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Conceptcsi Capabilities 2012.1 B

  1. 1. Capabilities OverviewFUTURE PROOFING THE DATA CENTER INVESTMENT “How conceptcsi can save you time & money!”
  2. 2. conceptcsi can help you plan, design and build a data center • Scalable/Modular • Flexible • Efficient • Reliable that is COST EFFECTIVE OVER THE LIFECYCLE OF THE ASSETTable of ContentsOverview of conceptcsi…………………………………………………….. 1Services…………………………………………………………………………….. 1The conceptcsi Vision for Mission Critical Projects……………. 2Future-Proofing The Data Center Investment……………………. 4Energy & Sustainable Development………………………………….. 6Project Management & Schedule Methodology……………….. 7conceptcsi Team………………………………………………………………… 8Project Experience……………………………………………………………. 10Contact Information………………………………………………………….. 15
  3. 3. conceptcsi exists to provide a radical break from existing industry conventions and consistently produce Successful Client Outcomes.As an exclusive, full service company, conceptcsi is an international construction firm with a thoroughunderstanding of technology and construction integration. Planning, designing and building data centers isour specialty; it’s what we do and it’s all we do!We partner with our clients to deliver a data center that is cost effective over the lifecycle of theasset. Through our Integrated Team and Early Engagement Model, we drive a single focus with commongoals and objectives to streamline the deliverable. Our method focuses on CAPEX, OPEX and LIFECYCLEMANAGEMENT and will accurately establish what is truly required on day one and in the future.The result is controlled technology spending. Your data center will be built to budget and without surprises,operating as intended with expected efficiencies. Future expansion phases will have predictable cost profileswhile remaining adaptable to the ever-changing advances in equipment technology.Our entire corporate philosophy has been built around one simple premise; the most important aspect ofour business is our relationship with the client. Our purpose is to build strong, lasting client partnerships,founded on honesty, integrity and mutual success. We have a reputation of achieving this by demonstratinga level of communication, collaboration and dedication that is unprecedented in the industry. Our projectteams are hand picked and assembled on an individual basis to ensure that their particular skill sets aretailored to meet the specific requirements and challenges at hand. It is this distinctive, boutique style servicethat differentiates conceptcsi from the industry standard. SERVICES Construction Management / General Contracting Energy Services - Energy Audits/PUE Improvement Strategies Owners Representation - Utility Procurement Assistance - Alternate Energy Considerations Consulting Services - Data Center Strategy Complete Solutions - Data Center Design - Design/Build - Site Selection & Assessment - Modular Data Centers - Feasibility Studies - Real Estate Assistance - Master Planning - Colocation Assistance - Budget Preparation - Finance Assistance - Utility & Carrier Coordination - Operations & Maintenance Assistance - Equipment Procurement - Peer Review - Building Information Modeling (BIM) 1
  4. 4. The conceptcsi Vision for Mission Critical Projectsby Seán Mulleady, CEOWhy a new vision for the mission critical project?From experience we know that the traditional “bid-design, bid-build” approach can be slow andfragmented, resulting in an inefficient path from project inception to project completion. Under this model,the owner, having committed to a project must then assemble a team to deliver it. In what is an arduoustask, the owner will solicit, negotiate and engage a number of entities. A selection from a group ofarchitectural and engineering firms, various consultants, construction managers, general contractors,owners representation, equipment vendors, commissioning agents, utility companies, connectivitycompanies and so on, will be brought together to create the core of the team responsible for the designand construction of the project. Because each of the team’s entities has its own agenda, it almost alwaysbecomes the setting for a power struggle, with different components jockeying for position and control.The result can be a disjointed project team with goals running counter to those of the client, where budgetand schedule tend to be the first casualties.THE WAY FORWARDCONCEPTCSI’S INTEGRATED TEAM & EARLY ENGAGEMENT MODELconceptcsi exists to provide a radical break from conventional methods, adopting a holistic and innovativesolution-based approach to each client and their project specific challenges and requirements.Unlike most other companies, where the primary objective is to “just win the job”, our prevailing obligationis always to the client. We invest heavily in developing very close, long lasting relationships and remainfiercely loyal in our commitment to them. We devote the time and resources to develop a thoroughunderstanding of their business model as well as the demands, goals and expectations that drive it.We recognize that Time To Market and Return On Investment are key drivers to our client’s business.Accordingly, expediting project delivery and reducing cap-ex and op-ex commitments become ouroverriding priorities and a basis for our success. In essence we become true partners, moving forwardtogether with a single focus and common goals and objectives.For our client, the greatest rewards come from our early engagement and for conceptcsi that process startsat the conceptual phase. We know that decisions made - or not - at this critical planning stage will havesignificant and lasting implications through the lifecycle of the data center. It is our experience that thequality of the conceptual/pre-construction process is a determining factor to the overall success of theproject. The potential for cost reductions, schedule improvements and innovative design ideas are greatestduring this phase. This is the core strength of our company and we are proud of our growing reputation forbeing among the very best in the industry in this area of expertise.conceptcsi’s integrated team approach fully assimilates the MEP engineer into its remit at this early stage,creating a unified delivery team with a single point of contact. We lead the team in an open andcollaborative environment, working closely with the client to blend their IT, facilities, finance, sales andcorporate real estate needs in order to harness true, clearly defined project objectives. 2
  5. 5. Our commitment to building deep, lasting relationships does not stop with our clients. We recognize theimportant benefits of having strong affiliations across the entire industry. Much of our strategicdevelopment effort focuses on nurturing close associations with equipment manufacturers, real estatebrokers, utility companies, local building departments, critical trade contractors, private equity firms, toname just a few. We align ourselves with like minded, innovative companies and leverage thoserelationships to offer our customers a very unique service offering, tailored to fit their exact needs.In addition, conceptcsi provides feasibility studies, site selection, root cause analysis, strategic sales andmarketing assistance, client presentation assistance, new business opportunities, introductions to potentialnew clients, representation when entering into new market regions - domestic and foreign. These are allValue Added Services and supplement our core business strength; designing and building state of the artdata centers for our customers, throughout world. Global data center solutions delivered with conceptcsi’subiquitous boutique-style service. 3
  6. 6. Future-Proofing the Data Center Investmentby Michael Silla, Director of Strategic DevelopmentBreaking the Bid-Design Bid-Build ModelThe goal of any data center project is to build a product that is cost effective over the lifecycle of the assetwith Capital Expenses and Operating Expenses as the focal point. The challenge is HOW to build a veryexpensive asset to last 15+ years, when the technology it is supporting is changing every 18 to 24 months. Inrecent years there have been advances in infrastructure equipment and white space products, with a barrageof “Green” marketing attached for energy efficiency and associated PUE claims, which further complicates avery option intensive environment.The traditional Bid-Design Bid-Build model that has been around for decades serving the purpose of buyingdesign and construction services at an initial low cost. Design often begins in a parameter that’s already a bitsketched out, and the price often begins there too. This is often a result of an exchange between the IT andFacilities & Corporate Real Estate Groups as well as input from Procurement. The basis of design (BOD) is bidand awarded to an engineering firm and then the design is submitted for the construction management bid.During the course of pre-construction and construction the engineering and construction teams will usuallyidentify areas of technical discord not anticipated during design requiring corrective action. This methodologyis imperfect due to fractured segments in communication leading to potential project delays and costs drivenup due to unforeseen conditions. There is a high likelihood that the project will result in unnecessary changeorders! cont. 4
  7. 7. How to get the maximum project valueconceptcsi has developed an enhanced Design-Build approach that redefines preconstruction and the entireproject delivery team. We can effectively address the lifecycle challenges, regardless of whether our clientsare building a new data center or expanding and/or upgrading an existing facility. Communication,Collaboration and Coordination along with Master planning and the willingness to break from existingindustry conventions; these are the key drivers to delivering a data center that realizes both the expectedefficiencies in the construction phase as well as the operational efficiencies projected in the master planningstage.conceptcsi’s early engagement preconstruction process begins at the conceptual stage which is significantlyearlier than the traditional Bid-Design- Bid-Build model. Decisions made at this critical stage will havesignificant and lasting implications throughout the life of the data center. As the Construction Managerresponsible for delivering the end product, conceptcsi takes the lead and completely integrates the MEPEngineer into our team. Our unified delivery team works with the client, fusing their IT, Facilities &Corporate Real Estate and Finance & Procurement groups collectively to harness true objectives.The only way to reduce capital and operating expenses is to have a thorough understanding of the client’sgoals and their planned use of the facility day one and in the future. Creating that understanding and thentranslating it into an executable strategy is a key objective of the preconstruction process. We immerseourselves in the relationship with our customer and take the time to develop a thorough understanding oftheir business model, as well as the demands and expectations that drive it. We have to fully understandwhat our customer requires before we can successfully deliver a cost effective solution.In our experience the quality of the preconstruction process determines the effectiveness and efficiency ofthe end result. Using the traditional Bid-Design Bid-Build approach does not allow for the type ofcollaborative environment necessary to build todays and tomorrow’s data centers. This type of selectionmodel focuses on finding the most suitable engineering and construction management team for the lowestcost. In general, these services are a small portion of the overall cost of the project. However, in theenhanced design-build approach with the early engagement process the team is working with client to lowerthe overall cost of the data center by designing a tailored program. The focus is on driving the much largerportion of the total project cost down while addressing operating expenses for day one and in the future.The purpose of this enhanced approach is to save significant time and money. By reducing the time fromconception to deployment by as much as 50% with improved coordination will result in reduced costs tobuild and operate the facility. Our holistic lifecycle view addresses short, mid and long term objectivesinclusive of energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is as simple as scalable deployments better matchinginfrastructure (power & cooling capacity) to the IT load along with a variation of equipment choices and bestachieved during the conceptual phase. The value and end result will be a better built data center withknown costs and no surprises! 5
  8. 8. Energy & Sustainable DevelopmentEnergy Efficiency, Simplifiedby Michael Gulas, Director of Design & ConstructionThe key is scalable deployments better matching power and cooling capacity tothe actual loadA truly efficient data center is a one that operates as efficiently on day 1 as it does on day 365, in year 3, year5, year 12, and so on. The approach to designing, building and maintaining a new data center should beexactly the same as expanding and/or upgrading an existing facility. Look at the overall objective, apply alifecycle methodology and integrate solutions that balance the collective needs.First, the useful life of the data center asset should be established – typically between 15 to 20 years,although this varies by organization. In cases of existing facilities, the determination to expand/upgrade andthe budget to do so should be predicated on the same theory. Regardless if you are building new orexpanding, the challenge will be the same: how do we plan, build and maintain a very expensive asset to lastthe duration when computing technology is changing every 24 months? Enhanced planning that wrapsaround an asset lifecycle management approach, with focus on capital and operating expenses, will guidebetter decisions to achieve efficiency.The next step is to build the data center criteria by identifying current load requirements and forecastingfuture loads, establishing reliability factors and the level of redundancy required, associated cost ofdowntime, and cost of utilities. Energy efficiency can be as simple as scalable deployments that bettermatch the power and cooling infrastructure to the actual IT load. This is the basic foundation but from hereinnovation in planning and design will address how to make power and cooling infrastructure scalable,modular and flexible to grow and maintain an efficient data center across the lifecycle of the asset.conceptcsi embraces the same sustainable practices whether or not a project specifically requires green orLEED standards. There is no one leading energy saving product, design or solution to save the day. In fact, itis a very option intensive process. Every organization is different. The data center criteria needs to beexamined with a holistic approach, and potential energy efficient technologies need to be analyzed from aperspective of efficiency gain vs. risk and cost/ROI. Programs must be tailored to meet the specific needsand requirements of an organization as well as the geographic location of the data center. There have beensignificant advances in data center technology with product development efforts to further improveefficiencies in the future. The conceptcsi team is always investigating new technologies and techniquesevaluating their potential applications. Our commitment to our clients is to help them make well-informeddecisions when planning to build or expand their data centers. Arguably this is the most important phase ofthe project; decisions made during this critical stage will have significant and lasting implications throughoutthe life of the data center. 6
  9. 9. Project Management & Schedule MethodologyMissionTrack™conceptcsi uses MissionTrack™ as its proprietary project management methodology for mission critical facilities.This is a web-based management system which eliminates most of the paper traffic from the process.All project stakeholders can access complete project information from any internet connection, iPad orPDA/Smartphone. MissionTrack™ provides real-time access to the whole body of information via a single pane ofglass view for the entire project team including: • Documents, Drawings and Specifications • RFI’s, Submittals and Transmittals • Change orders, Contracts and Punch lists • Project Schedule and Meeting Minutes • Site Photos, Project Reports • Unified Project Messaging and Discussion ForumsOne powerful and all encompassing platform enables close communication, coordination and collaborationthroughout the entire project life cycle. Clear audit trails for all decisions and actions are created for everydayproject activities. All project documentation is stored and organized electronically in one place.MissionTrack™ is a securely and massively redundant hosted application that eliminates almost all of the paperfrom the construction management effort. The intuitive user interface requires very little, if any, formal training.Each user has assignable security access levels, depending on their role in the project team. 7
  10. 10. conceptcsi TeamChanging the future of data center construction! Sean Mulleady, Chief Executive Officer Sean Mulleady is Chief Executive Officer, co-owner and founder of conceptcsi and brings more than 20 years experience from a diversified background of Construction, Information Technology and Management Consultancy. Since 1995, he has grown conceptcsi from a start-up business to an International data center authority. Sean’s conviction that the data center project should be handled very differently led to his being sought out by some of the largest colocation companies in the industry. His boutique-style service and focus on the client’s key business drivers has gained widespread renown, resulting in conceptcsi being called on for mission critical projects by leading organizations across North America, Europe and Asia. Michael Silla, Director of Strategic Development Michael Silla leads the pre-construction process and manages client relationships utilizing his experiential knowledge of how sophisticated infrastructures should be planned, designed and executed. Mr. Silla offers 18 years of international experience in technology, construction and strategy consulting. Previously, Mr. Silla was with Cosentini Mission Critical, a group specifically focused on data centers providing consulting, engineering and commissioning services for companies such as ADP, Bear Stearns, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bloomberg, Credit Suisse, eBay, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, IBM, Medco, Morgan Stanley, NFL, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Michael Gulas, Director of Design & Construction With 30 years of international experience, Michael Gulas is renowned throughout the industry for his deep expertise in the planning, design, procurement, installation, construction and hands-on operation of large-scale mission critical facilities. Previously as the Director of Operations, Mission Critical Center of Excellence for SKANSKA, Mr. Gulas has designed and built enterprise- class data centers for clients such as Royal Bank of Canada, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, KPMG, Bond Telecommunications, eBay, Verizon, Telus and IBM. 8
  11. 11. Louis Vele, Director or Estimating and ProcurementWith over 27 years of experience both in general contracting andconstruction management, Mr.Vele brings a well roundedunderstanding of project management requirements and howthese challenges affect the overall costs of a particular project. Hehas been involved with a number of large scale projects forpremier Wall Street firms such as Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachsand Morgan Stanley as well as major renovation projectsthroughout the tri-state area for Lehman Brothers.Through out his career Mr. Vele has headed up several estimatingdepartments for a number of premier general contractors. Heexcels at providing his clientele with detailed and accurate costestimates that provide the most cost affective approached topurchasing and building a project.Siobhan Grant, Director of OperationsSiobhan Grant manages the operations and finance departmentsof the organization. With more than seventeen years ofexperience in global financial management and constructionoperations, Ms. Grant has been part of the leadership team fromthe company’s launch.As Director of Operations, Ms. Grant’s focus has been to structureinternal operations to allow the organization to be nimble andreactive to client needs. Through her management, conceptcsisenior leadership are closely involved with all projects and directlyavailable to each client.Peter Patsalides, Managing Director of conceptcsi globalPeter Patsalides has over 30 years experience in both constructionand information technology. He spent 14 years with Matthew Hallproviding building services . He then founded Teswaine BusinessCommunications and grew the company into a major installer of ITinfrastructure in the UK. After 12 years, Teswaine was successfullymerged with Bailey Telecom, becoming the largest ITinfrastructure company in the UK.Mr. Patsalides has completed projects throughout Europe, theMiddle East, Africa and Asia for companies such as Citigroup,Lehman Brothers, Barclays, McGraw Hill, Clifford Chance, CreditSuisse, Goldman Sachs, SMBC, Level 3, and City Reach DataCenters. 9
  12. 12. Project Experience We are specialists in design-build strategies for data centers… FOCUS IT’S WHAT WE DO…AND ITS ALL THAT WE DO! We have strategically selected an eclectic mix of experience in IT, PEOPLE Engineering, Construction, and the Owner Side that will provide a global project approach. PEOPLE BUILD PROJECTS conceptcsi strives to find innovative engineering and constructability solutions. APPROACH THE END RESULT IS A BETTER EXPERIENCE FOR OUR CLIENTS Our defining advantage has been in our thorough understanding between technology and construction. It is decisive to the overall success of the project toTECHNOLOGY assimilate the IT solution into the construction delivery sequence at the initial stages. OWNER’SPERSPECTIVE WE MAKE IT A POINT TO UNDERSTAND OUR CLIENT’S BUSINESS MODEL 10
  13. 13. NEW DATA CENTER – Conversion of office building.Confidential Colocation ClientNew JerseyTotal Size: 280,000 SFRaised Floor: 144,000 SFTier IIITotal Power Capacity: 30 MWLEED GOLDNEW DATA CENTER – Conversion of warehouse building.Confidential Colocation ClientNew JerseyTotal Size: 300,000 SFRaised Floor: 144,000 SFTier IIITotal Power Capacity: 40 MWLEED SilverNEW DATA CENTER – Conversion of office building.Confidential Colocation ClientMassachusettsTotal Size: 200,000 SFRaised Floor: 60,000 SFTier IIIDATA CENTER EXPANSION – 40,000 SF, 4 MWConfidential Colocation ClientTexasTotal Size: 350,000 SFRaised Floor: 200,000 SFTier III+Total Power Capacity: 42 MWDATA CENTER EXPANSION – 20,000 SF, 2 MWConfidential Colocation ClientTexasTotal Size: 350,000 SFRaised Floor: 200,000 SFTier III+Total Power Capacity: 42 MW 11
  14. 14. DATA CENTER EXPANSION – 30,000 SF, 3 MWConfidential Colocation ClientTexasTotal Facility Size: 300,000 SFRaised Floor: 200,000 SFTier III+Total Power Capacity: 40 MWDATA CENTER Utility Service UpgradeConfidential Colocation ClientTexasTotal Facility Size: 350,000 SFRaised Floor: 200,000 SFTier III+Total Power Capacity: 40 MWDATA CENTER EXPANSION – 6,500 SF Design/Build ProjectConfidential Colocation ClientNew YorkTotal Facility Size: 2.9 Million SFTier IIINETWORK OPERATIONS DESIGN/BUILD SERVICESColocation, Carrier Hotel, Modular Container Site locationsConfidential Communications ClientNational- Boston - Washington, DC - Austin- New Jersey - Atlanta - Phoenix- New York - Chicago - Los Angeles- Philadelphia - Dallas - San Francisco-Baltimore - Houston - SeattleDATA CENTER PROGRAM MANAGEMENTData Center Expansion 20,000 SF, 2MW Design/Build ProjectConfidential Enterprise ClientNew JerseyTotal Facility Size: 60,000 SFRaised Floor: 40,000 SFTier III 12
  15. 15. DATA CENTER CONSULTING SERVICESSite Selection & Conceptual PlanningConfidential Colocation ClientArizonaTotal Facility Size: 1 Million SFRaised Floor: 700,000 SFTier III+Total Power Capacity: 110 MWDATA CENTER CONSULTING SERVICESDeveloped RFP for A&E ServicesConfidential Colocation ClientArizonaTotal Facility Size: 1 Million SFRaised Floor: 700,000 SFTier III+Total Power Capacity: 110 MWDATA CENTER CONSULTING SERVICESSite Selection – Building AssessmentConfidential Colocation ClientNew JerseyTotal Facility Size: 800,000 SFRaised Floor: 350,000 SF (estimated)Total Power Capacity: 30 MW (expandable to 50 MW)DATA CENTER CONSULTING SERVICESData Center Evaluation - Acquisition RelatedConfidential Colocation ClientArizonaRaised Floor: (2) Facilities 180,000 SF eachDATA CENTER CONSULTING SERVICESData Center Evaluation - Acquisition RelatedConfidential Investment Firm ClientNationalRaised Floor: (15) Facilities approximately 100,000 SF each 13
  16. 16. DATA CENTER CONSULTING SERVICESSite Development & Support ServicesConfidential Real Estate Developer ClientNew JerseyTotal Site Size: 33 AcresTotal Power Capacity: 30 MWDATA CENTER CONSULTING SERVICESBuilding Information Modeling (BIM)Confidential Communications ClientNew JerseyTotal Facility Size: 2.1 Million SFRaised Floor: 700,000 SFDATA CENTER CONSULTING SERVICESCoordination Study & Root Cause AnalysisConfidential Investment Firm ClientTexasTotal Facility Size: 20,000 SFRaised Floor: 10,000 SFDATA CENTER CONSULTING SERVICESRoot Cause AnalysisConfidential Colocation ClientTexasTotal Facility Size: 300,000 SFRaised Floor: 200,000 SFTier III+ 14
  17. 17. conceptcsi can provide your organization a personal and seamless package that goes well beyond the capabilities of the typical construction firm. We thank you for your time and consideration! The conceptcsi Team 9 East 38th Street 10th Floor New York, NY 10016 Michael Silla Michael Gulas Director of Strategic Development Director of Design & Construction Office: 212.696.1023 ext. 36 Office: 212.696.1023 ext. 13 Mobile: 646.573.3700 Mobile: 646.306.5655 15