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Maryland Yellow


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Published in: Education
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Maryland Yellow

  1. 1. Maryland By: The Yellow Gummy Bears Name: Noah
  2. 2. LocationRelative: Pennsylvania is to the north, Virginia is to the south, West Virgina is to the west, and Philadelphia is to the east.Absolute: Annapolis 38*N 76*W.
  3. 3. Region1. Mid Atlantic2. South-East
  4. 4. Place: LandmarkNational Aquarium, Accokeek Site, B and O Railroad Site, Chase Lloyd House. National Museum ofCatholic art and History
  5. 5. Place: LandformPotomac River, Piedmont Plateau, and the Youghiogheny River Chesapeake Bay
  6. 6. Tradition / ClimateTradition: One of Marylands traditions are the Folklife Festival where people get together eat food play music and have a good time.Climate: In Maryland the summers are around 65*F and the winters are around 45*F.
  7. 7. The Folklife FestivalThe Folklife Festival
  8. 8. MovementTransportation: Interstate 70, 81, and 83, 95, 197, CSX Freight, Nortrax Southern Freight, and Penn Station. Chesapeake Bay Bridge
  9. 9. Exports/AgricultureExports: Tobacco, wine, dairy, organic foods, crops, grains, cars, beauty products, and soybeansAgriculture Tobacco plants, graingrains tobacco plants
  10. 10. Agriculture continuedwheat soybeans
  11. 11. Human / Environment InteractionAdapt: Maryland adapts to hurricanes by building their houses on stilts. They adapt to heat by having air conditioners in most of the houses.Modify: Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Francis Scott Key Bridge.Depend: Maryland depends on their rich soil to grow crops like tobacco, wheat, soybeans, and grains.
  12. 12. Francis Scott Key Bridge