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Business Transformation Using Enterprise Flash Solutions


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Business Transformation Using Enterprise Flash Solutions

  1. 1. § Team of Flash industry pioneers § Flash Memory Arrays Since 2009 § 4th generation products Founded in ’05 § Designed for Tier 1 § Worldwide support capability § Proven industry-leading performance Next Gen Tier 1 § Toshiba: NAND Flash Inventor with close R&D collaboration § Leading strategic investors: Toshiba, SAP, Juniper… § Fortune 500 leaders § Aggressively adding logos § Web, Telco, Banking, Retail, Govt., Healthcare, etc.
  2. 2. Memory Arrays Windows Flash Array Memory Services Legacy Storage Migration, Tiering, Caching, Protection, Data Reduction Enterprise Applications on Memory Storage Predictive, Automated and Centralized Control Violin Symphony Scale-Out Storage for Microsoft Platforms MLC   SLC   DRAM   Data Management Services Memory Services Data Access Protocols Central Mgmt Standards- based Interfaces Violin Memory Operating System Comprehensive Memory Services Gen 4
  3. 3. 3 Par San Arrays Everyone Else §  Legacy architecture §  SSD instead of HDD §  Disk-plus performance §  Latency in milliseconds §  Local Flash Management Violin Memory Flash Array Violin Memory Flash Array §  Built from ground-up §  Engineered for flash §  Memory-like performance §  Latency in microseconds §  Global Flash Management
  4. 4. CPU Cycle with Disk: t 80% Wait 20% Work CPU Cycle with Violin: 5% Wait 95% Work t Up to 10X Work In the Same Time I/O Wait I/O Wait
  5. 5. File Client File Server SMB ServerSMB Client User Kernel Application Disk R-NIC Network w/ RDMA support NTFS SCSI Network w/ RDMA support R-NIC
  6. 6. Hyper-V Failover share - connections and handles lost, temporary stall of IO 2 2 Normal operation1 Connections and handles auto-recovered Application IO continues with no errors3 1 3 fsshare fsshare
  7. 7. ServerClient SMB Encryption
  8. 8. File Server SMB Direct Client RDMA NIC SMB Direct Ethernet or InfiniBand SMB Server SMB Client Memory Memory NDKPINDKPI RDMA NIC RDMA
  9. 9. 0.55 0.5 0.3 60 55 40
  10. 10. Cluster in a box WFA is NOT Cluster in a box
  11. 11. Transforma1ve  Speed  in  Storage   Enables  consolida1on  and  cost  savings   Increases  server  u1liza1on   SMB  Direct  for  MicrosoA  applica1ons   Enables  file  server  func1ons   RDMA  as  a  Storage  Superhighway   Encryp1on   Dedupe   Live  Migra1on   Mirroring   Scale-­‐Out  
  12. 12. SQL Server OLTP DWH BI SharePoint Azure/Private Cloud Hyper-V
  13. 13. Violin is #1 in the Flash Storage Array Market Up  to  1mill  IOPs  4K  IOPS  in   3U   Sub-­‐millisecond  latencies  
  14. 14. §  Speed is key — latency is the measure §  MS example of enterprise use of Hyper-V §  Price-performance is important §  Use dedupe and compression on ad serving §  Turn ad serving requests around quickly §  Scale to massive I/O load that is latency sensitive §  Demonstrate great economics §  Violin Windows Flash Array §  Enable SMB Direct to support Hyper-V workloads §  Use Windows Server 2012 R2 features like clustering arrays §  Fast ad loading §  Scalable for search growth §  Random performance allows superior metadata management §  Least expensive way to deliver the desired business result