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imMagazine Overview


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Download our digital magazine onto your tablet and this month we are looking at mobile websites

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imMagazine Overview

  1. 1. imMagazine for your
  2. 2. imMagazine for your Tablet This Month EditionMobile Marketing Stats
  3. 3. imMagazine for your Tablet This Month EditionTypes of Mobile Websites
  4. 4. imMagazine for your Tablet This Month EditionResponsive design
  5. 5. imMagazine for your TabletThis Month EditionApps vs Website
  6. 6. Contents P2. Introduction P3. Mobile Marketing Stats P4. Mobile Websites P5. Types of Mobile Websites P6. PHP Templates P7. Responsive design P8. QR Codes P9. Redirection P10. SMS Marketing imMagazine P11. Tools for Marketing P12. Tools cont for your Tablet P13. Mobile P14. Apps vs Website P15. Mobile CMS