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Positive thinking

Positive Thinking

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Positive thinking

  1. 1. The Secrets of a Positive Mind Coaching &Training
  2. 2. 90% of our thoughts are repeatedLook at your routines…
  3. 3. Daily… you wake up you bathe yourself you brush your teeth you go to work by the same way you connect with the same people you come back home and repeat the same routines…
  4. 4. Change: The words you use: “I have to” “I can” and feel the difference… 1st secret
  5. 5. Do: What is right… and not… What is good If you choose what is right now, maybe you will succed in the future! If you choose what is good now, maybe you wil suffer in the future… 2nd secret
  6. 6. Sense of humor: Being humorous makes you a better person! So… laugh a lot change routines be creative deconstruct reality do not be too serious 3rd secret
  7. 7. Think Positively is an habit Create new routines
  8. 8.