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Making it stick


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Making it stick

  1. 1. They’re Not Synonymous Goals Resolutions0 Something to achieve 0 Required task0 An addition 0 A distraction0 Short-term/Long- 0 Immediate term gratification0 Something meaningful 0 Solution to a problem
  2. 2. You’re Not Broken… You’re HumanWe fall. We get back up. We’re cliché.Our biggest problem: we’re HYPOCRITESThat’s right. Each and every one of us.For example: A student walks into your office…
  3. 3. Areas of Opportunity0 Code for: “We all screw up. We all have the ability to fix our mistakes. Okay, maybe not fix. But we can definitely learn from them.”0 Awesome idea0 So why are we so SLOW to embrace the many “areas of opportunity” life sends our way?0 Why do we react like . . .
  4. 4. This?
  5. 5. Or This?
  6. 6. Or This?
  7. 7. Thoughts?
  8. 8. It’s Because . . .0 Opportunity is scary as hell0 Because it’s next-door neighbors with failure0 Which lives across the street from fear0 Which lives in the pit of our stomachs
  9. 9. So It’s Time We Do SomethingREADY . . . SET . . . G-
  10. 10. WRONG!0 Do not GO! Do not even pass go. Do not collect your $200.0 Instead . . .PLAN
  11. 11. Say What?Prioritize Learn Analyze Negotiate
  12. 12. Prioritize0 If you know what’s important: GREAT!0 If you’re unsure? That’s okay, too.0 If you know what’s important but still feel like you’re being torn into 17 million different pieces: Join. The. Club.
  13. 13. To Help You Prioritize0 Is it important to . . .0 Me? (aka: my happiness, success, well-being, health)?0 Another? (aka: their happiness, success, well-being, health)?
  14. 14. Admit It . . .0 When you read “another,” you probably saw the word “student” instead0 Student are our lives; that’s okay0 Forgetting to live because of our students: NOT okay0 Quit assuming the priorities of others are more important than your own0 Still not convinced?0 Consider this . . . “You’re a _______ first.”
  15. 15. Learn0 Why you make your priorities the way you do0 Why your resolutions and/or goals sometimes fail0 Why you run from opportunity . . . Or prolong it . . . Or project it onto others (we kind of figured this out already. Go us )0 Why you let others decide your happiness, well-being, self-esteem, etc.
  16. 16. Your Goals & Resolutions Do Not Fail Because . . .0 You’re a bad person0 Or lazy0 Or a terrible goal-setter (okay, maybe you are; but you can learn to be better)0 They fail because you’re committed, daring, and eager.
  17. 17. Again . . . Say What?0 You’re COMMITTED to your FEAR Remedy: some motherly advice0 You’re DARING to be TOO ambitious Remedy: take off the cape0 You’re EAGER to please all the WRONG people Remedy: a harsh, yet necessary decision
  18. 18. Analyze (aka: Don’t Take Stuff for Granted)0 Your priorities0 What you’ve learned0 What society tells you is right… or wrong… or beautiful… or cool…0 If society’s voice is too loud, consider this. You’re a part of that voice. Just get louder. Tell THEM to shut up, and listen to YOURSELF.
  19. 19. Analysis is NOT Annihilation0 I didn’t “destroy” literature as an English major; I enriched it; it enriched me0 It’ll help your career0 Why?0 Because students aren’t one-dimensional. And sadly, neither are spreadsheets. Or grant proposals. You get the idea.
  20. 20. The Triangle Effect0 The more angles you see, the more connections you make MIND0 The more connections you make, the more holistic you become BODY SPIRIT
  21. 21. Negotiate (aka Compromise, Move on, Hakuna Matata)0 Because you WILL . . .Over and under prioritizeHave to learn harsh lessonsRun into conflicting analyses0 Because life is GREY and constantly CHANGING0 Because if you don’t negotiate, you’ll go nowhere in life
  22. 22. You’re Not Leaving with a NYG0 That’s right0 I can’t create one for you0 You can’t create one (at least a meaningful one) in a one hour session0 But you now have the tools you need to create one0 Empowerment
  23. 23. Sooooo…GET READY... GET SET… GET PLANNING!
  24. 24. Still Not Motivated?0 Take a lesson from my bestie. My confidant. My way-too-obsessed- with-Les-Mis-but-it’s-cool-because-I-love-her friend, Katie.0 From her blog “Culture & Cardigans: A Nerd Girl’s Guide to the Power of a Story”0 “The only miserable thing about Les Miserables is putting down the book, leaving the theater, or exiting the cinema, because you’ll find you just want to hear the story again. However, in this misery lies greatness. Because greatness is the triumph of the human spirit. And the human spirit triumphs when it seeks to help others.”0 So that’s what you can do. You can help yourself. You can help others. And finally, you can help others help themselves.