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Wyoming Aqua Gems


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Published in: Education
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Wyoming Aqua Gems

  1. 1. Wyoming By:Aqua GemsBella
  2. 2. nRelative Location:Idaho to the west,Montana to the north,South Dakota to the east,and Colorado to the south.Absolute Location:41˚08 north and 104*˚49 west.
  3. 3. Regions1. Rocky Mountain region2. West region
  4. 4. PlaceLandmark: Grand Teton, Devils Tower
  5. 5. Place continuedLandform: Snake River, Lamar Valley
  6. 6. Place continuedTradition: Indian Sun Days on the Wind River Indian Reservation. For three days in July, the Shoshone and Northern Arapaho participate in various sun dances that have been passed on for many generations.
  7. 7. Place continuedClimate: Cool, sunny and dry. At times extreme conditions occur in the winter and summer.
  8. 8. MovementTransportation: Interstate 25 and Interstate 80Agriculture: Sugar beets, barley, beans, corn, hay, livestock, and grain
  9. 9. Movement continuedExports: Coal, natural gas, oil, uranium, and trona.
  10. 10. nAdapt: Mountains for skiing and extreme temperatures for both winter and summer.Modify:Mountains to ski resorts and bike trails
  11. 11. H/E Interaction continuedDepend: Snake River for fishing and the fertile grazing fields for livestock and ranching.