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Who moved-my-cheese131


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Who moved-my-cheese131

  1. 1. Who Moved My Cheese?An Amazing Way to Deal With Change In Your Work & In Your Life DR SPENCER JOHNSON
  2. 2. “Cheese” – a metaphor for what we want tohave in life, whether it is a job, a relationship,money, a big house, freedom, health,recognition, spiritual peace, or even an activitylike jogging or golf.Each of us has our own idea of what Cheese is,and we pursue it because we believe it makesus happy. If we get it, we often becomeattached to it. And if we lose it, or it’s takenaway, it can be traumatic.
  3. 3. ONCE, long ago, there lived 4 little characters who ran through a maze looking for cheese to nourish them & make them happy.Two were mice named “Sniff” & “Scurry” andtwo were little people named “Hem” &“Haw”.
  4. 4. Every morning, the mice & the little peopledressed in their running gear & headed over toCheese Station C where they found their ownkind of cheese. It was a large store of Cheesethat Hem & Haw eventually moved theirhomes to be closer to it & built a social lifearound it.To make themselves feel more at home, Hem& Haw decorated the walls with sayings. Oneread:
  5. 5. Having Cheese Makes You Happy
  6. 6. One morning, Sniff & Scurry arrived atCheese Station C & discovered there was nocheese.They weren’t surprised. Since they had noticedthe supply of cheese had been getting smallerevery day, they were prepared for theinevitable & knew instinctively what to do.They were quickly off in search of NewCheese.Later that same day, Hem & Haw arrived.“What! No Cheese? Who moved my Cheese?It’s not fair!”, Hem yelled. They went homethat night hungry & discouraged. But beforethey left, Haw wrote on the wall:
  7. 7. The More Important Your Cheese is To You, The More You Want To Hold Onto It.
  8. 8. The next day Hem & Haw left their homes, &returned to Cheese Station C. But situationhadn’t changed. Haw asked, “Where are Sniff& Scurry? Do you think they know somethingwe don’t?” Hem scoffed, “What would theyknow? They’re just simple mice. They justrespond to what happens. We’re little people.We’re smarter.”Haw suggested, “Maybe we should stopanalyzing the situation so much and just getgoing & find some New Cheese.Haw decided to leave Cheese Station C whileHem was more comfortable staying in thecheeseless Station C. Haw announced, “It’sMAZE time!” and wrote:
  9. 9. If You Do NotChange, You Can Become Extinct
  10. 10. Meanwhile, Sniff & Scurry went farther intothe maze until they found Cheese Station N.They found what they had been looking for: agreat supply of New Cheese. It was the biggeststore of cheese the mice had ever seen.Haw on the other hand become more anxious& wondered if he really wanted to go out intothe Maze. He wrote a saying on the wall aheadof him & stared at it for some time:
  11. 11. What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?
  12. 12. Haw now realized that the change probablywould not have taken him by surprise if he hadbeen watching what was happening all alongand if he had anticipated change. He stoppedfor a rest & wrote on the wall of the Maze:
  13. 13. Smell The CheeseOften So You KnowWhen It Is Getting Old.
  14. 14. Haw wondered if Hem had moved on, or if hewas still paralyzed by his own fears. Then,Haw remembered the times when he had felthis best in the Maze. It was when he wasmoving along. He wrote:
  15. 15. Movement In A NewDirection Helps You Find New Cheese.
  16. 16. As Haw started running down the darkcorridor, he began to smile. Haw didn’t realizeit yet, but he was discovering what nourishedhis soul. He was letting go & trusting what layahead for him, even though he did not knowexactly what it was.To his surprise, Haw started to enjoy himselfmore & more. He stopped to write again on thewall:
  17. 17. When You MoveBeyond Your Fear, You Feel Free.
  18. 18. To make things even better, Haw started topaint a picture in his mind again. He sawhimself in great realistic detail, sitting in themiddle of a pile of all his favorite cheeses-from Cheddar to Brie! He saw himself eatingthe many cheeses he liked, & he enjoyed whathe saw.The more clearly he saw the image of himselfenjoying New Cheese, the more real &believable it became. He wrote:
  19. 19. Imagining Myself Enjoying NewCheese, Even Before I Find It, Leads Me To It.
  20. 20. Haw wondered why he had always thoughtthat a change would lead to something worse.Now he realized that change could lead tosomething better.Then he raced through the Maze with greaterstrength & agility. Until he found bits of NewCheese. He entered the Cheese Station but itwas empty. Someone had already been there.He stopped & wrote on the wall:
  21. 21. The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese,The Sooner you Find New Cheese.
  22. 22. Haw made his way back to Cheese Station Cto offer Hem bits of New Cheese but wasturned down. Hem wanted his own Cheeseback. Haw just shook his head indisappointment but this does not stop him fromfinding New Cheese. He smiled as he realized:
  23. 23. It Is Safer To Search In The Maze Than Remain In The Cheeseless Situation.
  24. 24. Haw realized again, that what you are afraid ofis never as bad as what you imagine. The fearyou let build up in your mind is worse than thesituation that actually exists.He realizes it was natural for change tocontinually occur, whether you expect it ornot. Change could surprise you only if youdidn’t expect it & weren’t looking for it.When he realized he had changed his beliefs,he paused to write on the wall:
  25. 25. Old Beliefs Do NotLead You To New Cheese.
  26. 26. Haw now realized that his new beliefs wereencouraging him to behave in a new way. Hewas behaving differently from the way he hadwhen he had kept returning to the samecheeseless station.It all depends on what you choose to believe.He wrote on the wall:
  27. 27. When You See That You Can Find AndEnjoy New Cheese,You Change Course.
  28. 28. Haw just hoped he was heading in the rightdirection. He thought about the possibility thatHem would read The Handwriting On TheWall & find his way.He wrote on the wall what he had beenthinking about for some time:
  29. 29. Noticing SmallChanges Early Helps You Adapt To TheBigger Changes That Are To Come.
  30. 30. He continued on through the Maze withgreater strength & speed. He proceeded alonga corridor that was new to him, rounded acorner, & found New Cheese at Cheese StationN where he saw the greatest supply of Cheesehe had ever seen.Sniff & Scurry welcomedhim. “Hooray for Change!”Haw wrote down a summary of what he hadlearned on the largest wall of Cheese Station N& smiled as he looked at what he had learned:
  31. 31. THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL Change Happens Anticipate Change Monitor Change Adapt To Change Quickly Change Enjoy Change ! Be Ready To Change Quickly & Enjoy It Again.
  32. 32. Move With TheCheese & Enjoy It !