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Storyboard basics


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Storyboard basics

  1. 1. Storyboarding Basics
  2. 2. Storyboard - a planned visual outline for videoThe frame of a storyboard represents theframe of your camera
  3. 3. Storyboards Serve 2 purposes… To visualize your ideas & communicate ideas to your team
  4. 4. Storyboards Convey 3 kinds of information…scene descriptionshot typescamera angles
  5. 5. Storyboard DescriptionsAba appears in fire Cut to Tom Light shines on Villan’sMedium Shot (MS) enters scene from left eyes from left Close Up Tom’s Face Close Up (CL) (CL)
  6. 6. Simple Storyboard
  7. 7. Our Storyboard Frames
  8. 8. To RememberStoryboards should include…clear visualsscene descriptionscamera shot titlescamera anglesdirectional arrowsnotes