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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. Degrees of comparison
  2. 2.  Het aantal lettergrepen is bepalend voor de vorm Woorden met één, twee of drie en meer lettergrepen? Uitzonderingen
  3. 3. the …EST the warmEST …ER than the bigGEST the niceST warmER than bigGER than niceR thanwarmbignice
  4. 4. + the MOST … the MOST beautiful MORE … than the MOST interesting the MOST delicious MORE beautiful than MORE interesting than MORE delicious thanbeautifulinterestingdelicious
  5. 5. the …EST the simplEST …ER than the cleverEST the narrowEST simplER than the happIEST cleverER than the handsomEST narrowER thansimple happIER thanclever handsomER thannarrowhappyhandsome
  6. 6. + the MOST … the MOST modern MORE … than the MOST nervous the MOST boring MORE modern than MORE nervous than MORE boring thanmodernnervousboring
  7. 7. the best the worst the most better than the least worse than more thangood less thanbadmuch/manylittle (weinig)