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Texas Orange-State4


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Published in: Education
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Texas Orange-State4

  1. 1. TexasBy Dillon
  2. 2. LocationNew Mexico is to the west. Mexico is to the south. Oklahoma is to the north and Louisiana and Arkansas are to the east.
  3. 3. Location continuedThe absolute location of Austin, Texas is 30* N, 97* W
  4. 4. RegionsRegion 1. Tornado Alley RegionRegion 2. Central Time ZoneRegion 3. The South
  5. 5. PlaceLandmark: Alamo, Johnson Space Center, Big Bend National Park, Odessa Meteor Crater and The Bureau Of Engraving And Printing at Fort Worth.
  6. 6. PlaceLandform: Rio Grande River, Guadalupe Mountains,Chihuahuan Desert and Chisos Mountains.
  7. 7. Place ContinuedEvery year people in Texas Celebrate Cinco De Mayo. It is held on May 5. It is a holiday celebrating the Battle Puebla. Cinco De Mayo is not Mexican Independence day. Mexican Independence Day is on September 16.
  8. 8. Place continuedClimate: Texas tends to be hot and dry along its southwestern border with Mexico. It is hot and humid by the Gulf of Mexico with very mild winters. Central and north winters are hot but tend to have colder winters. Texas rainfalls vary with 20 inches per year in the west, 30 to 35 inches in the north and central and much more by the Gulf of Mexico border.
  9. 9. MovementsRoute: 10, 20, 40Airport: Austin Bergman International Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport and El Paso International Airport.Shipping Ports: Houston Port, Port of Orange and Port Freeport.
  10. 10. Movement continuedExports: copper, oil And natural gasAgriculture: chiles, pecans, cotton, wool and dairy products.
  11. 11. H-E InteractionAdapt: Texans have adapted to the environment by wearing clothes for hot weather like there cowboy hats that keep sun out of their eyes.Modify: Texans have modified the environment by building Mansfield Dam to form Lake Marshall.
  12. 12. H-E Interaction ContinuedDepend: Texans depend on the Gulf of Mexico for water and transportation.