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Presentation for technical decisions makers on what is in Windows Phone and what you do to implement. Gives some example code on how to get started with key features in Silverlight and XNA. Good starting point for helping you get started writing for Windows Phone 7.

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  • Windows Phone 7 offers a superior experience in several areas, including:Hubs: Windows Phone 7 works to resolve the disconnected app experience that exists with smart phones today. Not everything needs to be an app stuck in a folder. Apps are important, but they need to integrate deeply with everything else you care about. Windows Phone 7’s hubs bring functionality together in a stylish and organized way for games, photos and other key functions.Marketplace: Windows Phone 7 will provide consumers the ability to purchase all the content to personalize their device, with applications, games, premium Xbox LIVE games and Zune music content.Personalization: Windows Phone 7 devices deliver customizable Live Tiles for organizing and prioritizing activities and information. Live Tiles make it easier for people to stay in touch with friends and contacts across a variety of social media sites by providing live updates that consolidate information from across social media sites and Microsoft Windows Live™. These live tiles enable quick, at-a-glance viewing and communication. Productivity: Windows Phone 7 will offer the most competitive productivity tools, including the Office Hub, Outlook Mobile, Sharepoint and OneNote Integration.Search: While Bing will be offered as an option on the iOS browser, Windows Phone 7 deeply integrates Bing in the UI, allowing for intuitive searches (web, local, maps) based on what part of the phone you are using. Carrier Choice: Windows Phone 7 lets people choose the carrier they trust and prefer. Development: Windows Phone 7 represents an inflection point for Microsoft, as well our partners and developers.  We have dramatically changed our approach to the UI and are taking accountability for the entire development experience.  Windows Phone 7 delivers an all managed code platform in order to provide developers with an easier and faster way to build higher quality and more captivating applications based on the proven and widely adopted Silverlight and XNA Framework technologies. 
  • PeoplePeople hub brings in content from people in your various contact databases. As you can see in the email and account settings you can enter your account info and bring in email, contacts, and calendar data from Windows Live, Outlook/Exchange, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo (email only). Social networking support is currently provided only from Windows Live and Facebook. People hub you will see there are three sub-categories in the People hub called all, what’s new, and recent. The recent info can actually be multiple pages wide while the all and what’s new pages are vertically scrollable. On the all screen you will see yourself on the top and tapping your picture takes you to your social networking feeds where you can review what you wrote or see comments left by others on your posts. You can also tap your status and update it to Windows Live or Facebook.PhotoThe Pictures hub is one of those double wide tiles from your Start screen and launching it shows you a what’s new page, index page, and recent page (much like People). Pictures are brought in based on your contact list through Facebook and Windows Live. Keep in mind though that Windows Live integrates several photo services such as SmugMug, Flickr, PhotoBucket, and more. You can zoom in and out on the photo and comment on it (if the service supports this).GamesThe Games hub should be one of the most exciting hubs with a HUGE potential for marketing to the millions who have Xbox devices. At this time, the Technical Preview only shows you your Xbox gamer profile, achievements, and avatar. It was kind of cool to see my avatar on the phone and I look forward to the day when I can play Xbox games with friends over the network. Music and VideoMusic + Videos hub is one of my personal favorites since I am a big fan of the Zune HD device and Zune Pass subscription model. I have a very small personal music collection and like to listen to music from several genres. With the Zune Pass I am growing my collection 10 songs a month and am able to experience and enjoy a ton of music. With a Windows Phone 7 device I will now have a complete music experience on my phone that is better than any other platform, even the iPhone with iTunes. Why do I state that the Music + Videos hub on a WP7 device is better than iTunes on an iPhone? In addition to songs you can buy (just like on iTunes), you can also listen to an unlimited number of full songs and keep 10 per month for only $15 with the Zune Pass. You can also listen to the FM radio and add songs you hear on the radio to your Zune Pass collection. Lastly, you can also stream music from the Zune Marketplace over the wireless network.
  • The Windows® Phone 7 Series Office Hub provides fast access to Microsoft Office Mobile, Microsoft Office SharePoint and Microsoft Office OneNote on the same phone that offers Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail.I personally am very pleased that Microsoft chose to include a hub centered around the Office experience since I think their roots in the enterprise market are important to try to keep and grow. This is one area where they can differentiate from all the other current smartphone operating systems who only support Office through 3rd party application support. Microsoft makes Office and should have the best mobile Office solution. At this time it looks like they have the potential to achieve this, but the creation formatting tools are pretty basic so Office Mobile is definitely focused on the experience where you bring a document in and edit it on the go.When you tap the Office hub you are taken right to the OneNote page and from here you can easily create notes with text, images, and audio recordings. Bulleted lists, highlighting, and basic text formatting are supported as well. These notes sync to your Windows Live account so you can access them from any browser. You can also choose to send the note from one of your email accounts.You can view, create and edit Word and Excel files and view & edit PowerPoint files on your WP7 device. At this time all documents you create appear in portrait only orientation. In Word Mobile there is a cool tool that automatically creates an outline of your document on the fly so you can quickly jump to different sections of your document. You can add comments, search the document, format the text, highlight the text, and change the font color. Excel Mobile has these same functions with additional function options and cell control options. Excel actually looks to be the more powerful application here and as an engineer this is definitely something I would use quite a bit.Another feature that I hope to be able to use when WP7 devices launch is SharePoint integration. Our company is rolling out SharePoint and the ability to connect to a SharePoint Server and enjoy thing such as versioning control with documents is attractive to me. While SharePoint gives you an excellent way to access documents on the go, not everyone is a SharePoint user and there is no desktop cable support to drag documents to your device. There is not an Office tab in the Zune software either so there is no way to get documents onto or off your device with a cable.Documents you create are synced up to your Windows Live Skydrive account so you can share them out through SkyDrive. I would love to see support for services like Dropbox, SugarSync, or Zumodrive in the future.
  • The Alarms is a very simple utility to just add an alarm with a repeat setting and custom ringtone selector. The Calculator is decent and when you flip into landscape orientation you will find a more scientific calculator appearing.As I said earlier, when you press and hold on the camera hardware button the Camera application launches. In the upper right you will find a toggle for video or image capture. There is a large + and - bar for zooming in and out and a gear icon in the lower right. The gear icon opens up camera settings that include flash buttons, autofocus mode, white balance, image effects, contrast, saturation, sharpness, ISO, photo resolution and more. To the left of the viewfinder image you will see a static image overhanging just a bit and this lets you know you can simply slide from left to right and view the last photo you took. Swiping back right to left takes you to the camera capture mode again. I ilk that I don’t have to launch a gallery or photos app to view the photos I just took with the camera and this seems like a natural extension of what you want to do. If you tap and hold on a photo you took then you can add to favorites, deleted, upload to SkyDrive, share via email or use as wallpaper.Bing Maps is included and works much like Google Maps on various devices with a powerful search functionality and basic directions support. There is no voice guided navigation. The two buttons are for your position and directions to your destination. As you get to a certain zoom level the software automatically switches into satellite view of the surrounding area. Traffic views are also shown and Bing Search is powered by Bing Maps.Threaded text Messaging is supported and the app is pretty basic. Theme colors appear in conversations and there isn’t much flashy with this utility.My first impression of the Internet Explorer browsing experience was that it is similar to the web browser on the Zune HD, but more functional. When you launch the browser you are taken to the default home screen and see the URL field up top with three icons along the bottom for add to favorites, view favorites and history, and toggle between the different tabs/browser windows. You can have up to 6 open tabs/windows in Internet Explorer. Tapping the 3 dots reveals options for forward, share page, find on page, pin to start, and settings. The browser settings are very basic with check boxes for cookies, let Bing suggest sites as I type, mobile or desktop version, and delete history.POP and IMAP email accounts are supported, as well as multiple Exchange accounts. There is no unified inbox, but the experience is the same for each email application with submenu heading for all, unread, flagged, and urgent messages. After opening an email the bottom control icons change so you can reply, forward, move, toggle flag, and more. Tapping an email sender opens their contact page too so you can interact in various ways. You can tap and hold on an email to delete it or tap the icon (second from right) to select multiple emails. Even easier you can tap to the left of the email and a check box will appear. While Gmail is supported, labels cannot be applied with the email remaining in the inbox. If you want to apply labels then you can move email to Gmail folders (aka labels) through the WP7 email app and they will receive a Gmail label and be moved to that label out of your inbox.Speaking of Gmail, did you know you can enter credentials and have multiple accounts syncing email, contacts, and calendar data in seconds? You can sync the following:Windows Live: Email, contacts, calendar, photos, feedsOutlook/Exchange: Email, contacts, and calendar (no tasks or notes will sync)Google/Gmail: Email, contacts, and calendarFacebook: Contacts, photos, and feedsYahoo!: Email onlyThere is also a Phone utility, of course, and I have that set as my top left app on the Start screen. Tapping on it takes you first to call history so you can easily connect with those who you recently called. Underneath their name (or number) it states if the call was incoming or outgoing and gives the time of the call. At the bottom of the display are three icons for voicemail, keypad, and people. If you tap the bottom right three dots you will see options to delete all and access your call settings. Call settings include showing you your phone number, voicemail number, when to show caller ID, call forwarding, international assist toggle, and SIM security. The dialer is very basic with just the 12 character keypad. I was disappointed to see there is no smart dialing feature here so entering numbers does just that without filtering your contact list.When you place a call you will see a pop-up along the top of the device with the caller name and number and options to end the call, toggle the keypad, and access more caller options (speaker, mute, hold, and add call). These same options appear when a call comes in to the phone.Bing Search is a beautiful experience on the Windows Phone 7 device with amazing background images, fun trivia associated with the images, and a powerful search/decision engine. Bing market share has been rising and I personally have been using it more and more lately as I find the search results to be accurate and helpful.
  • A large WVGA (800 x 480) format display capable of rendering most web content in full-page width and displaying movies in a cinematic aspect ratio. (also coming in early CY11 is a smaller display)Capacitive 4-point multi-touch screens for quick, simple control of the phone and its features.DirectX 9 hardware acceleration for crisp graphics and exciting audio and video.A standard suite of sensors - A-GPS, accelerometer, compass, light, proximity - for interacting with the phone’s location, orientation, and environment.A camera -- 5 megapixel minimum and must include a flashA common set of hardware controls and buttons that include the Start, Search, and Back buttons.Support for data connectivity using cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth, A-GPS, FM radio (HD is not required, but a manufacturer can still use)256 MB (or more) of RAM and 8 GB (or more) of flash storage.
  • The Back button takes you back to a previous task and it looks like you can do this a few times until you eventually get back to the Start screen. Pressing the Start button take you back to the Start screen. Pressing and holding the Start menu launch the voice recognition software that is powered by Tellme. This voice recognition software lets you say things such as “Search pizza in Seattle”, “Start Zune”, “Call Dave at the office”, “Open Calendar”, “What is the score of the Sounders FC game?”, and more.voice search works with the Bing Search engine and I actually found it to be a simpler solution for finding things I use dedicated 3rd party apps for on my Android devices. For example, I simply pressed and held the Start button and said, “Longston Place movie times”. Tellme worked its magic with Bing Search and gave me an immediate listing of the movies at my local theater with star ratings for the movies. Tapping the top search result took me to the MSN Entertainment site with the specific theater (including the phone number and hyperlink to maps and directions), the movies that were playing, and the movie times. Pressing the Search button takes you to Bing Search or search within selected applications such as Email and Contacts. There is currently no global search of the device, but I haven’t found that to be an issue as long as there is search in the apps where I would normally conduct a search. Pressing the Camera button takes you to the camera application. Pressing the Power button once locks the device and pressing and holding will shut the device off.
  • What’s missingTechnical Preview and there will be changes in Windows Phone 7 before launch to the public. That said, here are the current issues and concerns I have:Lack of Twitter service support or 3rd party appLack of USB drive mode or other method to transfer Office docsNo landscape support for Office documentsLack of ability to search your Exchange email server for emailNo copy and pasteNo multi-tasking of appsCopy and paste is done by all the rest, but I honestly rarely use it so can live without it myself. Multi-tasking hasn’t been a problem for the iPhone for a couple years, but now that they have it everyone should when they launch. Microsoft may have a system of handling this that is good though and it is tough for me to judge if it is necessary on WP7 since so few apps are currently available.
  • The following picture is what a custom Silverlight-based productivity application might look like on Windows Phone 7. With a swipe, the user could switch between “Dashboard”, “Sales” and “Marketing” to access up to date business information.
  • Bing MapsIn-App bing maps control Optimized for windows phone Programmable Ships at RTM
  • Notifications, like for text messages, unobtrusively show up at the top of the screen, where you can ignore them or act on them. Your app can send them.
  • The Windows Phone 7 Series Marketplace hub is the single convenient place where consumers can acquire applications, games, premium Xbox LIVE games, and music to personalize their phone.The Marketplace is one big hub for everything you'd buy on Windows Phone 7: Apps, games and music, which is the major distinction, that everything is unified in a single market, vs. separate stores for apps and music. It seems to make more sense this way. Initial launch will support the buying and selling of applications in 17 countries; Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK and United States.(Covered in later slides)Specifically, the new Windows Phone Marketplace policies offer:Annual registration fee of $99No limit to the number of paid apps submitted 5 free apps per registration, $19.99 each after that Free registration to DreamSpark students (same unlimited paid and 5 free apps applies)A new optional push notification service to help developers stay engaged with customers A new optional Trial API - trials mean more customers try your app, and less likelihood that they return it. The length or type of trial is fully controlled by the developerThe ability to publish to all available Marketplace markets through a new “worldwide distribution” option, allowing developers to pay once and distribute broadlyWider range of business models; free, paid, freemium and ad-fundedEqually important to many developers is what isn’t changing:A revenue share of 70/30Developers manage their business with Marketplace via the self service portal http://developer.windowsphone.comPayout takes place monthly for developers that have earned more than USD$200 worldwideDevelopers can make ad funded applicationsAll applications go through a process of technical and content certificationMarketplace offers support for credit card commerce, and where available mobile operator billing.Microsoft continues its practice of publishing policies, guidelines, and submission process details to developers so they understand exactly how marketplace works.
  • Browse the catalog and discover new content Smart multi-variable algorithmic ranking for popular and newDaily promotion drives high visibility for the best apps and games
  • The full list of Windows Phone Marketplace policies is now available28-page document that outlines the new guidelines
  • 70% revenue shareTrial APICredit card & mobile operator billingPaid,freemium, ad funded and free appsSingle software distribution channel World wide access Ease of discovery Convenient updates & distributionActive merchandisingDevelopers manage their business with Windows Phone Marketplace via the self service portal, http://developer.windowsphone.comDevelopers from 30 countries can register and get paid for selling applicationsNothing to announce at this time on additional markets for developers to register Payout threshold is $200 based on worldwide sales (based on their 70% of app price sold.)Payout takes place monthlyDevelopers can make ad funded applicationsAll applications go through a process of technical and content certification, which enhances the user experience and provides them with confidence in the quality of the application. Support for credit card commerce, and where available mobile operator billing (AT&T)—more to be announced later
  • Through the DreamSpark program students will be able to market and sell their Windows Phone 7 apps with a waived registration fee. DreamSpark has partnered with Windows Phone Marketplace to provide students with the same tools for professional developers and designers plus waived the $99 registration fee, giving students the opportunity to submit their first 5 application for free
  • Phones shipping now to selected partners. Go to ___ to registerWindows Phone 7 is coming out this year, in the next few months — October, possibly
  • Windows Phone 7 Now

    1. 1. For Presenters<br />Scrub deck before posting. <br />REMOVE BLUE SLIDES<br />Desk is meant to be inclusive and should be tailored to your audience<br />Tailor the programs to your audience<br />1<br />
    2. 2. Windows Phone Now<br />Bruce Kyle<br />ISV Architect Evangelist<br /> @brucedkyle<br />Microsoft Corporation<br />
    3. 3. Session Objectives and Takeaways<br />Session Objective(s): <br />Your Customers Want Windows 7 Phones<br />Development for Phone 7 is Easier than Others Phones<br />Extra Support for Developers Now<br />Marketplace is ready<br />Take aways<br />Now is the Time for Windows Phone 7<br />Phone is very eeeaaasyyyyy …. <br />
    4. 4. Agenda<br />4<br />Your Customers Will Drive Windows Phone 7<br />Familiar Application Development for Phone<br />Delivering Your Application to the Marketplace<br />Extra Help Available for Limited Time<br />Labs<br />Review<br />
    5. 5. Why Customers Want Windows Phone 7<br />
    6. 6. Customer Demand<br />6<br />Great User Experience<br />Consistent Phone Hardware<br />Great Reviews<br />Marketplace<br />Microsoft Partners<br />
    7. 7. Hubs<br />7<br />
    8. 8. Office Integrates with SharePoint<br />8<br />
    9. 9. Oh yea.. and a phone<br />Alarms<br />Calculator<br />Calendar<br />Camera<br />Maps<br />Messaging<br />Internet Explorer<br />Various email accounts<br />Phone<br />Bing Search<br />Settings<br />9<br />
    10. 10. Customer Experience<br />Demo<br />10<br />
    11. 11. Consistent Hardware<br />WVGA (800 x 480) format display <br />4-point multi-touch screens <br />DirectX 9 hardware acceleration <br />Standard suite of sensors<br />Digital camera<br />Cellular Network & WiFi Connectivity<br />256 MB+ RAM and 8 GB+ Flash storage<br />11<br />
    12. 12. Intuitive Buttons<br />Back button to previous task *<br />Start to start screen<br />Search<br />Camera<br />Power<br />And<br />Voice recognition<br />12<br />* Your applications take advantage of the back button<br />
    13. 13. 13<br />
    14. 14. 14<br />
    15. 15. Your Application<br />
    16. 16. Familiar Tools<br />Application Development <br />
    17. 17. Application Platform<br />Runtime<br />Tools<br />Phone Emulator<br />Sensors<br />Media<br />Data<br />Location<br />Samples<br />Documentation<br />Notifications<br />Phone<br />Guides<br />Community<br />.NET Framework managed code sandbox<br />Packaging and Verification Tools<br />SCREEN<br />CLOUD<br />Portal Services<br />Cloud<br />Notifications<br />App Deployment<br />Registration<br />Marketplace<br />Location<br />Identity<br />Feeds<br />Validation<br />MO and CC Billing<br />Maps<br />Social<br />Certification<br />Business Intelligence<br />Publishing<br />Update Management<br />
    18. 18. Free Dev Tools<br />Integrates with VS 2010<br />Uses Silverlight 3 Plus<br />Controls specific to Phone<br />Can use XNA<br />Developer Training<br />18<br />Development Tools<br />
    19. 19. Starts with Silverlight 3, plus…<br />Performance tuning<br />Input integration<br />H/W media and sensor integration<br />OS application model integration<br />Relaxed sandbox constraints<br />Windows Phone <br />
    20. 20. Usual Silverlight Controls Optimized for Phone<br />Web Browser<br />Pivot<br />Bing Maps<br />20<br />Controls<br />
    21. 21. Orientation-Aware Forms<br />21<br /><phone:PhoneApplicationPage<br /> x:Class="OrientationSample.MainPage“<br /> …<br />SupportedOrientations="PortraitOrLandscape" <br />Orientation=“LandScape“ ><br />this.SupportedOrientations = <br />SupportedPageOrientation.Portrait; <br />
    22. 22. Application Bar<br />Use the ApplicationBar instead of creating your own menu system<br />Up to 4 buttons plus optional menu<br />Swipe up the bar to bring up the menu<br />Use white foreground on transparent background for icons<br />System will colorize button according to users selected theme<br />
    23. 23. Accelerometer<br />23<br />+Y<br />Measures force applied on each axis over time<br />-Z<br />varacc= new Microsoft.Devices.Sensors.Accelerometer();<br />acc.ReadingChanged+= new EventHandler<AccelerometerReadingEventArgs>(acc_ReadingChanged);<br />acc.Start(); <br />-X<br />+X<br /> void acc_ReadingChanged(object sender, AccelerometerReadingEventArgse) {<br />Dispatcher.BeginInvoke( () => { <br />XValue.Text = e.X.ToString("F2");<br />YValue.Text = e.Y.ToString("F2");<br />ZValue.Text = e.Z.ToString("F2");<br />});<br />}<br />+Z<br />-Y<br />
    24. 24. Vibration<br />Vibrates the phone for a given duration<br />Useful for haptic feedback <br />Notifying users of updates<br />24<br />VibrateControllervc = VibrateController.Default;<br />vc.Start(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2));<br />// vc.Stop (); //to stop it before the timespan <br />
    25. 25. Microphone & Sound<br />Microphone <br />Gives access to raw PCM WAV data<br />Calls BufferReady event at regular intervals<br />Call the GetData method from the BufferReady event or as often as your app requires<br />10ms latency<br />XNA sound effect API<br />Supports polyphonic, looping wav data<br />25<br />
    26. 26. Location<br />GPS<br />+ Accuracy<br />- Power<br />- Speed<br />- Indoors<br />- Accuracy<br />+ Power<br />+ Speed<br />- Wilderness<br />WiFi<br />+/- Accuracy<br />+/- Power<br />+/- Speed<br />+/- Urban areas<br />Location services<br />Cell towers<br />
    27. 27. 2<br />URI to the service:<br />""<br />3rd party <br />service<br />Push enabled applications<br />3<br />Notifications service<br />HTTP POST the message<br />1<br />Push endpoint is established. URI is created for the endpoint.<br />Push Notifications<br />4<br />Send PN Message<br />Microsoft<br />hosted <br />server<br />
    28. 28. Developer Portal<br />Learn…<br />Build…<br />Publish…<br />Earn…<br /><br />
    29. 29. Marketplace<br />
    30. 30. Marketplace<br />
    31. 31. Promotion, Discoverability<br />31<br />
    32. 32. Informed Purchase<br />Try and buy<br />Detailed product description<br />Screen shots<br />Reviews & ratings<br />Related apps<br />Optional game content rating<br />More apps by developer<br />32<br />
    33. 33. Trial API<br />Implement IsTrial() API<br />Up-sell to full-priced content = greater sales<br />You control functionality or license duration<br />33<br />if (CurrentLicense.IsTrial().Equals(true))<br />{<br />// Application is in trial mode, so <br />// upsell to full priced content<br />// Do not try this code at home… <br />}<br />
    34. 34. Updates<br />Your apps can be updated through Marketplace<br />Notifications of app updates on the Marketplace hub<br />View the details of a specific update<br />Update all apps at once or view the update details of a single app or game<br />Choose to update a single app or game<br />34<br />
    35. 35. Publishing Process<br />35<br />.xap<br />.xap<br />.xap<br />.xap<br />.xap<br />.xap<br />.xap<br />.xap<br />Application and Game Submission<br />.dll<br />.dll<br />.dll<br />.dll<br />.dll<br />.dll<br />.dll<br />.dll<br />App<br />Packaging &<br />Validation<br />App<br />submission<br />Marketplace<br />Windows Phone 7 Deployment Service<br />Apply<br />Test <br />Criteria<br />Add<br />Metadata<br />Sign<br />
    36. 36. Evaluated against regional policies<br />Localization review<br />Meets Microsoft standard for global <br />content policies<br />Meets application type guidelines<br />Applications are reliable<br />Applications use resources efficiently<br />Applications are free of malicious software<br />Applications do not interfere with the phone functionality<br /> technical validation<br /> policy validation<br /> market validation<br />Test Criteria Pillars<br />
    37. 37. Profit<br />37<br />70% revenue share<br />Trial API<br />Credit card & mobile operator <br />billing<br />Paid, freemium, ad funded and <br />free apps<br />
    38. 38. Special Microsoft Partner Programs<br />Limited Time Offers<br />
    39. 39. Metro<br />Nomination from Microsoft field<br />NDA Required<br />
    40. 40. Microsoft Platform Ready<br />Registration Online<br />At<br />Free developer assistance<br />Additional marketing assistance<br />40<br />
    41. 41. DreamSpark for Students<br />Free development software for students<br /><br />Registration fee waived <br />41<br />
    42. 42. Events Worldwide<br />Labs and special events worldwide<br />42<br />
    43. 43. Roadmap<br />43<br />
    44. 44. Call to Action<br />
    45. 45. Getting Started<br />45<br />Get the Windows Phone Developer Tools<br />Build your Silverlight or XNA Framework application<br />Register to publish<br />Distribute your application<br />
    46. 46. Resources<br />Microsoft Platform Ready<br /><br />UI Guide and Design Templates <br /><br />Free Developer Training Kit<br /><br />Videos: Windows Phone 7 in 7 Minutes<br /><br />46<br />
    47. 47. Closing<br />Take aways<br />Every Silverlight developer is a phone developer<br />Windows Phone is very easy<br />Windows Phone brings a lot of new opportunities and possibilities.. <br />47<br />Write your own apps!!<br />
    48. 48. If you made it this far then U rock!! <br />Thank You…<br />48<br />