Career Development 101


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Jump start your career development plan

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Career Development 101

  1. 1. Career Development 101 An Employee Development Program
  2. 2. Career Development 101 Why employee development? s To stay competitive and meet strategic business needs
  3. 3. Career Development 101 Workshop Goal Goal: s To provide knowledge and tools to lead the strategic development of the work force for the mutual benefit of the organization and its employees.
  4. 4. Career Development 101 Workshop Objectives Objectives: s Learn to motivate employees to take the initiative in their own strategic development s Learn to reinforce, coach, sustain employees’ strategic development
  5. 5. Career Development 101 DEVELOPMENT Development is strategically planned, continuous learning and improvement, maximizing employee strengths, potential, interests and values. -Conceptual Systems, Inc. 1992.
  6. 6. Career Development 101 Purpose s Maximize individual potential s Increase growth/movement opportunities s Provide work satisfaction s Improve employee retention s Attract new employees
  7. 7. Career Development 101 A Win-Win Partnership for: s Employees s Supervisors s Frazer Center
  8. 8. Career Development 101 The Key s Development planning and other human resource systems revolve around competencies.
  9. 9. Career Development 101 There’s more to development than reading a book or going to a class!!
  10. 10. Career Development 101 Development can’t take place in a vacuum. Supervisors will have to guide their employees through the organizational assessment to explore trends and identify business challenges, and provide resources and links about the organization and the industry.
  11. 11. Career Development 101 Some employees will need a lot of help to interpret their self-assessment, write goals, or plan their development. Administration can offer supporting instructional activities, tips, and coaching assess to ensure that employees get the most out of the process.
  12. 12. Training Staffing Compensation Competencies Performance Development Management Planning Succession Planning
  13. 13. Career Development 101 Competencies s Competencies are capabilities – Skills – Knowledge – Experiences – Attitudes
  14. 14. Career Development 101 Competencies s The competencies that are most critical for your workgroup are driven by the challenges facing it. These challenges cascade from the external business environment to the organization to the business unit to the workgroup and, finally the individual.
  15. 15. Career Development 101 Competencies s For employees to be motivated to develop their competencies they need insight into the business challenges that determine what competencies are critical.
  16. 16. Career Development 101 Key Messages s Development at Frazer Center begins by “growing in place.” s Development does not always mean “moving up.”
  17. 17. Career Development 101 Development Options s Growing in Place = Enrichment s Moving Up = Vertical s Moving Across = Horizontal s Moving Down = Realignment s Casting About = Exploratory Research s Outward Bound = Relocation - (Kaye, 1997)
  18. 18. Career Development 101 Roles/Responsibilities s An ongoing partnership – Employees – Supervisors – Human Resources – FRAZER CENTER
  19. 19. Career Development 101 Benefits/Payoffs s Accrued Benefits to: – Employees – Supervisors – Frazer Center
  20. 20. Career Development 101 s Partnering Together in Continuous Learning and Improvement s Facing the Challenges of the Future
  21. 21. Career Development 101 References s Conceptual Systems, Inc. (1992). Development 21 for managers and coaches, 2-3. Silver Springs, MD: Conceptual Systems, Inc. s Kaye, B.L. (1997). Up is not the only way: A guide to developing workforce talent. Palo Alto, CA: Davies- Black Publishing.