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Windows Store: Top Learnings from the first Belgian Windows 8 apps


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Presented by Katrien De Graeve.

Published in: Technology
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Windows Store: Top Learnings from the first Belgian Windows 8 apps

  1. 1. Windows Store:Top Learnings from the firstBelgian Windows 8 Apps30 October 2012Katrien De GraeveTechnical Evangelist
  2. 2. Agenda• Windows Store: registration • How to ace Windows Store registration• Windows Store: app certification • Preparing your app • Learnings from the most common failures • How to ace certification• Support options
  3. 3. Congratulations: Belgian Apps• TODO screenshot
  4. 4. Windows Store: Registration•• Tokens: MSDN subscriptions (not partner SKU), BizSpark, DreamSpark• Things to have ready: as an Individual • Your Microsoft account (aka Windows Live ID) • Credit card – access to your credit card statement for account verification • Alternative e-mail address• Things to have ready: as a Company • A Microsoft account (aka Windows Live ID), not a personal one but a team one • Credit card – access to your credit card statement for account verification • Approver inof (e-mail address cannot be a free e-mail account, needs to be company one) • The official company name, written exactly as in government documents
  5. 5. Account status
  6. 6. Company: Developer Identity Validation• Symantec GeoTrust 3rd party validation • Mails can be coming from (check Junk folder)• Symantec Belgian document of proof: support/index?page=content&actp=CROSSLINK&id=SO17796
  7. 7. Account verification (all)
  8. 8. Paid apps requirements• Payout account must be completed• Tax profile must be valid
  9. 9. Tips on entering valid tax profile• Guidance is available on Windows Store blog post, see section « For international developers filling out a W-8 form »: paid-from-the-windows-store.aspx
  10. 10. Tips on entering valid tax profile vCompany only: In addition to 9a, make sure to also check 9c> For non-individual beneficial owner (in other words, company), both 9a and 9c need to be selected/filled.
  11. 11. Signatory of tax profile• For companies, have your CFO fill in tax profile• If submitting in behalve of CFO, extra documents need to be submitted
  12. 12. In this example: manager will require additional action to for validating profile
  13. 13. Signing capacity: extra action required
  14. 14. Support options• GeoTrust: (5AM – 5PM PST)• Microsoft: • Forum • E-mail, chat and phone support (specific hours)
  15. 15. Store Certification
  16. 16. WACK: before submission• Windows App Cert Kit – installed with Windows 8 Tools SDK• Run on clean machine• Do not interact with machine while test is running• Try running on low-end computer
  17. 17. WACK Tips• Background audio: if autoplay=true fails WACK • Suspend/activate issues coming up as the reason• Direct3D issue coming up in some C# apps • Check that your Suspend/Resume handling is not throwing exceptions
  18. 18. Preparing your app: language(s)• App language(s) through App Manifest<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Packagexmlns="">[…] </Prerequisites> <Resources> <Resource Language="nl" /> <Resource Language="fr-be" /> </Resources>…
  19. 19. Language requirements• Associated with the following requirement: Requirement 6.5: You must localize your app for all languages that it supports.• Optional but recommended: add a language choice to override system language
  20. 20. Preparing your app: capabilities• Checking required capabilities – uncheck Internet if not used
  21. 21. Privacy policy• Privacy statement entry is required in all apps using Internet connection (default) • Settings charm entry • Required as separate entry, not under About or Disclaimer • Can link to website • Make sure the contents represent the actual privacy policy (not in the wrong language, not pertaining to a privacy but disclaimer, and other similar issues)• Privacy URL is required in Store portal• Take into account Age Rating setting in portal: typically content is 12+ rather than lower if you use Internet
  22. 22. Guiding your user• Add Help or first run info• Don’t expect the user to automatically find out all features
  23. 23. App images and colors
  24. 24. Windows Store Preview
  25. 25. App background
  26. 26. Store Dashboard: App Submission
  27. 27. Selling details• Regions: who can find and install your app• Price tiers
  28. 28. Paid apps, Trial, In-app purchases• Expiry date trial• Trial API
  29. 29. Release date• Can be set to the future• Windows Store team will make best effort to release the app on that date (no sooner than)• NOTE: If you require a new release before app is published: you need to cancel release – you might miss the desired date
  30. 30. Determine age rating and privacyrequirements Information collected /Capability accessed Provide your privacy policy Provide access to your Can Age Rating be lower than URL when you submit app to privacy policy in the app’s 12+? Store Portal settings as displayed in the Windows settings charmSMS Required Required NoText messages Required Required NoLocation Required Required NoMicrophone Required Required NoWebcam Required Required NoDocuments Library Required Required NoInternet connection (incoming or outgoing) Required Not Required but Yes encouragedRequires a sign in account where the name on the Required Not Required but Yesaccount is not required to be an email address or encourageduser’s name (in real life) but any made-up nameCollects or transmits personal information: User’s Required Not Required but NoName, User’s Account, Email address, Phone #, encouragedContacts, User’s AddressCollects or transmits: Images of Computer Desktop Required Not Required but Noor Screen Shots encouragedCollects or transmits: Browsing History Required Not Required but No encouraged
  31. 31. Don’t forget• Privacy URL in Store Portal (not a required field!) • Check the URL you enter, does it actually link to a privacy statement? In the right language? • Is the site online?• Age rating• Support contact (URL or E-mail) is required• Using external services: • Is your service available at all times • Does it work from the tester’s location? U.S.A. based
  32. 32. Notes to testers• Make sure you provide any details needed to test the app, for example that a certain flow needs to be followed at first run (configuration etc)• Always provide a test account if login is required to use the app• Note any geo (blocking) requirements. Do note testers are not based in Belgium and this might impact app manual testing• Use a mock for testers if required
  33. 33. How to ace certification• Tips: • Add tester notes – especially upon rejection or new release, mention clearly what has changed • Region, language • Request .ZIP file with tester review • Have end-users test your app: • Login needed? Easy to get one? • App bars and (first run) help info needed?
  34. 34. Support options ”••
  35. 35. Q&AKatrien De GraeveTechnical Evangelist
  36. 36. Build apps on Windows. Discover your newhome.
  37. 37. SATURDAY 10 NOVEMBER201208:08 – 00:00HUB BRUSSELSEat. Drink. Code. Be part of the app revolution. Jointhousands of developers around the world as we buildapps for the next generation of Windows. E
  38. 38. FRIDAY 23 NOVEMBER20129:00 – 18:30ALM ANTWERPNational and international speakers will talk about AppDevelopment, User Experience and Design.