Microsoft India – Shree Chanakya Education Society Case Study


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The institute had no way of communication between the faculty and the students. It wanted to offer Web-based mail communication and collaboration services that its students preferred.

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Microsoft India – Shree Chanakya Education Society Case Study

  1. 1. Microsoft Live@edu Customer Solution Case Study Education Institute Chooses Hosted e-mail; Provides 7150+ Active Live e-mail IDs Overview “Microsoft takes care of costly, labor-intensive hosting Country or Region: India Industry: Education and storage. It adds up to a significant budget reduction for a much superior service. The bottom line Customer Profile The Shree Chanakya Education Society is, with Microsoft Live@edu, we can better provide (SCES) was established in February 1994, hosted Web mail and online collaboration services for with the aim of providing top quality post- graduate education in the fields of our students, while saving money.” Business Management, International Santosh Kumar, Director (IT), SCES Business and Information Technology. Business Situation Shree Chanakya Education Society (SCES), Pune, was established The institute had no way of communication in 1994, with the explicit vision to provide sustainable impetus to between the faculty and the students. It wanted to offer Web-based mail the corporate and entrepreneurial abilities in the youth. But the communication and collaboration services that its students preferred. existing e-mail service at SCES was not user friendly, and the administration wanted to provide a better solution to help students Solution SCES chose Microsoft® Live@edu, a set of stay in touch with peers and communicate with faculty. They chose free hosted communication and Microsoft® Live@edu, a set of Web-based communication and collaboration services designed to meet the needs of students and faculty. collaboration services. Students are excited about the new solution’s reliability. It provides them more storage space per e-mail Benefits  Effective collaboration account and access to online storage with Windows Live™ SkyDrive.  Greater storage  Reduced maintenance Students are using Live@edu to get better organized, improve  Staying connected communications with their professors, and create online study groups so they are better prepared for class.
  2. 2. “We wanted a solution Situation mail service that unified and streamlined The Shree Chanakya Education Society communications between the university and which we could adopt (SCES) was established in February 1994, its student body.” without any extra under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Tarita Wakalkar Mehendale, with the aim of Other requirements from the solution were: overheads; and which providing top quality post-graduate education  An effective means of communication would require minimal in the fields of Business Management, between the students and the faculty International Business and Information  Effective inter organization communication training. Microsoft is a Technology. Since inception, the Institutes (staff-faculty-directors) well-respected name managed by SCES, have maintained high  Work collaboration for projects, and academic standards and have successfully meetings and we were assured provided trained manpower to the industrial  Online storage solution which can be that the service would and services sector of the country. shared among peers on permission basis be reliable and well With a modest strength of 60 students The decision was thus made to replace the supported.” pursuing a single course, SCES has grown existing e-mail service with a more robust, steadily and today boasts of 14 institutes, Web-enabled solution. Rohit Khirapate, Web Administrator, SCES having more than 8000 students from all over India pursuing multi-disciplinary, graduate and post-graduate programmes. Solution Challenged by lack of communication SCES employs a total of 400 staff members between the faculty and students, SCED who have invaluable experience in varied began evaluating different options for a areas like academics, industry, service and replacement e-mail service. The need for social-work. To create an official online easy-to-use and feature rich interface communication medium for the organization, dictated that the university implements a it offers a messaging solution managed by hosted solution. After comparing Google Apps third party Web solution provider. Members and Microsoft® Live@edu, SCED chose are provided with Post Office Protocol version Windows Live@edu, a free, Microsoft-hosted 3 (POP 3) and Webmail (via Squirrel mail) set of university-branded, hosted messaging services with subscription based Spam and collaboration solution for universities. Filtering service. Maintenance and storage issues were managed by the third party “We wanted a solution which we could adopt administrators and issues were solved without any extra overheads; and which whenever they aroused via support channels. would require minimal training,” says Santosh Kumar, Director (IT), SCES. However, this system was limited only to the “Microsoft is a well-respected name and we staff and not implemented for students. This were assured that the service would be meant that there was no e-mail reliable and well supported.” communication between students and faculty members. “This was definitely the weakest The new solution provides 7150+ active live link in our IT-based student services,” says e-mail ids and 1050+ users have been Janardan Pawar, Vice Principal, ICCS. “We trained to use these. 12 institutes have needed a reliable, easy-to-use, and flexible e- started using the Live Services.
  3. 3. Effective Collaboration Along with online communication and With features such as Microsoft Office Live collaboration services, Live@edu also Workspace and Windows Live Spaces, provides student e-mail and calendaring Live@edu provides online services to store, services. It equips students with e-mail and share, and edit documents. calendar tools similar to what they may use in the workforce. During team projects students are collaborating with Workspaces for sharing Live@edu provides SCES online services to documents. Microsoft Office Live Workspace store, share, and edit documents. It has provides students an online place to save, answered the students’ wishes for more access, and share documents and files. With storage space and features like Windows Live Windows Live Spaces they can share this Spaces for sharing documents, photos, and space with the world. blogs. Other features such as Windows Live SkyDrive, allow students to store, access and Effective communication with Outlook Live share files with friends or classmates, from helps faculty to reach out to students, and anywhere online. It provides 25 GB of free inform students’ in-time for guest lectures online storage. Additionally, Microsoft Office and extra lectures with Outlook Calendar Live Workspace provides online place to feature. save, access, and share documents and files. “All these effective ways of collaboration “The students loved all the features offered in which hep to store, share, and edit Windows Live@edu,” says Pravin Dange, documents, increase productivity of students, Deputy Director, ISBS. “With Live@edu, we faculties and staff,” says Santosh Kumar. can handle our growing demand for Web- based communication services—without the Greater Storage worry of service, space, or liability issues.” According to one of the student at the institute, “I really appreciate the free online The university made the decision to deploy storage available with Windows Live SkyDrive. Live@edu in August 2009 and all existing It can be used to store papers and access accounts were migrated in September 2009. them from any location.” However, implementation and expansion of Live@edu for users is still going on. Windows Live SkyDrive provides students with 25 GB of free online storage. This can be used to store, access and share files with Benefits friends or classmates, from anywhere online. The suite of integrated, Web-based services provides a framework for cohesive Reduced Maintenance communications among students, and Compared with our existing system, Microsoft between students and faculty. Since Live@edu is virtually maintenance free. Once deploying Microsoft Live@edu, SCES is the service is up and running, there’s very enjoying the benefits of a reliable, hosted e- little to do. mail solution with a familiar user interface.
  4. 4. “Microsoft takes care of costly, labor- intensive hosting and storage,” says Santosh Kumar. “It adds up to a significant budget reduction for a much superior service. The bottom line is, with Microsoft Live@edu, we can better provide hosted Web mail and online collaboration services for our students, while saving money.” Staying Connected Live@edu increases the ability of students, faculties and staff to communicate and collaborate with a suite of online tools, including shared calendars, documents, and workspaces. It keeps students and faculty connected anywhere with online access on virtually any web-enabled device, and equip students for the real world. “Students are excited about the reliability of the new e-mail service, which helps them stay in touch with their professors,” says Janardan Pawar. “This service gives students, staff, and faculty the power to choose how they communicate and collaborate with the people and communities around them.”
  5. 5. For More Information Microsoft Live@edu For more information about Microsoft The Microsoft Live@edu program provides products and services, call the Microsoft institutions of higher education and K-12 with Sales Information Center at (800) a set of free hosted and cobranded 426-9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft collaboration and communication services for Canada Information Centre at (877) students, alumni, and applicants. Offerings 568-2495. Customers who are deaf or include a choice of Windows Live Hotmail or hard-of-hearing can reach Microsoft text Microsoft Exchange Labs for e-mail, and telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) Microsoft Office Live Workspace, an online 892-5234 in the United States or (905) space to collaborate on Microsoft Office 568-9641 in Canada. Outside the 50 documents. United States and Canada, please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access For more information about Live@edu, go to: information using the World Wide Web, go to: For more information about Shree Chanakya Education Society, visit the Web site at: Software and Services Hardware  Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008  Server: Intel Xeon Processor 3.0Ghz, 2GB  Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 RAM, 160GB Hard Disk with Software RAID  Microsoft Live@edu  Desktop: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.45Ghz, 512MB RAM, 80GB SATA Hard Disk (7200rpm)