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Microsoft India – Silver Lining Case Study


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Silver Lining’s business process outsourcing operations support Baxter Healthcare exclusively. It manages and maintains a call centre for to service the critically ill patients. With the help of Religare Technova, a Microsoft® Certified Partner, Silver Lining deployed Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM 3.0 SBE (Small Business Edition) to collaborate, manage stringent data requirements, enhance data security, streamline processes and ensure high level of customer service.

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Microsoft India – Silver Lining Case Study

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics Customer Solution Case Study Indian Outsourcing Company Grows Business with Integrated Solution and Enhances Data Security Overview “With the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Country or region: India Industry: Business process outsourcing Silver Lining for Baxter Healthcare maintains the most (BPO) stringent standards of data and document security Customer Profile and sped up the response time of processing data.” Silver Lining is a BPO that supports Baxter Naveen Gulati, Director, Silver Lining Healthcare with its renal patient management through its contact center for them to service the critically ill patients. It employs more than 100 skilled professionals. It is headquartered Silver Lining’s business process outsourcing operations support in Delhi. Baxter Healthcare exclusively. It manages and maintains a call Business Situation centre for to service the critically ill patients. With the help of Silver Lining was using third party solutions to manage data and the business. This was Religare Technova, a Microsoft® Certified Partner, Silver Lining a time consuming repetitive process and deployed Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM 3.0 SBE (Small Business used human resources which resulted in errors and high operational cost. Edition) to collaborate, manage stringent data requirements, enhance data security, streamline processes and ensure high level Solution Religare Technova, a Microsoft Certified of customer service. Partner, implemented Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM 3.0 SBE to streamline processes, centralize data and ensure security. Benefits  Secures confidential patient information  Faster response time saves lives  Improves customer service  Timely and accurate follow-ups  Streamline business processes
  2. 2. “Manual data entry was Situation business workflows so as to ensure best pre Silver Lining, established in 2003, envisions and post hospitalization support to patients resulting in error prone to become a leading Knowledge Process and doctors. data. With Microsoft Outsourcing (KPO) in the field of voice and non voice space, catering specifically to The existing system at Silver Lining did not Dynamics CRM all domestic large corporate and doing fulfill the requirements of centralized business processes are specialized work for the international database management of all patients. organizations. It is headquartered in New As the applications were not integrated, automated leaving no Delhi and employs more than 300 highly employees had to spent time on repetitive room for errors and skilled and experienced personnel. It is now tasks and were still not able to track known as Open Mind Services Limited. information accurately reducing operational cost.” Silver Lining BPO operations support Baxter Solution Healthcare exclusively for renal therapies. Silver Lining wanted a solution that can fulfill Rakhi, Director (Process) Silver Lining Baxter Healthcare, a leading global all its requirements and give easy access to healthcare provider, offers healthcare information along with the unquestionable support to renal (Peritoneal dialysis) patients. data security. After assessing many solutions, It focuses on assisting people with various it reached the conclusion that Microsoft® medical conditions such as hemophilia, Dynamics™ CRM 3.0 Small Business Edition cancer, immune disorders and renal (SBE) is most suited to fit the requirements. therapies. Silver Lining manages and maintains a call center for Baxter Global to “We looked at several solutions available in service critically ill patients. the market but chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 SBE because its modules would Silver Lining BPO for Baxter started a unique integrate easily with our existing IT concept in India to give healthcare support to infrastructure and applications. It was easy to renal Peritoneal Dialysis patients. A detailed use from the employees’ point of view; and database of all the patients on the basis of we were impressed by the level of data the seriousness of their condition has to be security possible,” says Naveen Gulati, maintained. This includes details such as Director patients’ names, doctors’ names, their clinical managers, treatment given to them Silver Lining wanted to create an integrated etc. Also, information pertaining to follow ups environment to ensure free flow of data from New Features at ‘We Care’ and in bound calls for each patient has to be the repository to the required application  New Patient: Post Training tracked along with patient profile (e.g. new, while satisfying the strict data security Assessment call normal, high risk) with complete medical conditions as per Baxter guidelines.  New/ High Risk Patient: Two investigation and test results. follow up calls per, up to 6 month Religare Technova, a Microsoft Certified  Old Patients: One follow up call per The agents need a single view of all the Partner was chosen to customize and month after 6 month. information about a patient, irrespective of implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 SBE.  All Patients: Emergency calls on the channel through which they make The first two phases of implementation were need basis for agents, patients and contact. Another key necessity was to provide completed in July 2007. The solution was patient attendants automated emergency situations and various implemented at New Delhi for Baxter Global  All Patients: Prescription Tracking
  3. 3. “Post Microsoft operations team for India as well as the but also an immediate increase in efficiency employees of Silver Lining. and reduction in costs. Dynamics CRM we can monitor all the data and Microsoft Dynamic CRM 3.0 SBE has been Secures Confidential Patient Information used to automate Baxter’s domestic and Silver Lining is completely confident of the the business we are international patients covered under a data security provided by Microsoft Dynamics doing very closely. At the program called ‘Baxter We Care’. The CRM. This was of utmost importance for the business process provides extensive patients and Baxter Global. “We maintain the same time, it’s a stand customer service to patients across the world most stringent standards of data and document alone, stable and using Dynamics CRM. The solution has been security and Dynamics CRM has boosted up our customized to adopt business practices from confidence that there can never be any leakage scalable solution with the program such managing patient profiles of information”, says Praful Arya, IT Head the potential that is in a centralized database which is updated Faster Response Time Saves Lives regularly with the patients latest test results, Quick response time is absolutely necessary completely in Lining with recent hospitalization and other patient care to save patients lives during emergencies and our existing related information. also to avoid situations from becoming emergencies. Dynamics CRM has again infrastructure.” Data security which was a key imperative of helped by increasing the speed at which we Naveen Gulati, Director, Silver Lining the solution has also been addressed in process requests for information. “Our agents Dynamics CRM.user level data and security have access to all the medical records, access at user level, business unit whether they are contacted by phone or level,parent child level and organization level email,” saysRakhi, Director (Process). “Every can be mapped as per the organization minute we save enables us to help another structure. patient or emergency situation. This is what can help us save a patient’s life”, she Benefits reiterates. Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM 3.0 provides a 360 degree view of the patients’ history and Improves Customer Service current condition along with doctors’ details The company’s improved processes quickly and treatments. The deployment has resulted made it more competitive. “By deploying in not just streamlined business processes; Dynamics CRM, we have been able to remove all the time lags and this has resulted in improved customer satisfaction,” says Rakhi, Key Features Implemented Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Director (Process) New features such as  Patient’s Baseline Medical History Information prescription tracking, are extremely helpful,  Patient Profile Creation and Management especially for the elderly patients and has  Doctors and Hospital Management along with Patients been widely appreciated.  Track the progress of patients Medical activities  Provide sophisticated search capabilities with advance find view. Timely and Accurate Follow-Ups  Provide MIS with CRM business intelligence tools New, high risk and old patient are given  Share Patient information as central repository, to retain their existing patients by giving periodic follow up calls in a month in addition best Clinical support by creating case with auto generated workflows to mandatory calls which get auto generated based on business workflows. “It was  Follow up calls
  4. 4. For More Information impossible to track, regulate and ensure For more information, please log on to For more information about Microsoft follow ups of thousands of patients and products and services, call the Microsoft doctors unless there is a systematic tool to Sales Information Center at (800) manage the process. Dynamics CRM has 426-9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft enabled us to improve our follow ups from XX Canada Information Centre at (877) percent to YY percent, says Rakhi, Director 568-2495. Customers who are deaf or (Process). hard-of-hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) Streamlines Business Processes 892-5234 in the United States or (905) Silver Lining has improved its workflow and 568-9641 in Canada. Outside the 50 processes dramatically with its new, United States and Canada, please contact integrated business management solution. your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access information using the World Wide Web, go About Religare Technova Ltd. Microsoft Dynamics to: Religare Technova is the umbrella identity for Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, the IT businesses of a large diversified Indian adaptable business management solutions For more information about Silver Lining transnational business group. The companies that enables you and your people to make (Now Known as Open Mind Services under Religare Technova’s umbrella are business decisions with greater confidence. Limited) and its Services, call (91) (11) Religare Technova Global Solutions (formerly Microsoft Dynamics works like familiar 4759 1001, email or Asian CERC and Capital Market Solutions), Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office, visit the Web site at: global leaders in providing Enterprise which means less of a learning curve for your Software Solutions to the Capital and people, so they can get up and running Financial markets; Religare Technova IT quickly and focus on what’s most important. For more information about Religare Services Limited, which provides Enterprise IT And because it is from Microsoft, it easily Technova products and services, call (91) Solutions and Religare Technova Business works with the systems that your company (11) 66210101 or visit the Web site at: Intellect Ltd, which provides Knowledge already has implemented. By automating and Management Solutions. streamlining financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes, Microsoft Currently with over 1500 employees and Dynamics brings together people, processes, offices in over 10 countries, Religare and technologies, increasing the productivity Technova is poised to be a leader in the and effectiveness of your business, and global IT space. Religare Technova delivers a helping you drive business success. broad portfolio of information technology and business process outsourcing solutions to For more information about Microsoft clients in key verticals such as Banking and Dynamics, go to: Financial Services, Insurance, Capital Markets, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive and Steel amongst others. Software and Services Partners  Microsoft Dynamics  Technova Religare − Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Microsoft Server Product Portfolio − Microsoft SQL Server 2005 − © 2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published September, 2008