Career development the_influence_edge_and_your_career


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Career development the_influence_edge_and_your_career

  1. 1. Influencing Your Career
  2. 2. Career Goals
  3. 3. Career GoalsPersuade peers and managers togive feedback.
  4. 4. Career GoalsGet your boss to agree to yourattending a new meeting to expandyour experience.
  5. 5. Career GoalsGet your boss to agree to a careerdevelopment discussion.
  6. 6. Career GoalsEstablish informal mentors to buildfuture relationships.
  7. 7. Stage OneUnderstand the three steps of careerdevelopment.
  8. 8. Stage TwoPut together the needed influencestrategies.
  9. 9. Career Development
  10. 10. Career Development• Understand yourself
  11. 11. Career Development• Understand yourself• Understand your options
  12. 12. Career Development• Understand yourself• Understand your options• Understand your next steps
  13. 13. Career DevelopmentHave a clear understanding of who youare and what you bring to anorganization.
  14. 14. Understand YourselfCreate an accurate picture of yourself.
  15. 15. Understand YourselfIdentify key skills you use now and haveused in the past.
  16. 16. Understand YourselfUse open-ended questions and then,focused questions to get specific feedback.
  17. 17. Understand YourselfInterests and values define who you are.
  18. 18. Understand YourselfAsk yourself, “What do I want to learn?”
  19. 19. Understand YourselfAsk yourself, “What has to happen toprepare for this learning?”
  20. 20. Understand YourselfAsk yourself, “What values aredriving my choices?”
  21. 21. Understand YourselfAsk yourself, “What are mystrengths and weaknesses?”
  22. 22. Understand YourselfCheck how you see yourself with howothers see you.
  23. 23. Understand YourselfYour reputation often determineswhether or not you’re chosen to workon interesting projects.
  24. 24. Understand Your OptionsWork with change to help achievepersonal goals.
  25. 25. Understand Your OptionsLook into the future, see what’s coming,be ready for changes, and harness thepotential to help you reach your goals.
  26. 26. Understand Your OptionsCreate multiple career goals.
  27. 27. Understand Your OptionsNetwork within your organization andthe industry you work in.
  28. 28. Understand Your OptionsAsk yourself, “What changes arehappening in my industry, organization,work team and profession?”
  29. 29. Understand Your OptionsAsk yourself, “What are my options?”
  30. 30. Understand Your OptionsAsk yourself, “What are my next steps?”
  31. 31. Understand Your OptionsAsk yourself, “What type of movescan I make?”
  32. 32. Understand Your OptionsAsk yourself, “How will I keepgrowing in place?”
  33. 33. Understand Your OptionsAsk yourself, “How will I network?”
  34. 34. Understand Your OptionsAsk yourself, “Who are the people inthe industry I would like to meet andspeak with?”
  35. 35. Understand Your OptionsAsk yourself, “Who are the people inmy organization I would like to learnfrom?”
  36. 36. Understand Your Next StepsMake a plan with each step, havingsome amount of measurability.
  37. 37. Understand Your Next StepsHave a definite time frame for eachstep of your plan.
  38. 38. Understand Your Next StepsHave a development conversation withyour supervisor or mentor.
  39. 39. Understand Your Next StepsGathering support for your plan is akey link to achieving your goals.
  40. 40. Understand Your Next StepsWrite your goals out clearly.
  41. 41. Understand Your Next StepsThink about what success looks like;make it measurable.
  42. 42. Understand Your Next StepsIdentify what resources are availablein your organization to help you.
  43. 43. Understand Your Next StepsThink about who you will want toinfluence about your plan.
  44. 44. Influence Strategies
  45. 45. Influence StrategiesPut together the needed influencestrategies to make yourdevelopment plan a reality.
  46. 46. Influence StrategiesUse assertive behaviors when youneed to take a more directapproach.
  47. 47. Influence StrategiesOffer incentives to make it easierfor the other person to do what youare asking.
  48. 48. Influence StrategiesLay out specific incentives.
  49. 49. Development PlansDecide about what you want to influence.
  50. 50. Development PlansBe specific and exact.
  51. 51. Development PlansDecide whom you want to influence.
  52. 52. Development PlansDecide what behaviors you should use.
  53. 53. Development PlansHave a specific goal around possiblecareer movements or learningopportunities.
  54. 54. Development PlansDetermine how you will measure success,and what will have to happen.
  55. 55. Development PlansDetermine the resources that canhelp you.
  56. 56. Development PlansDetermine who you will talk to.
  57. 57. Development PlansDetermine what action you’ll take,and by when.
  58. 58. Development PlansYou are the main influencer of yourcareer.
  59. 59. Influencing Your Career