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  1. 1. Faith Ringgold Style InspiredDigital Quilt Project
  2. 2. Faith Ringgold Artist Originator ofAfrican American Story Quilts
  3. 3. Faith RinggoldBorn 1930, Harlem NYPainter, sculptor, teacher,author of numerous awardwinning childrens books.
  4. 4. Faith Ringgold.Echoes of Harlem 1980 Acrylic on canvas, dyed, painted and pieced fabric 96 x 84”
  5. 5. The Men:MaskFace Quilt #2
1986 FaithRinggold62" x 70"
  6. 6. Ringgold was heavily influenced byBuddhist ThankgasPicture-panel paintings made fromembroidered silk
  7. 7. Buddhist Thankgas
  8. 8. IdeasRinggold’s ideas come from reflecting onher life, the lives of people she has knownand have been in some way inspired her.
  9. 9. Project Challenge Digital Story QuiltThis will be a group project in whicheach student creates a digitalpanel to be pieced together as aprinted story quilt.
  10. 10. Big IdeasAs a class we will choose a Theme to exploregraphically and to use as the basis for ourstory quilt.Something important for you to explore andunderstand better….
  11. 11. Celebration Community ConflictPossibilities Change Culture Diversity Dreams/Nightm ares Family Fantasy Heroes/Sheroes Identity Inspiration Materialism Power Relationships Ritual Social Justice Spirituality
  12. 12. What’s Your Big Idea?