Family communication picture pdf


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class project of a family collage

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Family communication picture pdf

  1. 1. My Friends familyThe True Family Melissa Haynes April 8, 2012 CMS 332 Family Collage
  2. 2. Committed Partners Who provide loyalty and affection to each other.The True Family
  3. 3. Shannon and Cheyenne singed civil union papers to become aofficial couple. Cheyenne also changed her last name to True.One day they hope to be able to have a Wedding and bemarried.“Legitimizing invokes the sanction of law or custom: it positions relationshipsas genuine and conforming to recognized standards.”(Galvin, Bylund & Brommel, p. 7)
  4. 4. “The blended family consists of two adults and theirchildren, all of whom are not from the union of theirrelationship.” (Gavin, Bylund & Brommel, p. 9) Thisfamily consists of lesbian partners who have adopted twoboys they had been fostering. The couple is also expectinga baby girl in May. Who they are also adopting by way of asergeant mother because neither women can conceive.
  5. 5. BrothersOn January 1, 2011 Blake and Everettcame into Cheyenne and ShannonTrue’s home. From the first day theywere there they new that they wanted tobe parents to these two sweet boysforever.Everett was 10 months old and Blakewas 3yrs old when they entered theTrue family as foster children.Blake and Everett are biologicalbrothers.Everett is now 2yrs old and Blake is 4yrsold.On February 17 2012 they were adoptedand are now The True boys forever !
  6. 6. Multiple relational currencies exist. These photos present some of the commonways this family share affection. With these photos I hope you can see howhappy these boys are in their new life. Because when I look at them I see sucha difference in their emotional development. (Galvin, Bylund & Brommel,p.119 – 122)
  7. 7. “Rituals convey a variety of meanings and messages in emotionally powerfulpatterns, they remind the members of the family who they are and how theycare about each other.”(p. 13) As well for this family they went to the Piratesgame the first night they were together and now every year they return tothe Pirates game on New Years Eve to celebrate their togetherness. They also have other rituals such as reading books before bed.“Rituals serve central ongoing maintenance and relational function.” ( p. 113)
  8. 8. The True family background is in sports and now it is being pastdown to their children as part of the rituals the family has.
  9. 9. “A syncratic relationship, characterized by muchshared authority and joint decisionMaking, implies that each partner has a strongsay in all important areas.” (Galvin, Bylund &Brommel, p. 185) This commentedpartner/blended family is the perfect example ofthe syncratic relationship.“Essentially, no widely agreed-upon definition of the term family exists.” (Galvin, Bylund & Brommel, p. 4)
  10. 10. Shannon and Cheyenne have supportive families and ithas been carried down in their lives and know you cansee how their mothers have had an effect on theirdecision making when it comes to raising their children.