Planet Postcard Sample


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Planet Postcard Sample

  1. 1. Saturn
  2. 2. Mrs. Kuppersmith 454 South Main Street Sharon, MA 02067 April 13, 2009 Dear Mrs. Kuppersmith, I am having a great time on Saturn, the second largest planet and the sixth planet from the sun! The rings of Saturn are remarkable. They contain water, dust particles, and rocks. It got very windy last night so we were unable to go outside. Did you know that Saturn has the fastest winds in the solar system? It is very cold here since we are so far from the sun. It is impossible to breathe here, so I’m wearing an oxygen tank everyday. I haven’t been to the core which is made up of rock and ice. Mostly we stay up in the gaseous atmosphere.The Voyager I & 2 and Cassini are other spacecrafts that have orbited Saturn. The days go by so quickly since a Saturn day is only about 10 Earth hours. There are dozens of moon in the sky. While Saturn is interesting, I don’t think that I would like to live here. Sincerely, Ms. Shapiro