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Sled Dog Racing Dogs


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About dogs that race in the Iditarod Race.

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Sled Dog Racing Dogs

  1. 1. Sled Dog Racing The Dogs
  2. 2. Two dogs commonly used in sledding are Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies. These two breeds had quite different origins and uses.
  3. 3. Alaskan Malamutes originated with Eskimo people. They used to be very large, so they were used for hauling food back to the villages.
  4. 4. Siberian Huskies originated in Siberia. They were used for tasks like herding and pulling loads. These dogs were smaller and faster than Malamutes.
  5. 5. Today, although most northern breeds used as sled dogs, it is not unusual that Irish Setters, Dalmatians, Golden Retrievers also enjoy mushing sports.
  6. 6. Modern sled dog owners are proud of their dogs as canine athletes that are bred and trained to do what they love…
  7. 7. … run as part of a team.
  8. 8. Stay Tuned for Part III... Mushing Terms.