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MVVM Applied: From Silverlight to Windows Phone to Windows 8


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Published in: Technology
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MVVM Applied: From Silverlight to Windows Phone to Windows 8

  1. 1. Disclaimer:• I am NOT a Microsoft employee and all opinions expressed are solely my own.
  2. 2. The MVC pattern: Messages DataBinding Commands View Service PropertyChanged Controller Events
  3. 3. BindingBehaviour
  4. 4. No behaviors in Windows 8 workaround: Use properties and binding PropertyChanged event Binding PropertyChanged
  5. 5. ISelectFilesService injectioninjection INavigationService action
  6. 6. Probably not a replacement for “desktop apps”Very similar to Windows Phone appsA companion for your richer application
  7. 7. public async void Get(Uri uri) { var request = new HttpRequestMessage( HttpMethod.Post, uri);Maybe the most difficult aspect var response = await Client.SendAsync(request); var resultawait/async can be confusing } = response.Content.ReadAsString();Often used in Win8
  8. 8. Use callbacks to async codeUse interfaces even for simple model classesShare common classes, overload other classesExtend classes And if you have to
  9. 9. Demo
  10. 10. call to action• Check your code for possible asynchronous workflows• Check the developer preview• Stay tuned for the beta!
  11. 11.