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Exploring the Windows Phone 8 SDK


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Presented by Nico Vermeir.

Published in: Technology
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Exploring the Windows Phone 8 SDK

  1. 1. Exploring the WP8 SDK @NicoVermeir
  2. 2. Who am I? Nico_vermeir @NicoVermeir
  3. 3. Agenda• System requirements• Emulator• Templates• Debugging• Tiles• Lockscreen• Resolutions• Wallet• Lenses• Speech• Location
  4. 4. SystemRequirementsMEMBERS
  5. 5. System Requirements - SDK• Windows 8 64-bit• 6.5 GB free disk space• 4 GB RAM• 64-bit CPU
  6. 6. System Requirements - Emulator• Windows 8 Pro or higher• Second Level Address Translation • EPT (Intel) • RVI (AMD) • Check your CPU with CoreInfo (
  7. 7. CoreInfo• CoreInfo.exe -v
  8. 8. Second Level Address Translation• Used by Hyper-V• Helps translating guest physical addresses to host physical addresses
  9. 9. Emulator• 4 images, one for each resolution• Complete OS• Powered by Hyper-V• Seperate device on network
  10. 10. DemoWindows Phone 8 Emulator
  11. 11. Templates• Windows Phone App• Windows Phone Databound App• Windows Phone Panorama App• Windows Phone Pivot App• Windows Phone XAML and D3D App• Windows Phone HTML5 App
  12. 12. Debugging• Debug managed or Native Code• Even when launched from tile or notification
  13. 13. Demodebugging
  14. 14. Tiles• Three Templates • Flip • Iconic • Cycle• Three sizes• Secondary tiles
  15. 15. DemoTiles
  16. 16. Lockscreen• 5 apps on lockscreen, users decides which ones• 30x30 icon• Transparant, white• Takes the count of the tile• Needs to be set in WPAppManifest.xml
  17. 17. DemoLockscreen
  18. 18. Multi-resolution
  19. 19. Multi-resolution
  20. 20. Multi-resolution• Apps scale automatically• Default resolution is 800x480• Build assets for highest resolution• Resolution and scale can be checked from code
  21. 21. DemoMulti-resolution
  22. 22. Wallet• Collect coupons, credit cards, memberships, loyalty cards, and more in one place.• Manage the payment instruments that they use in the app and music store.• Link items in the Wallet to apps on their phone.• Make contactless transactions, using Near-Field Communication (NFC), in some markets.
  23. 23. Wallet
  24. 24. DemoWallet
  25. 25. Lenses• Camera app• Launched from the camera• For example: Bing Vision
  26. 26. Lenses• Set capabilities ID_CAP_ISV_CAMERA and ID_CAP_MEDIALIB_PHOTO• Register lens extension• When activated, will navigate to /MainPage.xaml?Action=ViewfinderLaunch• Intercept with UriMapper, send to lens page
  27. 27. DemoLenses
  28. 28. Speech• Text to speech• Speech to text• Voice commands
  29. 29. DemoSpeech
  30. 30. Location• New api (WP7 version still works as well)• Background tracking • Only one app • GeoLocator keeps the app alive • Drains battery
  31. 31. DemoLocation
  32. 32. Take aways• SLAT needed for the emulator (coreinfo.exe)• Windows 8 needed for the SDK• Debug when launched from notification or secondary tile• Simulation dashboard• Templates for native code and HTML5• Three tile templates, flip, iconic and cycle• Apps can be on the lockscreen• Apps scale automatically to one of three resolutions or two aspect ratios• Wallet can be used for discounts, memberships and deals• Lenses are camera apps• Speech API provides TTS, STT and voice commands• GeoLocator can track location from the background, only one app can do this
  33. 33. Q&A