California Aqua


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California Aqua

  1. 1. California Aqua Gems Aqua Gems By: Stephen By Stephen
  2. 2. LocationRelative location: Oregon to the north, Nevada to the west, and Arizona to the southAbsolute location: 120*W, 36*N
  3. 3. Regions1. Pacific Region2. West Coast
  4. 4. PlaceLandmark: Golden Gate BridgeLandforms: Death ValleyTradition: The Oscars is a tradition to California because a lot of the movies stars live in LA, California so it is easy to be held there.Climate: Californias climate is nice-usually warm all year around.
  5. 5. MovementTransportation: Gulf of Mexico, Golden Gate BridgeExports: Oil, Aircraft engines, and partsAgriculture: Crops, grapefruit, tomatoes, oranges ect, broccoli, cauliflower, avocado ect.
  6. 6. Human/Environment InteractionAdapt: Sea Lions, Cactus WrensModify: Golden Gate Bridge, Bixby BridgeDepend: On the Gulf of California to travel, They also depend on soil to make the crops grow.