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Mus final project powerpoint

  1. 1. Image & Music How self-image, “beauty” and weigh have impact on the life of a musician and individual. -Michael Sherman MUS 1234
  2. 2. “It's not over til the fat lady sings” ● This phrase, often attributed to competition, which origins are argued to come from basketball. ● Compares the game not being over til the end, such as a “fat lady” singing the end to an opera. ● An overused idiom, can be influential in lives of women. What are the effects?
  3. 3. Beauty Queens ● Beauty Queen: (noun) a beautiful and glamorous woman or girl ● So who decides what is beautiful? And who posesses these qualities? ● ● A video of Janis Ian singing “At Seventeen” which states that “love is meant for beauty queens < Janis Ian Cartoon depiction of a Beauty Queen >
  4. 4. Sex Sells suggests that the most successful women singers of our past century not only had great musical talent, but also great sex appeal. Check out their site. I was interested to read the feedback. Does beauty affect popularity and public opinion?
  5. 5. Degrading Weight ● An easy target, artist have been known to make music which degrades women, weight and promote the ideal vision a “man” see's in a woman. ● Note: these may be offensive ● ●
  6. 6. I Said Goodbye To Love ● Karen Carpenter, iconic singer, talented drummer ● Passed at age 32 of anorexia ● The following gives tells the story of her fight with anorexia ● Read paragraph 8 of the following.,,20198418,00.html ● Even without criticism, she suffered. How does music that mocks weight affect others?
  7. 7. A True Loss ● Listen to the following selections from Karen Carpenter. Image and self- perception stole a great from us. ● The gifts she possessed with drums ● ● The incredible vocal qualities ●
  8. 8. “Big” is Better? ● Wait, huh? ● We've seen how the depictions of weight and glamor has impacted careers, from success to tragedy. ● Image is all how one see's themselves, though outside influences take their toll on how one thinks. ● With all this, is there in fact music that promotes ideals that contradict previous notions that “thinner” is “better”?
  9. 9. Rock Dat' Booty ● “Fat Bottomed Girls” reached #24 on Billboards Hot 100 list“Fat Bottomed Girls”- Released by Queen in 1978 as a double single with “Bicycle Race” ● Acknowledges our love of “big” ladies! ● Read the following lyrics as you listen to the tract with the link below ●
  10. 10. Back It Up ● Sir Mix-a-Lot released “Baby Got Back” in 1992 ● #1 on Billboards Hot 100 for 5 weeks ● 1993 Grammy Award winner for Best Rap Solo Performance ● ● Just as Queen embraced women image in 1978, Sir Mix-a-Lot objectifies his “ideal” image of women ● Stating the 36-24- 36 figure is best
  11. 11. “The Standard”● With the mixed signals about “ideal” body type, how does one stand a chance complying with the current “standards”? ● The Seattle Times posted the following article, which interviews Gretchen Wilson ● It speaks of the struggles of women, regardless of talent, to be “sexy” enough to be noticed ● Past and present, this article provides incite on how the industry views women ●
  12. 12. Breaking the Mold ● The “Honky Tonk Angel”- Patsy Cline would by today fall short of the “standards” regardless of her talents. Even then, she was seen as overweight, even with outstanding beauty
  13. 13. Queen of Soul ● If image had blocked Aretha from the industry, think of all we would have missed. What are we missing now? Is image keeping true talent out today? ● Arethra Franklin is truly one of the most influential and talented musicians of all time. Her talents overshadow any body stereotypes that seem to play havoc among artists today.
  14. 14. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. ● The following sites explore Arethra's career. From choir beginnings to R & B stardom and all the talents, ranges and values which accompany her ● ● Despite any changes in weight throughout the years, Arethra remains an icon in the industry still today.
  15. 15. Mama● Cass Elliot (The Mama's and The Papa's) found success after many attempts with other groups, and even as a solo artist ● Read the following biography from Cass Elliot's site. Her life as a musican certainly had its ups and downs ●
  16. 16. A Sandwich Fable ● Cass Elliot passed to early in life. Rumors of her death focused on choking, though officially she passed of a heart attack. The rumor further shows how her weight spawned rumor of peril by eating. The ham sandwich myth was fueled by the report of Dr. Anthony Greenburgh, the physician who first examined Cass after her death. Greenburgh reportedly told the Daily Express that “she appeared to have been eating a ham sandwich and drinking Coca-Cola while lying down —a very dangerous thing to do,” and continued, “she seemed to have choked on a ham sandwich.” He came to these conclusions from his first impression upon entering the scene, and he believed she died of asphyxia. Dr. Greenburgh completely overlooked the fact that the ham sandwich sitting on the table had not been touched.
  17. 17. Pound for Pound ● First consider the causes ● ● Notable, diet is not all that factors. Is it true that if one is genetically overweight, one is genetically talented as well? ● This in mind, how can one judge based on genetic predispositions? ● ● Even where one is not put out to the public for view, one is discriminated against for weight. ●
  18. 18. Double Standard ● As seen in the previous slide, men are 14% less likely to be discriminated against based on weight. ● Given that combined with the objectification of women, how does a female artist stand a chance of overcoming the hand stacked against her? ● Along with talents of voice and stage performance, sex appeal is a must. ● So, do overweight men have an easier road to become an accomplished musician?
  19. 19. A Ruben Delight ● So what happened to Ruben Studdard? ● Since winning “American Idol” in 2003, the soul artists has released 5 albums, of which one has topped the charts. ● He is to appear on this season of “Biggest Loser” ● Maybe even in men, sex appeal is a great factor in commercial success.
  20. 20. V. Clay A. ● By comparison, Clay Aiken, who placed second to Ruben Studdard, has released 7 albums since “American Idol”, won numerous awards, and made several TV appearances. ● Could appearance standards be favorable?
  21. 21. Freakin' Sweet ● Comically, animation has even influenced the perceptions of men and women in regard to weight. ● “Family Guy” gives two good examples, of which may be seen offensive ●
  22. 22. And the Ad Says... ● And if it wasn't bad enough, the advertising industry uses overweight individuals to drive home products and services. ● I was offended when I saw the ads on this site ●
  23. 23. Perception ● The lyrics to “Ugliest Girl in the World” by Bob Dylan and Robert Hunter, shows that even though the world may see one as “ugly”, it's all in the eye of the beholder. ● As with everything, music too is judged by the audience ● Though society has emphasized whats “hot” and whats “not”, truly it's how we depict the beauty within.
  24. 24. Beautifully BIG ● MIKA recorded the song “Big Girl (You are Beautiful)” ● This song emphisizes that size is on issue, that beauty lies in all ● The following is a quote posted from the video, which I feel best summarizes this fact ● “so effing what! Some of the girls are wearing corsets to emphasize the shape they have thin women do it to and don't get bashed for it all women are gorgeous no matter the size! We still are women we still are beautiful! So how about we just stop argument if over what's what and just move on shall we its time to get over the idea that thin= pretty because its a crock of s**t because its women=beautiful”
  25. 25. Big, Blonde and Beautiful● Hairspray tells an inspiring story of an overweight teenage girls who yearns for a career in dancing. ● If you have not seen this musical, I suggest you do so. It also the subject of intergration post Civil Rights Movement The following is a link to the song “Big, Blonde and Beautiful”, sang by Queen Latifah. The song emphasizes that weight and the ideals of beauty are no obstacle, that one need not be held back by the stereotypes of society.
  26. 26. Inspiration ● The following YouTube link provides great quotes for which musicians can find inspiration. ● ● Remember that music is the art behind one's soul, not one's physical attributes.
  27. 27. Bibliography
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