South Carolina 5 Themes Green


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South Carolina 5 Themes Green

  1. 1. South Carolina Team: Green Money by Pierce.
  2. 2. LocationRelative:To the West is Georgia,to the north is North Carolina, south- Georgia,Atlantic Ocean, east-Atlantic Ocean.Absolute location of Columbia: 34N, 81W.
  3. 3. RegionsOne region that South Carolina is in is the Blue Ridge region. South Carolina is also in the Atlantic coastal plain.
  4. 4. Place: LandmarkSome famous landmarks in South Carolina are the slave plantations where people can learn about life on a plantation in the 1800s.
  5. 5. Place: LandformOne landform in South Carolina is the Chattooga River which runs through the state. The Blue Ridge Mountains are a cluster of mountains in western South Carolina.
  6. 6. Place: TraditionThe Governors Annual Frog Jumping Contest is an annual event that takes place on the Saturday before Easter. What happens is people bring in frogs to compete in jumping contests, the winner goes on to California to represent South Carolina in a national "jump off".
  7. 7. Place: ClimateSouth Carolina is in a pretty sub-tropical climate temperature along the coast is the warmest with summer temperatures getting up to 90* F and 51*F in the winter.
  8. 8. Movement: TransportationThe most busy airport in South Carolina is the Charleston international Airport with over 2.5 million visitors each year! Trains also have a big impact in South Carolina, infact South Carolina has over 2,300 miles of railroad.
  9. 9. Movement: ExportsSome important exports from South Carolina are: textiles, fertilizers, silk, acrylics, seafood, oysters, shrimp, and nylon.
  10. 10. Movement: AgricultureThe things people in South Carolina farm are: hay, watermelons, apples, peanuts, pecans, tobacco, and the two things South Carolina are famous for peaches and cotton.
  11. 11. AdaptationsSince South Carolina is in a spot that gets tons of hurricanes, so the people have shutters on the outside of their houses. Another adaptation is the houses are on "stilts" so the water wont hit the house.
  12. 12. ModificationsThe Santee Dam was built in 1941 and is located on the Santee River, it was built under the administration of Franklin D Roosevelt.
  13. 13. DependThe people of South Carolina depend on the rich soil for growing crops, they depend on the Atlantic for crabs, shrimp, oysters, and crawfish. The people also use the rivers and the Atlantic for recreation.