Self management leap-of_faith


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Self management leap-of_faith

  1. 1. Leap of Faith
  2. 2. Breaking Old Paradigms
  3. 3. Breaking Old ParadigmsGo from having a desire “not to lose”to “win and risk!”
  4. 4. Breaking Old ParadigmsGo from being overly cautious tobeing courageous.
  5. 5. Breaking Old ParadigmsGo from avoidance to going as faras you can, with what you’ve got.
  6. 6. Breaking Old Paradigms“How will taking a leap of faithchange my life for the better?”
  7. 7. Breaking Old ParadigmsYou may achieve better self-esteemafter taking a leap of faith.
  8. 8. Breaking Old ParadigmsChanging your attitude or point ofview takes time.
  9. 9. Breaking Old ParadigmsIt all begins with changing yourdesires from not wanting to lose towinning by risking.
  10. 10. Embrace and Welcome Change
  11. 11. Embrace and Welcome ChangeChange is often misinterpretedas a “loss.”
  12. 12. Embrace and Welcome ChangeChange in a positive manner is aprerequisite for personal andprofessional growth.
  13. 13. Embrace and Welcome ChangeWithout the ability and willingness toembrace change, you will becomeparalyzed with fear and anxiety.
  14. 14. Embrace and Welcome ChangeNothing is permanent, except change.
  15. 15. Embrace and Welcome ChangeIf you are doing well, then you willbe more eager to take risks.
  16. 16. Conquering Your Fears
  17. 17. Conquering Your FearsWe all have basic needs that driveus to do the things we do.
  18. 18. Basic Needs• Wanting to succeed
  19. 19. Basic Needs• Wanting to succeed• Feeling right about our decisions
  20. 20. Basic Needs• Being accepted for who we are
  21. 21. Basic Needs• Being accepted for who we are• Feeling emotionally safe and secure
  22. 22. Conquering Your FearsThere are four basic fears that keepus from taking risks.
  23. 23. Basic Fears• Feeling humiliated
  24. 24. Basic Fears• Feeling humiliated• Being wrong
  25. 25. Basic Fears• Feeling humiliated• Being wrong• Feeling rejected
  26. 26. Basic Fears• Feeling humiliated• Being wrong• Feeling rejected• Experiencing change
  27. 27. Conquering Your FearsIt’s the combination of our basicneeds and fears that holds us back.
  28. 28. Conquering Your FearsCreate an atmosphere where youwill feel safe and secure.
  29. 29. Conquering Your FearsStop and think about what you aredoing, and challenge every possibility.
  30. 30. Conquering Your FearsTake control of what you are doing.
  31. 31. Conquering Your FearsLook at the leap of faith as a learningexperience and don’t look back.
  32. 32. Conquering Your FearsStretching yourself and believing inyourself are positive benefits that occur,when you take that leap of faith.
  33. 33. Taking the Journey
  34. 34. Taking the JourneyEvery time you take a risk, you not onlyconquer your fears, but take a stepcloser to your leap of faith.
  35. 35. Taking the JourneyUse your strengths to battle your fears.
  36. 36. One Month Later
  37. 37. Adjust Your Map of the World
  38. 38. Adjust Your Map of the WorldYour map of the world is the wayyou see things.
  39. 39. Adjust Your Map of the WorldIt is often our maps of the world thatchallenge our successes.
  40. 40. Adjust Your Map of the WorldUpdate and adjust your map of theworld, and see your ability to take risks.
  41. 41. Leap of Faith
  42. 42. Leap of Faith