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Gd intro 12


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Gd intro 12

  1. 1. Albany High School Mr. Sickler Discovery Academy
  2. 2. To design is to plan, organize, order and relate to control.It signifies a human need to qualify thinking and doing. Joseph Albers
  3. 3. What Is Graphic Design?
  4. 4. Graphic Arts Grades 10-12 1 CreditThis is an introductory course in Graphic Arts. We willexplore digital as well as traditional Graphic Designconcepts and techniques along with their relationshipto the Art Elements and Principles of Design.
  5. 5. We will learn about……art elements & principles of design…graphic artists & graphic artwork…digital and traditional graphic arts techniques…graphic arts career possibilities…schools and colleges that offer degrees in graphic design
  6. 6. ExpectationsAttend class regularly and on time.Turn work in on time.Try to improve your skills with each newproject.Do your best and help others.Be prepared for class every day!Follow all school and studio rules.
  7. 7. Grading Criteria• Projects 50 percent• Concept Experiences 20 percent• Topic Assessments 10 percent• Class Participation 20 percent
  8. 8. Assessment and Course Grading Criteria1 Project Experiences…creativity, originality, technical quality and conceptualunderstanding of topics2 Concept Experiences…art exercises and practices that build a vocabulary andconceptual foundation for larger projects3 Topic Assessments…approximately 8 topic assessments during the year, performancebased, verbal, or written4 Participation…be on time to class, be on task, participate in class activities,behave appropriately, keep class work up to date and organized ina portfolio
  9. 9. MaterialsA 1 inch ring binder used as a portfolioAn optional sketchbook or notebookPencil and felt tip penComputer
  10. 10. Classroom EtiquetteStudents are expected to comply with all City School Districtof Albany policy and rules.No food is allowed in the studio or class area.Only capped beverages are allowed in the studio or classarea.Devices such as cell phones and other devices that emitsounds must be set so they are silent at all times.You may use ear phones at the computer when the teacher isnot speaking to the class.
  11. 11. A bit about me…• Taught Art at AHS for 16 years• Taught Art - others schools 17 years• I’m an artist…
  12. 12. Questions?