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Building a charming Windows 8 app


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Presented by Nico Vermeir.

Published in: Technology
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Building a charming Windows 8 app

  1. 1. Building a charming application @NicoVermeir
  2. 2. Who am I? Nico_vermeir @NicoVermeir
  3. 3. Agenda• What are charms?• Search contract• Share contract • Share source • Share target• Settings contract• Take aways
  4. 4. What are charms?• Universal way of doing tasks that are found in most applications• Found on the charms bar• Win + C
  5. 5. What are charms? Searching throughout the Operating System and inside apps Share content between applications Application or OS settings
  6. 6. Search contract• Add search page• Implement search• Add filters• Add search suggestions • From code • From a folder • From an OpenSearch API
  7. 7. DEMOSearch contract
  8. 8. Share contract• Share information with other applications • Text • HTML • Links • Images • ...• Receive share information from other applications
  9. 9. Share contract
  10. 10. Share contract• Source • Prepare share info • Respond to DataRequested event• Target • Add TargetPage • Set declaration • Interpret data in Activate method
  11. 11. DEMOShare contract
  12. 12. Settings contract• The best only place to set your in-app settings• Handle CommandsRequested event for the SettingsPane• Add SettingsCommands• Add fly-out...• ...but only when you’re using JavaScript 
  13. 13. Callisto• Open source toolkit by Tim Heuer • Controls • Including a SettingsFlyout • Converters • Extensions and Helpers •
  14. 14. DEMOSettings contract with Callisto
  15. 15. Take aways• Implementing charms provide a universal way of working with apps• Easy to implement• Use Callisto for fly-outs