Why study geography


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Why should you study A level Geography?

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Why study geography

  1. 1. Reigate Grammar School Geography Department Click on the world!
  2. 2. Why study Geography?There are many reasons why people decide tostudy Geography at university. Some of thefollowing may apply to you:• You enjoy learning about people and their societies, economies, cultures and the environment • You are keen to learn and develop a wide range of skills • You are seeking a broad based academic degree, offering above average graduate employability
  3. 3. “There has never been a better or more important time to study geography. With growing interest in issues such asclimate change, migration, environmental degradation and social cohesion, geography is one of the most relevantcourses you could choose to study. Geographers are also highly employable.” “Whatever your passion for the world - fascination withlandscapes or concerns about inequality - geography will provide you with knowledge and transferable skills that will reward you personally and advance you professionally.” (Dr Rita Gardner, director of the RGS-IBG)
  4. 4. ‘Geography students hold the key to the world’s problems’ a statement not to be underrated in a world continually shaken by environmental, economic, political and social events.Well known examples…• Population growth• Global migration• The energy crisis• Global warming• Extreme weather events• Sea level rise• Resource depletion• Deforestation Michael Palin, Former president of• Severe water shortage the Royal Geographical Society• Soil erosion and desertification
  5. 5. L6th – OCR AS Geography Timing Physical HumanAutumn Term Coasts Tourism 1st halfAutumn |Term Coasts Urban 2nd halfSpring Term Cold environments Urban 1st halfSpring Term Cold environments Energy 2nd halfSummer Term Rivers Energy 1st halfSummer term Exams: F761 Exams: F762 2nd half Physical AS Human AS Field trip Field trip
  6. 6. U6th – OCR A2 Geography OCR A2 Geography Timing Physical Human Autumn Term Earth hazards Development and 1st half inequality Autumn |Term Earth hazards Development and 2nd half inequality Spring Term Ecosystems and Geographical skills 1st half environments under threat Spring Term Ecosystems and 2nd half environments Geographical skills under threat Summer Term 1st half Revision Revision Summer term A2 exams A2 exams 2nd half Global Issues Geographical skills
  7. 7. How successful are we?Year / A* A B C D EGrade2000 N/A 42 76 88 100 1002001 N/A 36 82 91 100 1002002 N/A 69 88 94 100 1002003 N/A 29 79 96 100 1002004 N/A 53 82 94 100 1002005 N/A 79 96 100 100 1002006 N/A 56 83 100 100 1002007 N/A 60 90 100 100 1002008 N/A 50 92 100 100 1002009 N/A 67 89 94 94 1002010 12 50 79 100 100 1002011 8 60 92 100 100 1002012 21 78 100 100 100 100 NB: Cumulative Percentages shown here
  8. 8. RGS Geography: A2 Results June A* = B = 21% 22% A* A = 57% A B
  9. 9. Geography is flourishing at higher education level. Almost all UK higher education institutions, andall of the leading Universities, are undertaking both teaching and research in geography.• Popular: geography is a very popular choice of subject studied at higher education. There are morethan 80 universities in the UK, offering over 1400 Geography related degrees and at any time thereare almost 30,000 students studying geography full or part-time. The numbers applying to studygeography as a percentage of the total has increased in 2012 compared with 2011. Numbersstudying geography at postgraduate level has also been increasing (a total of 2864 in 2012 accordingto latest figures).• Good quality: as the annual student satisfaction survey reveals, students studying geography enjoysome of the highest levels of satisfaction with the quality of their course• Employable: geography graduates become some of the most sought after graduates by employers.They are less likely to be unemployed after their degree course than those studying othersubjects and, as the Labour Force Survey (a sample from 2010) reports, are above average in whatthey go on to earn (74% of geography graduates earn a starting salary of more than £20,000 peryear, above the overall average of 70%)
  10. 10. Student Course Becky Fry Geography Emily Bowden Geography Jack Stimpson GeographyIn 2011 & 2012, Oliver Haine GeographyGeography was the Immi Adshead Geologymost popularsubject choice for Jamie Alderson Geologyuniversity by RGS Louisa Mamalis Env. Geography / Sustainabilitystudents James Gillespie Geography Catherine Goddard Geology / Env. Geography Hannah Measures Geography / Env. Studies Felix Edge-Partington Geology Anna Skinner Geography Nick Gunning Geography
  11. 11. Geography in the workplaceGeography in the workplaceMost geography graduates are numerate, literate, good team workers, can think analytically andcritically, have cultural agility, are socially and environmentally aware, and wider experience as aresult of fieldwork. Geographers have ability to integrate ideas effectively, problem solve, and arehighly computer literate.• Employable: the nature of the discipline combined with the training geography students receive atuniversity make graduate geographers highly employable, as a result of both these transferable skillsand jobs where the specific knowledge and skills of the subject are utilised. Geography graduates are(according to the latest HESA survey data) less likely to be unemployed after their degree coursethan those studying other subjects. Further details of their employability can be found in theSocietys briefing Demand for Geography (PDF)• Value of geographers: one example is the Geographical Information System (GIS) industry, valuedworld-wide at £1 billion: almost all major companies now recognise that they have a requirement forgeographical information, making geography graduates particularly valuable employees given theirspatial analysis skills and discipline-specific knowledge
  12. 12. Unexpected Geographers? "As a young man, my fondest dream was tobecome a geographer. However, while workingin the customs office I thought deeply about the matter and concluded it was too difficult a subject.With some reluctance I then turned to physics as a substitute" Einstein: Wishing he had continued with Geography!
  13. 13. Visit our new website:rgsgeog.wordpress.co m For moreinformation, revision notes and videos
  14. 14. Geography:Take a different view