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How Invision Help Designers

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How Invision Help Designers

  1. 1. DESIGN BETTER EXPERIENCES FOR WEB & MOBILE by Ahmed Badran @ahmed_badran
  2. 2. What's Prototype ?
  3. 3. LO-FI vs HI-FI LO-FI Prototype
  4. 4. LO-FI vs HI-FI HI-FI Prototype
  5. 5. UCD & Prototyping As envisaged by the business owner As specified in the requirements As designed by the senior analyst As produced by the developers As finally implemented What the user actually needed
  6. 6. Engages users From the beginning to the end of a project Understands How users want to use the product Identifies Needs and wants Interaction preferences
  7. 7. How Prototyping helps User Centered Design. Emphasise: User involvement – they’re the ones going to use the system! Improve Design concepts Refine: User interactions Information design Navigation model
  8. 8. Prototyping Softwares
  9. 9. But we still missing the most important thing
  10. 10. But we still missing the most important thing USER INTERACTION :(
  11. 11. Designers in love with ... Because Presentation is Everything :)
  12. 12. Upping your presentation-game can really make a difference in .. ● How your clients perceive the quality you’re delivering . ● The quality of feedback they can provide.
  13. 13. Control of Your Design - Present your web/mobile products as an actual browsing experience - Control over how others see your designs
  14. 14. 1. Easy to use by both Client and Designers 1. Real-time design presentation & collaboration 1. Simplify the feedback process by having clients and stakeholders comment directly on your designs. 1. InVision turns feedback into tidy to-do lists. 1. Actual Mobile / Web Experience 1. Version control and sync for all your design files . Invision Benefits
  15. 15. Real-Time To-Do lists
  16. 16. Actual Mobile experience ● Fixed Navbar ● Link screens ● GESTURES ● Transitions
  17. 17. Version History and Syncing
  18. 18. Who loves Invision too ?
  19. 19. Let’s Walkthrough Invision
  20. 20. Thank You :)

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