Russell And Rajit Preterit


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detailed powerpoint on the preterit tense of the spanish language

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Russell And Rajit Preterit

  1. 1. Ending for “ar” verbs in the preterit tense… Pronoun Ending Yo é Tú aste Él, Ella, ó Usted Nosotros amos Ellos, Ellas, aron Ustedes
  2. 2. Here are some example of “ar” verbs conjugated in the preterit tense… • Ex. 1: Rajitcomprólasmanzanasayer. • This means: Rajit bought apples yesterday. • Ex. 2: Russell yRajitjugaronfútbolayer. • This means: Russell and Rajit played soccer yesterday. • Ex. 3: Nosotrosescuchamos a la músicaayer. • This means: We listened to music yesterday. ♬ ♫ ♪
  3. 3. Endings for “er” and “ir” verbs in the preterit tense… Pronoun Ending Yo Í Tú Iste Ió Él, Ella, Usted Nosotros Imos Ellos, Ellas, Ieron Ustedes
  4. 4. Here are some exmaples of “er” and “ir” verbs conjugated in the preterit… • Ex. 1: Yocomí el biftecayer. • This means: I ate the steak yesterday. • Ex. 2: Túecribisteunacarta a su amigo en la semanapasada. • This means: You wrote a letter to your friend last week. • Ex. 3: Ellasbebieron los refrescosayer. • This means: They drank the refreshments yesterday.
  5. 5. Irregular Verbs in the preterit tense… VERB  Dar- gave Estar- was Tener- had Andar- Ir/Ser- went walked Yo Dí Estuve Tuve Anduve Fui Tú Diste Estuviste Tuviste Anduviste Fuiste Él, Ella, Dio Estuvo Tuvo Anduvo Fue Usted Nosotros Dimos Estuvimos Tuvimos Anduvimos Fuimos Ellos, Dieron Estuvieron Tuvieron Anduvieron Fueron Ellas,Ustede s
  6. 6. More Irregulars in the preterit tense… Verb  Decir- said Traer – Poder- was Poner- put/ Saber- brought able to placed found out Yo Dije Traje Pude Puse Supe Tú Dijiste Trajiste Pudiste Pusiste Supiste Él, Ella, Dijo Trajo Pudo Puso Supo Usted Nosotros Dijimos Trajimos Pudimos Pusimos Supimos Ellos, Dijieron Trajieron Pudieron Pusieron Supeiron Ellas,Ustede s
  7. 7. Even more irregulars in the preterit tense… VERB  Querer- wanted Hacer- did/made Venir- came Yo Quise Hice Vine Tú Quisiste Hiciste Viniste Él, Quiso Hizo Vino Ella,Usted Nosotros Quisimos Hicimos Vinimos Ellos,Ellas, Qusieron Hicieron Vinieron Ustedes
  8. 8. Here are some exmaples of some irregular verbs conjugated in the preterit tense… • Ex. 1: Ellosfueron al parqueayer. • This means: They went to the park yesterday. • Ex. 2: La chicadijohola a mi ayer. • This means: The girl said hi to me yesterday • Ex. 3: Yoanduve a la escualeayer. • This means: I walked to school yesterday. • Ex. 4: ¿Túsupiste el problema con el duche? • This means: Did you find out what was wrong with the shower?
  9. 9. Spelling Change Irregulars.. In verbs that end in –car,-gar, or –zar, the spelling of the yo form changes. Type of Verb -car verb -gar verb -zar verb Buscar Llegar empezar Busqué Lleugué Empecé YoForm (All other (All other (All other forms follow forms follow forms follow regular regular ending regular ending ending spellings) spellings) spellings)
  10. 10. Here are some example of the spell change verbs… • Ex. 1: Yolleugué a la escuela con unademoraayer. • Ex. 2: Yoempecétocar la guitara en el añopasado. • Ex. 3: Yobusquépara los animalesayer.
  11. 11. WORD MEANING Ayer Yesterday Pasado/Pasada In the past Antés Before
  12. 12. ¡OVERVIEW! • The Preterit is formed by a stem and the appropriate ending. • There are different ending for “ar” verbs than “er” and “ir” verbs. • There are several irregular verbs to memorize. • A few Keywords are… Ayer- yesterday, Antés- before, and pasado/ pasada- in the past.
  13. 13. ¡El Fin!