Texas Silver- State 4


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Texas Silver- State 4

  1. 1. TexasThe Silver SnakesBy: Davis
  2. 2. LocationRelative Location: Texas is surrounded by Mexico, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.Absolute Location: The absolute location of Austin, Texas is 30* N, 44* W.
  3. 3. Regions Region 1. Texas is in the South.Region 2. Texas is part of Tornado Alley. Region 3. Texas is in the Central Time Zone.
  4. 4. PlaceLandmark: Three of Texass landmarks are the Johnson Space Center, Big Bend National Park, and The Alamo.
  5. 5. Place ContinuedLandforms: Some of Texass landforms are the Guadalupe Mountains and the RioGrande River
  6. 6. Place ContinuedThe Texas State FairThe Texas State Fair is in October. It is held in a 277 acre fairground outside Dallas. It includes football games, rides, concerts, fireworks and a grand parade. The Texas State Fair is the largest State Fair in the US with over 3 million people attending each year.
  7. 7. Place ContinuedClimate: The climate in Texas varies. It is usually be hot and dry on the border of Mexico and is usually hot and humid on the Gulf of Mexico. Texas usually has mild winters.
  8. 8. MovementTransportation: Some transportation routes in Texas are Routes 10, 20, and 40.
  9. 9. Movement ContinuedExports: Some exports in Texas are chili, pecans, cotton, beef, and wool. Agriculture: Some of the Agricultural Items in Texas are Chili, Pecans, Cotton, Beef, and Wool.
  10. 10. H/E InteractionAdapt: People in Texas have to adapt to the limited water supply in Texas by conserving water and using water only when necessary.
  11. 11. H/E Interaction ContinuedModify: People modified Texas by building the Amistad Dam. It helps store water for irrigation and and generate hydroelectricity.
  12. 12. H/E Interaction ContinuedDepend: People in Texas depend on fertile grazing fields for cattle.