Mural design project


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Mural design project

  1. 1. Mural Design - Key Concepts
  2. 2. Presentation ObjectivesIntroduction of Our New projectUnderstand Key Concepts of Mural Design Understand the Project Criteria Understand Expected Outcomes Understand the Rubric and Reflection
  3. 3. Mural Web Quest Inquiry (small group 10 minutes) What is a Mural? Define the term…Why do people make murals? List 3 purposes… Where are murals found? List 3 places…
  4. 4. Mural Web Quest Inquiry (small group 15 minutes)Find an example of a Mural that your group findsinteresting. Copy it to a flash drive for projectionBe prepared to comment on: (Large group 10 minutes) Title, artist name, year, place? Theme of the mural? Describe the style of this mural? Why your group finds this mural interesting? Art Elements and Principles most important?
  5. 5. What is a Mural?One of the world’s oldest forms of art applieddirectly onto walls, ceilings, and other large spaces.
  6. 6. Cultural Purposes of Murals?To tell a story in order to learn from the pastTo express an idea or make a social statementTo beautify a large space or environment
  7. 7. Where are Murals Found? building walls government buildings large malls urban areas schools
  8. 8. Caves at LascauxOne of the Oldest Murals
  9. 9. Ancient Egyptian Murals
  10. 10. Sistine Chapel Rome
  11. 11. Diego RiveraPainted for the Golden Gate International Exposition of 1940 City College of San Francisco
  12. 12. Northern Ireland Political Mural
  13. 13. Contemporary Murals
  14. 14. James “Dalek” Marshall 2013
  15. 15. Dalek’s New Mural Dalek Mural Movie
  16. 16. Design Considerations Theme Style InterestingArt Elements and Principles Purpose
  17. 17. Music Wing Make Over Mural Design Project
  18. 18. Mr. Brendan Hoffman Mr. Hoffman Movie
  19. 19. AHS Music Wing Makeover Project Mr. Hoffman has challenged our Graphic Arts class to design murals for the Music Wing of Albany High School. Our objective is to create mural designs for this environment that will be appropriate for a high school music wing, visually appealing to the eye and reflective of the excitement of our music program. The designs will be juried and selected by the Music Department.
  20. 20. AHS Music Wing Makeover Project Design Considerations Colorful Contemporary style Graphic 2 or 3 dimensional look Music oriented in concept Little or no text Abstract or symbolic imagery Original copy right free imagery
  21. 21. Read and Be Familiar With Project Letter Design Brief Project Products Rubric Reflection Ask Questions
  22. 22. What Next? Discuss your ideas with a friendRead over the Project Design Brief & Rubric Ask questions Do some research look at Graphic Art on the web gather visual ideas Make an optional “thumbnail sketch” Create your design