Windows Azure Virtually Speaking


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Unlimited resources at your fingertips, only bounded to the limitations of your imagination. Windows Azure allows you to be flexible at your own pace and with your own provisioning needs, whether you're a developer or IT professional. This talk will handle all things IaaS related to Windows Azure, going over the capabilities in usage and architecture.

Belgian app builders: discover your new home: AKA the Apps on Windows portal.

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Windows Azure Virtually Speaking

  1. 1. Mike MartinArchitectCrosspoint SolutionsVirtually Speaking:a Windows Azure Virtual Machinesintroduction
  2. 2.  Mike Martin Architect MEET Member Crew Member of Azug Windows Azure Insider Windows Azure MVP @Techmike2KX
  3. 3. Windows Azure CampGetting hands-on experience withAzure
  4. 4. www.azug.beNext Azug event
  5. 5. Agenda• Intro to Cloud Computing• Virtual Machines• Workload Options• Manage & Hybrid
  6. 6. CloudComputing Patterns
  7. 7. Per-hour license in the cloudWindowsServerApplication License Mobility (SA)Per-hour license in the cloud (select few)MicrosoftApplicationsBased upon vendor and productExternalApplications
  8. 8. >_
  9. 9. Gallery Images AvailableMicrosoftWindows Server 2008 R2SQL Server 2012Windows Server 2012Biztalk Server 2013Sharepoint 2013Open SourceOpenSUSE 12.2CentOS 6.3Ubuntu 12.04/12.10SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2
  10. 10. *Image provided by OpenLogic based on CentOS 6.2
  11. 11. Windows AzureYour Data Center
  12. 12. Windows AzureYour Data Center
  13. 13. Your Data CenterWindows Azure Other Service Providers
  14. 14. Your Data CenterWindows Azure Other Service Providers
  15. 15. Windows Azure Storage
  16. 16. Windows AzureStorage
  17. 17. Windows Azure StorageHighly Durable Storage
  18. 18. continuous storagegeo-replicationWESTDCEASTDC> 400 milesWindows AzureStorageGeo-Replicated Storage
  19. 19. New with GAImprovements• Ability to customize the Administrator username• Remote PowerShell Enabled By Default but optional• Default OS Disk is now VHD Maximum size : i.e.127Gb
  20. 20. Redundancy at every level
  21. 21.
  22. 22. PRIVATEPUBLICIdentity
  23. 23. Secure Site-to-SiteNetwork ConnectivityWindows Azure Virtual NetworkData SynchronizationSQL Data SyncApplication-LayerConnectivity & MessagingService BusSecure Machine-to-Machine ConnectivityWindows Azure Connect
  24. 24. NEW!!!Microsoft now offers Point-To-Site VPN support within theVirtual Network Stack
  25. 25. Load BalancerPublic Active DirectoryAD AuthExtranet Active Directory
  26. 26. WindowsServer 2012AndroidWindowsPhone 8Windows RTiOSX86/x64MacsWindowsServer 2012WindowsServer 2012WindowsServer 2008R2Windows IntuneVPN TunnelADWindowsServer 2008WindowsServer 2003
  27. 27. SystemCenterOperationsManager+ ManagementPack forWindows AzurePaaSMonitoring isagentless,use normal API anddiagnostics formonitoringIaaSTreat as normal server,including using a SCOMagentUse certs for authentication
  28. 28. On-PremiseAppControllerMove ManageAzure IPOrchestratorAppControllerOperationsManagerAzure MPAppControllerMonitorDPM Advisor
  29. 29. Scripting CapabilitiesFull Support for IaaS• Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets• Cross Platform Scripting Built on node.jsCapabilities• Provisioning, Removal• Reboot, Start• Import and Export VM settings• Support for Windows and Linux VMs• Domain Join at Provision for Windows• Fully Customize VM with Data Disks and EndpointConfiguration• Automate Virtual Network Settings