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  1. 1. Cosmologies
  2. 2. Target • I will be able to: Briefly outline two cosmologies of Modern Science
  3. 3. What is Cosmology? • Cosmology which deals with the origin and nature of the universe owes many of its questions to science. Main question is was there a creation event or has the universe always existed? • If it was always here it is ageless and therefore cannot be determined by age. If there was a definite moment of creation we must accept that before that there was nothing.
  4. 4. COSMOLOGIES • Scientific results of the 20th century have lead to a fundamental change of Time Space and Matter theories. New theories enabled Scientist, philosophers and theologians to think anew about the origins of the universe and life itself
  5. 5. Religion and Science • Religion and Science had a strained relationship that began in the 15TH Century, when science sought to answer questions that were to this point answered by religion. Copernicus 1473-1543 laid the foundation for modern physics and astronomy discovered that the earth revolves around the sun and that it rotates on its own axis. As religion had stated that the earth was the centre of everything a strained relationship occurred
  6. 6. Cosmologies • Most cosmologists and astronomers believe that there was a certain event • Big Bang Theory • Expanding Universe Theory
  7. 7. Big Bang Theory • 18 billion yrs ago world exploded into existence. Two main reasons for this: • 1. Second Law of Thermodynamics • 2. Gravity
  8. 8. 1. Second Law of Thermodynamics • : states that everyday the world becomes more disordered and eventually it will fall into total chaos. People grow old shorelines erode. Even if something new is built it is due to the destruction of something else. The world is always moving towards chaos. Entropy is the system through which scientist measure disorder. When this system can go no higher it has reached Thermodynamic equilibrium at this stage the universe will die from heat death….. have discovers that the earths core is 4 ½ billion yrs old the sun is a little older but cannot burn forever
  9. 9. 2. Gravity • Isaac Newton, gravity is a universal force, planets revolve around the sun this is due to a centrifugal effect same as balls in a roulette wheel eventually when the wheels stop the ball drops. •
  10. 10. Expanding Universe Theory: • 1920’s Edwin Hubble American Astronomer, Galaxies are moving apart. If the universe is expanding it must have been smaller at some point. The expansion rate is slowing down this supports the view that there was an initial explosion set universe in motion •