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Sports Matters Summary

  1. 1. on your marks... Presented by In association withHeld in
  2. 2. Presented by St. Regis, Singapore, September 18-19 2013 Sports Matters targets the entire sports industry value chain including associations, rights holders, sponsors, broadcasters and agencies. Produced by Branded, (owners of Digital & Music Matters and Social Media Matters) and Haymarket Media (publishers of Campaign Magazine, F1 Racing, 4-4-2 and producers of the Spikes Asia creative festival) Sports Matters will be held on 18/19 September 2013 during the week of the Singapore F1. Our mission? To build the foundations for a healthy and sustainable Asian sports industry. Background
  3. 3. Presented by St. Regis, Singapore, September 18-19 2013 Sun 15SEP Tue Thu SunWed Fri Between Spikes and F1 Spikes Asia is the region’s largest festival of creativity featuring thousands of advertisers and agencies in Singapore at the start of the F1 week and is organised by Haymarket Media who also publish F1 Magazine and 4-4-2. Sports Matters Asia will exploit this convergence of buyers at each end of the week providing a perfect platform to be able to deliver both broadcasters and sponsors to the event whilst also capitalising on the gloss of the F1 itself. The F1 generates global interest in Singapore. The F1 roadshow delivers broadcasters, teams/drivers and sponsors. Timing
  4. 4. Presented by St. Regis, Singapore, September 18-19 2013 We will target the entire sporting spectrum including: • Associations/Federations/Government • Broadcasters/Platform Owners • Sponsors • Sports Gaming • Event Management Companies Using “Digital & Music Matters” as a blueprint, our multi-tiered marketing campaign will target the global sports industry franchises via trade and social media including a number of select marketing partnerships. Specifically our partnership with Haymarket will deliver high value promotion of the event across their titles and other bespoke events. Our high level advisory board - featuring sports industry leaders - will amplify the event to their own communities. • Venues/Sports Infrastrucure • Individual Events • Players & Agents • R&D • Merchandising Example Music Matters Partnerships Target Attendance
  5. 5. Presented by St. Regis, Singapore, September 18-19 2013 The content strategy for Sports Matters has been developed with the participation of the Advisory Board. The focus is ASIA. Research tells us that Sports Matters should focus on what the future of the industry will look like, who and what is driving it and how this region contributes to the global sports industry. There are key pillars of the global sports industry and Sports Matters will address each of these with an Asia-centric programme and speaker profile. 1. Content & Broadcast/Media 2. Sponsorship - Generating new revenues with new media 3. Social & Digital Futures - Maximising revenue through social and digital platforms 4. Federations & Associations - rights, partnerships and regional events 5. Fan engagement 6. Venues - Sport as entertainment 7. Technology - Enhancing event production AND sports performance 8. Education - Training sports people and training the trainers In it's inaugural year the programme will attempt to make the industry sit up and listen. Like Digital and Music Matters, there will be ideas exchange and networking opportunities, an element of controversy and above all, great entertainment. Over the course of our 3 year programming strategy, we plan to launch a new industry association made up of Asian sports industry personnel which will act as the platform from which to provide internships, launch scholarships and nurture excellence within the region. Content Matters
  6. 6. Presented by St. Regis, Singapore, September 18-19 2013 To differentiate ourselves from other industry conferences, Sports Matters' programme will span two days: one plenary day of keynote interviews, panel debates and success story showcases interspersed with TED-style thought leadership mini presentations followed by a second day of sponsored workshops/roundtables to address specialised areas of interest such as R&D, merchandising, sports analytics and sports law/IP. Day 1 Plenary plus Themed Modules: • Content Matters • Marketing Matters • Education Matters Day 2 Themed Roundtables (including): • Broadcasters Forum • Association Forum • Sponsorship Forum The Two Day Programme
  7. 7. Presented by St. Regis, Singapore, September 18-19 2013 The following companies are all represented at senior level on our Advisory Board: Advisory Board
  8. 8. Presented by St. Regis, Singapore, September 18-19 2013 Sports Matters Asia will be a co-production between two leading event marketing organisations; Branded ( and Haymarket Media, owners of Spikes Asia, Campaign Magazine and a number of sports titles including F1 Magazine and 4-4-2 (football). Branded and Haymarket have worked together on a number of projects including Media360, Agency of the Year and MediaWorks (below). Branded CEO Jasper Donat has a wealth of sports experience having worked for Eurosport, Sports Corporation and ESPN Star Sports. In 2002, Branded and Haymarket launched Mediaworks, Asia Pacific’s renowned bootcamp for young advertising professionals. Sold back to Haymarket in 2008 and now into it’s 10th year, Mediaworks has also expanded into DigitalWorks and MediaWorks China. The Partners
  9. 9. THANK YOU Presented by