Strategic Planning Solutions


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Strategic Planning Solutions

  1. 1. Planning consultants with a game-changing process Success doesnt just happen. Its planned for.w w w. m e t h o d f r a m ewo r k s .c o m (9 7 2) 516 - 3 8 0 7 • 1 - 8 7 7- 31P L A N 4 ( 8 7 7- 317- 5 2 6 4 )
  2. 2. Method Frameworks: Planning consultants with a game-changing processWho We AreA division of Forte Solutions Group, Method FrameworksSMserves some of the nation’s largest organizations with results- Guide to Successful Planningdriven planning solutions that turn traditionally unproductiveplanning exercises to operationally-valued outcomes. • Download it hereOur goal is to provide organizations with meaningful, targeted,and executable plans that consider all aspects of the organization’sunique business “ecosystem”. We strive to do this whiletransferring our knowledge to our client’s staff and do so with ourclient’s budgets and desired outcomes at the heart of our work.We are driven by seven core values: • Providing clients and staff with honest and truthful information - always • Creating client-centered value • Doing the right things, right - every time • Taking care of our staff • Building strong, long lasting relationships • Respect for all people and ideas • Giving back to our communitiesOur TeamWe employ proven best practices, real thought leadership,and devoted senior consulting talent to work within your Success Storiesorganization as part of your team. The Method Frameworks When one of the foremost governmentteam of analysts, executive business leaders, and facilitators consulting firms in US needed to evaluateare the best of the best. With no less than 10 years applied its existing services and make vitalbusiness experience and meeting our rigorous hiring standards, improvements, they called on Methodour team defines the standard in management consulting. Frameworks. We provided an in-depth assessment of their current strategies, service levels and evaluated andOur Clients formulated a plan to successfully acquireSome of the nation’s largest organizations are using our additional government business.Planning Framework. Companies like: The Results: • Multi-billion dollar manufacturing organizations • An executable organizational transformation • Multi-billion dollar airlines and client acquisition strategy. • County governments • Savings of millions (in dollars) of • Multi-billion dollar real estate investment trusts process optimizations. • Multi-billion dollar consulting organizationsw w w. m e t h o d f r a m e w o r k s . c o m • (9 7 2) 516 - 3 8 0 7 • 1 - 8 7 7- 31P L A N 4 - ( 8 7 7- 317- 5 26 4 ) 2
  3. 3. Method Frameworks: Planning consultants with a game-changing processWhat We DoMethodFrameworksSM provides a holistic and comprehensiveplanning approach (known as Plan4SM) that can be applied Guide to Successful Planningto ANY situation (business or technical) in which planning,and more importantly, the outcomes of those plans are • Download it hereconsequential to our clients.Our planning approach: • Provides REAL business truth • Eliminates misinterpretation Success Stories • Reinforces and compliments existing planning When an information technology-based • Delivers desired outcomes organization was struggling with new • Provides unambiguous direction client development and a fundamental lack of any culture, they called on • Enforces accountability Method Frameworks. We worked with • Delivers highest value opportunities first, faster the executive leadership team to identify the firm’s weaknesses, uncover potential capabilities and profoundly and successfully change their organization. The Results: • A top down reorganization of the company. • A sweeping review and overhaul of the company’s value proposition and market strategy. • A comprehensive competitive mitigation and awareness strategy. • A fulfilling talent acquisition strategy. • Defined organization, culture and services - positioning the firm for success.w w w. m e t h o d f r a m e w o r k s . c o m • (9 7 2) 516 - 3 8 0 7 • 1 - 8 7 7- 31P L A N 4 - ( 8 7 7- 317- 5 26 4 ) 3
  4. 4. Method Frameworks: Planning consultants with a game-changing processPlan4SM:Our Proprietary Planning ProcessThe pace of change in the global and local marketplace Guide to Successful Planningrequires that business leadership define and evolve theirplans while the organization is in full motion. Our Plan4SM • Download it hereprocess enables organizations to do just that -- work toward“big picture” objectives while continuing the day-to-day workof delivering to customers and gaining market share.Specifically, the Plan4SM approach provides our clients Plan4SM consistentlywith describable, actionable, achievable and predictableoutcomes. It justifies the plan rationale, prioritizes based on provides 140% orobjective and historical data, and eliminates non value-add greater ROI to CEOsdistractions. in organizations with annual revenues ofIn addition, Plan4SM is a scientifically-based planning process $100 million or more.that can be used across a wide range of applications at theenterprise, departmental, or project level. Applications of Plan4 Enterprise Departmental Project Strategic Planning Departmental Re-Organization Enterprise Resource Planning Sales Strategy Development Large Methodology Training Planning Governance Office Departmental Strategic Alignment Program Management Office Departmental Process Reorganization Optimization 3+ Departments working Collaboratively New Business Unit / Group Software Based Development Enhancements for Medium Specific Business Units Portfolio Management Office New Team / Department Executive Management Facilitation Problem-Solving Client Organic Growth Business Case Strategy Development Executive Workshop Product Selection / Directional Analysis Process Optimization for Evaluation Line of Business Change Management New Growth Options Analysis Launch of New Productw w w. m e t h o d f r a m e w o r k s . c o m • (9 7 2) 516 - 3 8 0 7 • 1 - 8 7 7- 31P L A N 4 - ( 8 7 7- 317- 5 26 4 ) 4
  5. 5. Method Frameworks: Planning consultants with a game-changing processMethod Frameworks Plan4SM vs.Traditional PlanningMost planning efforts fail to deliver the intended ROI. Why? Success Stories Guide to Successful PlanningThe reasons vary, but the most common are: When a multi-billion dollar airline needed to improve business analysis and project • More art than science in the planning approach management for solutions delivery, they • Failure to define the "real" outcomes in a concise set of called Method Frameworks. statements The Results: • Variability in the plan caused by language • Comprehensive customized analysis • Failure to define and execute initiatives successfully based training successfully delivered. on the plan • Definition and implementation of customized solutions delivery methodology.Plan4SM is a comprehensive scientifically-based planning • 17% increase in on-time, on-budgetprocess that generates ROI of 140% or MORE. This is in stark project delivery.contrast to most traditional planning efforts which frequentlyfail to deliver, providing an average value of 34% or less. Method Frameworks Traditional Planning “Customer”-Centered Internally Focused Holistic - Top down and bottom up Top down management Communications and Culture-based Technical Alignment with business vision departmentally-based Long and short term (linking planning with the Budget focused successful execution of plans) Value-Driven Done to meet requirements (shareholders / “what we’ve always done” / expectations) Prioritizes opportunity by value to the organization Prioritizes by subjective means and end customer impact - scientific prioritization Assigns responsibilities and accountability Assigns who is responsible for what task but does not assume responsibility or accountability - CEO default accountability Inclusive Exclusive Unifies functions Distances functions Recognizes staff as active in development and Recognizes staff as an object to implement the plan realization of key outcomes Encourages facilitation and empowerment Controlling Is based on business truth - without subjectivity Truth is in the eye of the beholder Builds relationships of confidence Creates lack of confidence Transparency Black boxw w w. m e t h o d f r a m e w o r k s . c o m • (9 7 2) 516 - 3 8 0 7 • 1 - 8 7 7- 31P L A N 4 - ( 8 7 7- 317- 5 26 4 ) 5
  6. 6. Method Frameworks: Planning consultants with a game-changing processThe 5 Keystones of Plan4SM1. Accountability, Performance & RewardReaching your organizational objectives requires more than just a plan; Guide to Successful Planningit requires people who have sufficient incentive and understanding toexecute to that plan. Employees that understand what is being done, • Download it herewhy, when, and how they can contribute become empowered teamplayers. It is for this reason that accountability, performance, and rewardcomprise the first keystone of the Plan4SM approach.2. AccelerationHistorical acceleration is an important value to our process. It isan indicator of organizational reality and a predictor of the future.It is the rate of change (accomplishment of objectives) for theorganization - moving from idea generation through implementation.When we bring historical acceleration into the planning process, Value Drivenwe take into account both the “speed” at which the organization Outcomesaccomplishes tasks and the desired direction of the organization.3. Energy and FocusOrganizational energy and focus are critical components to theachievement of success or sustainability of the organization’sprogress. The Plan4SM approach focuses and provides energy(excitement) back into the traditionally “boring” and uninspiring Accelerationplanning process. With renewed energy and focus a team becomesmore effective as a result of “doing the right things, right”. Accountability, Performance4. Communication & RewardThe Plan4SM approach to communication is multi-disciplinary,meaning that we look at the organization holistically. Weconsider how the organization communicates today, the issues Energyand risks that the existing communication strategy poses to & Focusthe organization, and how the organization needs and shouldcommunicate various planning results. Communication5. Clarity and VisualizationClarity and visualization of outcomes allows those involved with Clarity &the project to have insight through efficient and effective means. VisualizationIt enables understanding, early detection of issues, and the abilityto determine patterns. We accomplish clarity by clearly definingthe vision and mission of the organization. Visualization is achievedthrough our tactical task boards and unique visualization workshops.w w w. m e t h o d f r a m e w o r k s . c o m • (9 7 2) 516 - 3 8 0 7 • 1 - 8 7 7- 31P L A N 4 - ( 8 7 7- 317- 5 26 4 ) 6
  7. 7. Method Frameworks: Planning consultants with a game-changing processWhat Can Plan4SM Accomplish For YourOrganization? Guide to Successful Planning • Reduce risk by eliminating variability and ambiguity in language, outcomes and process • Download it here • Provide a customer-centered perspective • Create hard links between planning and execution • Facilitate bidirectional communication • Enforce accountability • Empower your organization with "Business Truth" Success Stories • Provide clarity and steps to achieve outcomes When a large national Real Estate • Can be applied in any context (internal, external, business Investment Trust needed to make sweeping or technical) organizational transformations in loan • Provide repeatable, predictable, measurable results origination, servicing, security and overall replacement of supporting technology • Develop plans more efficiently with flawless delivery systems, they called Method Frameworks. • Cost savings through a repeatable set of processes • Minimal intrusion to your organization The Results: • Successful replacement of technology systems. • New loan servicing and structured finance program. • Automated processes. • Executable critical communications strategy.w w w. m e t h o d f r a m e w o r k s . c o m • (9 7 2) 516 - 3 8 0 7 • 1 - 8 7 7- 31P L A N 4 - ( 8 7 7- 317- 5 26 4 ) 7
  8. 8. Method Frameworks: Planning consultants with a game-changing processBecome a ClientLet us count your organization among our valued andsuccessful clients. Contact us today to learn more about Guide to Successful PlanningMethod FrameworksSM and our Plan4SM approach. • Download it here(972) 516-38071-877-31PLAN4 - (877-317-5264)Email: inquiries@methodframeworks.comOnline: www.methodframeworks.comAddress:101 East Park BoulevardSuite 600Plano, Texas 75074 Success Stories When a multi-billion dollar manufacturer was undertaking the largest capital investment project in their 100 year history and spanning 65 countries, they called Method Frameworks. The Results: • Comprehensive planning and execution that resulted in the successful delivery, on-time and on-budget, for the massive set of global initiatives. • Recognition from the Board of Directors that they had never witnessed a more successfully planned and managed engagement…ever. They were especially impressed given the magnitude of the business changes called for and the complexity of the global scope.© Copyright 2009 Forte Solutions Group, LLC All rights reserved.w w w. m e t h o d f r a m e w o r k s . c o m • (9 7 2) 516 - 3 8 0 7 • 1 - 8 7 7- 31P L A N 4 - ( 8 7 7- 317- 5 26 4 ) 8