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Data Centers In US


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Compass Datacenters provides solutions from the core to the edge. We serve cloud and SaaS providers, enterprises, colocation and hosting companies and customers with edge data center or distributed infrastructure requirements.

Compass Datacenters LLC builds and operates data centers in the United States and internationally. We offer build to order, custom personalization, custom-defined fit-out, cloud, and location-based data center solutions. We also lease Compass powered shells/fit-out ready data center structures designed to your requirements. We serve enterprises, service providers, and hyperscale customers.

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Data Centers In US

  1. 1. Data Center
  2. 2. Cloud Data Center We’re all familiar with the phrase, “adding insult to injury” and its more succinct cousin, “piling on.” Both idioms describe when something happens that makes a bad situation worse. For example, the jerk who hit your car in the parking lot turns out to be your new boss, or the 30- something-year-old kid who’s been living in your basement long past the expiration date finally gets a job – that requires him to work at home. To these examples, we can now add a new symbiotic relationship between corporate hacking and unemployment. Find out more: https://www.compass
  3. 3. Edge Data Center For those that may have forgotten, commissioning aids in ensuring that all systems work as designed thereby reducing initial failure rates and verifies the operational capabilities of the data center site. The goals of a successful commissioning process include: Verification that the equipment and systems perform as they have been designed Provide a baseline to use in the assessment of the site’s performance over time Find out more: https://www.compass
  4. 4. Compass Datacenters 14555 Dallas Pkwy #125 Dallas, TX 75254 214-452-0350 Website: https://www.compassdatace Google Site: /datacenterdallastx/ Google Folder:
  5. 5. Find out more: https://www.compass Distributed Data Center START BY SELECTING A COMMISSIONING AGENT EARLY Ideally, the selection of a commissioning agent should take place during the pre-design phase of the project to enable the budget and schedule can be developed early on and the actual testing program designed to closely mirror the future data center’s design.
  6. 6. Find out more: https://www.compass Enterprise Data Center Experience with mission critical/data center commissioning. On the job training is not a desirable commission environment Extensive knowledge of the project’s know topologies and technologies. Documented client referrals. Obviously, the commissioning agent needs to be an independent third party that is contracted by the provider and not a member of the project’s construction or engineering firm’s to eliminate any potential bias. Once selected, the commissioning agent is responsible for producing the overall commissioning plan, scripts and the system manual.
  7. 7. What Is The Data Center Commissioning data centers should be performed any time new infrastructure is installed or there is a significant change to the configuration of existing infrastructure. This could include planned expansion of the data center or major replacements. In data centers that are built to be scalable, it is imperative that commissioning be just as rigorous for the expanded infrastructure as for the original facility itself. While the site’s initial commissioning program may prove the concept of the design, the facility could potentially be at risk if all of the new infrastructure components and systems are not tested rigorously. Find out more: https://www.compass
  8. 8. Colocation Data Center Commissioning of the newly added capacity occurs while the systems are supporting critical IT load. During these incremental commissioning activities, it is imperative that the operations team work closely with the commissioning team to ensure the integrity of the data center throughout the process. Additionally, if re- commissioning involves changes to the configuration of the data center, Operations needs full awareness so that operating procedures that impact maintenance and emergency activities can be updated and tested completely. Find out more: https://www.compass
  9. 9. Data Center Dynamics Provision of adequate notice to service owners about the schedule, duration, risk, and countermeasures in place for the commissioning activities in order to gain concurrence from IT end users. For facilities that are based on a dual-corded IT equipment topology, the commissioning team and operations’ personnel should verify that the existing critical load is appropriately dual corded where systems that support installed IT loads are to be commissioned. Pre-plan load bank placement so as not to impact the existing critical IT equipment. Find out more: https://www.compass
  10. 10. Find out more: https://www.compass Data Centers Architecture Detailed commissioning scripts must be prepared and followed. Priority should be given to the live production IT environment, and back-out procedures should be in place to ensure an optimal mean time to recovery (MTTR) in case of a power down event. Seasonal testing of the systems should be performed to verify performance in a variety of climatic conditions, including extreme ambient conditions. This also ensures that economizers, where used, will be tested properly.
  11. 11. Find out more: https://www.compass Data Centers Designers A well-planned and executed commissioning program will help validate the capital investment in the facility from the construction of the initial building and the infrastructure added over time to expand its capacity. It will also put the operations team in a far better position to manage and operate the critical infrastructure for the rest of the data center’s useful life, and ultimately ensure that the facility realizes its full potential.
  12. 12. Datacenter News According to a study by the Ponemon Institute and IBM Security, there were 1,579 data “breaches”—a more benign euphemism for the theft of a company’s sensitive information—in 2017, a 44.7% increase from 2016. Although not formally recognized by any Standard Industrial Code, hacking is a growth industry. As the study indicates, the average unauthorized intrusion costs the breached party an average of $3.68 million for everything from lost business, reputational damage to the time spent by corporate employees to stick a finger in the proverbial dike. Find out more: https://www.compass
  13. 13. Find out more: https://www.compass Virtual Data Center While no one wants to see someone lose their job, seeing a few “C’s” join the ranks of the unemployed isn’t an unexpected mea culpa. But as the study found, the ramifications of lapses in corporate data security impact the average cube dweller more often than one might expect.
  14. 14. Find out more: https://www.compass Data Centers Services The researchers found that in roughly a third of security breaches employees of all levels were afforded the opportunity to “pursue other career opportunities.” The study also found that these dismissals often included members of non-IT departments. Unfortunately, the scope of the costs associated with corporate hacks is measurable via the synchronicity between angry customers and sharp declines in revenue that result in fewer folks reporting to the office on Mondays.
  15. 15. Components Of A Data Center
  16. 16. Data Center Security
  17. 17. Datacenter Solution Let’s face it, the tenuous nature of today’s workplace has made the single company career with a gold watch at retirement a thing of the past. But isn’t it reasonable to ask why the vagaries of employment should include the capricious nature of foreign governments and criminal syndicates from countries that most of us couldn’t find on a map? While the departure of a CIO has a particular cause-and-effect relationship to undesired access to the company jewels, should the guy or gal in Accounts Receivable have to become caught up in the carnage? Security will continue to grow in importance for a variety of reasons, happy customers being paramount among them, but ensuring that unsuspecting personnel don’t become collateral damage should also be part of the equation. Find out more: https://www.compass
  18. 18. Data Center Components There is a popular misconception that commissioning a data center is a one and done process. The initial structure is completed, testing performed and everyone walks away happy. Certainly successfully completing the 5 (five) levels of data center commissioning is a cause for everyone to take a moment to congratulate themselves on a job well done, but, as these days of hyper scalable data centers for the cloud and SaaS, new enterprise facilities and the expected proliferation of edge locations remind us, commissioning is a continuous activity. Find out more: https://www.compass
  19. 19. Cooling A Data Center