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Copy (6) Of States Project


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Published in: Travel, News & Politics
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Copy (6) Of States Project

  1. 1. By: Nicole, Jessi, and Rachel Hawaii, Alaska, Tennessee, Texas, Delaware, and Rhode Island
  2. 2.  ’
  3. 3. Hawaii Hawaii is often known as a paradise, but the island is really a big volcano. The state capital is Honolulu. The state bird is a Nene (Hawaiian goose) and the state flower is the yellow Hibiscus.
  4. 4. Delaware The state flower is a Peach blossom and the state bird is a Blue Hen Chicken. The largest city in Delaware is Wilington.
  5. 5. Texas Texas’s state bird is a Mockingbird. Its state flower is a Bluebonnet. Texas’s governor is Rick Perry. The state capital is Austin.
  6. 6. Alaska <ul><li>Alaska is a state of cold snowy wilderness. The capital is Juneau and the state bird is a willow ptarmigan .The flower is the forget-me –not. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Rhode Island <ul><li>Rhode Island’s state bird is a Rhode Island Red and the state flower is a Violet. The capital of Rhode Island is Providence. </li></ul>