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Self management working-wounded_office_politics


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Self management working-wounded_office_politics

  1. 1. Working Wounded: Office Politics
  2. 2. Office PoliticsPolitics is a fact of office life.
  3. 3. Office PoliticsThere are “good” and “bad” politics.
  4. 4. Office PoliticsAcknowledge the positiverole that politics plays at work.
  5. 5. Office PoliticsWatch and learn from thosewho practice “good” politics.
  6. 6. Office PoliticsEstablish your own ethical boundaries.
  7. 7. Office PoliticsFind a level of politics that feelscomfortable.
  8. 8. Office PoliticsYour work will always be judged bytwo criteria: quality and politics.
  9. 9. Office PoliticsGarner the political supportyou’ll need.
  10. 10. Working Wounded: Office Politics