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How to Increase Landing Page Conversions


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Let's be real: more leads equal better business. Without them, you'd make squat. zilch. nada. BUT, leads are the gears that turn and burn to produce profit, which leads to better referrals, which, surprise, LEADS to more business.

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How to Increase Landing Page Conversions

  1. 1. DO IT RIGHT, EVEN THE BASICS How easy is it to get carried away by all of today’s technologies and distractions? Very. But sometimes, the best practices are steeped with simplicity. You don’t need for renaissance-men if the process didn’t begin with a solid base. So, first, follow the Three Absolutes of Lead Generation: 1) Make the right offer. 2) Put that offer in front of the right people. 3) Give the right people a reason to want it now.
  2. 2. ALWAYS THINK AHEAD This goes hand in hand with your understanding of the basics. To consistently generate new leads, you need to establish a long term plan. Lead generation success doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t assume the flood gates are flying open at the start. Build a plan that emphasizes long-term value, such as a blog or social media strategy that publishes content on a daily or semi-daily basis. Make it relevant, and you’ll find that your leads will follow suit.
  3. 3. TARGET YOUR BEST BUYERS You could have thousands of new views on your webpage or social networking site every day, but if they aren’t actively interested in what you have to do or say with your band, then something is working right. You need to shift gears and remember the 80/20 Rule: 20% of Your Clients = 80% of Your Profit Focus your attention on that 20%, as they’re the ones who make up most of your business. This narrow view aids the process of taking on clients—make them meaningful as it benefits you the most. Remember: It’s great that your Aunt Mildred likes your company’s Facebook page. It’s just, chances are, she’s not so “marketable…”
  4. 4. SOCIALIZE YOUR MEDIA Hey, Big Tuna. Now’s the time to start paying attention. The word is still out on whether the statistical advantages of Social Media can outweigh the hype-train, but to say it is relevant? That’s preposterous. 23% of the time Americans spend online is spent using a social networking site. By creating a social media plan, your company’s Google ranking can/will grow, which is extremely important to getting found throughout the world wide web. Why? 94% of Google searchers don’t scroll past the first page of their search query. That’s some strong incentive. Very strong.
  5. 5. DON’T FORGET THE QUICK AND EASY’S There are a ton of simple, effective ways to increase your lead generation without dusting out your wallet. It’s important to remember that all it takes is a simple “click” to establish a new lead. Something as effortless as including a link in your email signature can actively support your lead generation efforts.  Email signatures  Timely Newsletters  Automated Responses (Welcome, Thank You, etc.)  Business Cards  Free Press Releases  And Much More!
  6. 6. FREE? DID SOMEONE SAY FREE? What’s something ALL consumers love receiving? Hint: It’s Priceless. Literally, priceless. Giving away free handouts can help build a bond, or trust, between customers and companies. However, what do consumers love more than free? Things They Can’t Have. Make everything your company touches a “must-have,” and your brand becomes that much more desirable. Have a giveaway that only lasts a limited time (hour, day, week, month, etc.) That way, you’ll establish the need to act NOW and not LATER—otherwise, what’s the point? Likewise, leads are for now, not later.
  7. 7. ALWAYS BE PROACTIVE, ALWAYS Companies are spending endless amounts of time trying to snag you on their ‘funnel- line.’ Where many of these companies fall flat (and where you won’t) is in their approach at providing their customers with consistent service. Generating leads is hard enough (why else are you here), so it may seem counter intuitive to let any leads slip easily between your fingers. Don’t allow them to go to waste. Follow-ups must be completed diligently, and often—to ensure that you’re making the most of your leads and providing customers with your advertised services. Never be stagnant. There’s no sense in investing your time in wasted opportunities.
  8. 8. ARE YOU EASY TO CONTACT? If there’s one… one thing from this list that you should apply to your strategy immediately, it’s making yourself easy to contact. It may seem simple, but it’s overlooked often enough to warrant inclusion. The Truth: If you don’t make it easy for potential clients to contact you, they won’t. It’s a simple as that. No one, even you, likes searching through piles and piles of information just to make a quick email or phone call. Adding your contact information helps to increase a customer’s trust, and lends credibility to your offering. Even if that customer doesn’t call, the presence of an easily identifiable phone number can bring solace.
  9. 9. FORMS FOR EVERY PAGE Making sure your lead generation form is accessible is one of the more important stems in transforming your site from a “ho-hum” page turner to a “lead gen machine.” By posting the form on every page (in the same spot, if possible), it gives potential leads one less reason NOT to engage in your services. It’s right there in front of them, every step of the way. To take it a notch further, if your lead generation forms ask for less information in the beginning stage, potential customers are more likely to comply. Hint: Try to avoid asking personal information (other than email, name, etc.) before the second step.
  10. 10. LATHER, RINSE, AND TEST REPEATEDLY These tips are designed to help re-evaluate your current lead generation strategy. But when it comes to lead generation success, not every tip suits every context. You need to test them out first, and apply what works while cutting what doesn’t. That’s how you’ll find success. The quality and quantity of leads vary from field to field, but the goal has always been to see both factors increase over time. Nothing is easily obtained without some hard effort, which is the number one practice in lead generation, and number one tip any blogger or internet guru could ever offer as must-have advice: Do what works for you, and be proactive in your continuous game of checks and balances to ensure you’re up-to-date with the rest of the competition.