for to: relational queries. For more information about SQL Data  Microsoft.NET Services. Microsoft .NET Services, go to: For more information about Infosys Services is a suite of Web services for Technologies Ltd products and services, customers with integration and business- mspw call (510) 742-3000 or visit the Web site to-business collaboration requirements. at: These services include workflow, access control, and service bus connectivity.  Live Services. Live Services is a comprehensive set of Web services that represent the core functionality of Windows Live (includes Windows Live Messenger, Live Search, and many more). For more information about the Azure Services Platform, go to: Software and Services Hardware Microsoft Services Platform Varies by customer Microsoft SQL Data Services Microsoft Global Foundation Services This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published October 2008