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  1. 1. Microsoft® WebMatrix Web Hosting Partner Go-To-Market GoWhat is WebMatrix?Microsoft WebMatrix is a new web development tool that makes it easy for anyone to create a new web site. Start from any ofthe built-in or online templates or any of the free popular open source web applications, such as WordPress, Joomla!,DotNetNuke or Umbraco, located in the online Web Applications Gallery. Users can customize their site using the code anddatabase editor within WebMatrix. When a user is ready to publish their site, WebMatrix highlights hosting partners within thehosting gallery making it easy to choose the right hosting partner for the app being created with a selection of hosting packages.Once a hosting package is selected and configured, WebMatrix then seamlessly publishes the site and database to the web.Hosting Partner OpportunityWebMatrix is a very unique new web development tool that is marketed directly to people who want to create a website andpublish it on the internet. The vast array of templates and pre-built web applications that are available in WebMatrix makes itappropriate for every kind of user, from a seasoned WordPress or Joomla user to a new or inexperienced individual that needs asimple and seamless way to get themselves or their company on the web.The opportunity for participating Hosting Partners is the integration of our Web Hosting Gallery right within the tool itself. Whena user is ready to publish their site on the web they can choose from participating hosting providers to users who are looking tohost their new web site. This is a unique opportunity for our hosting partners to get a direct pipeline of new customers who useWebMatrix.Go To Market PlansMicrosoft Corporate and its subsidiaries world-wide will be executing a multi-audience, multi-channel go-to-market effort tosupport WebMatrix. WebMatrix will be released in 13 languages and will all simultaneously launch on January 13. The GTMefforts by Microsoft will commence with the launch campaign that capitalizes on the momentum already created by the webapps campaign that is currently in market. The campaign focuses on three strategies; Launch and In-Person Events, OnlineEngagement and Digital Advertising.Launch and In-Person EventsThe main launch event for WebMatrix will be held at CodeMash in Ohio in January 13th. Because the CodeMash venue only holds800 attendees, we will extend the reach by streaming this event live world-wide. Microsoft Subsidiary offices will be holdinglocal WebMatrix launch events with in person presentations on WebMatrix. The Microsoft Academic Team is working tocoordinate its 900 Microsoft Student Ambassadors around the world to hold Campus WebMatrix Launch events for students.Microsoft is also coordinating with the INETA organization which has thousands of user groups around the world and tens ofthousands of members to organize a contest among its members to create modules for Orchard, a new open source web CMSbased on MVC, started by Microsoft. Finally, Microsoft’s DPE organization of roughly 2000 technical evangelists will bepresenting at events among the large open source web communities such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal as well as other eventsfocused on web developers world-wide. At all of these events, participants will promote WebMatrix and giving demonstrationsof how WebMatrix works, including how to publish websites to a hosting provider. The DPE organization has been asked to workwith its local Communication Sector team to identify local hosting providers to leverage in these product demonstrations.
  2. 2. Online EngagementPost WebMatrix Launch, Microsoft’s DPE field organization world-wide will be working to engage web developers online at scalethrough both Twitter and Facebook to drive greater awareness for WebMatrix and enable easy access to product informationand downloading for WebMatrix. Microsoft will also be creating original and topical content that will be published onhttp://microsoft.com/web and federated through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube that focuses on web development topicsdesigned to encourage new web developers to adopt WebMatrix and entice other developers towards our platform. MicrosoftDPE Evangelists will also be stepping up efforts to engage web developers through online forums, answering questions andproviding guidance around common web development topics, particularly on the Microsoft Web Platform as well as stepping upefforts to write articles for 3rd party websites on a broad array of web development topics but particularly on topics thatWebMatrix is particularly well suited to demonstrating.Digital AdvertisingMicrosoft Corporate and Microsoft’s DPE field organization world-wide will be embarking on a global ad campaign beginningwith the launch of WebMatrix to drive demand among new and existing web developers to download and use WebMatrix tocreate and publish websites. This advertising campaign will consist of display, search and social media advertising channels. Allad copy for these campaigns promotes the availability for web site hosting so it is a major component and message to our targetaudiences of web developers. Tactically advertising will be targeted at two types of developers, those that currently build webapplications using one of the top 7 most popular web applications available from the Web Application Gallery and at newer webdevelopers who want to build websites but are not predisposed to any particular web application or framework. The display andsocial media advertising campaigns will be planned and executed by each Microsoft Subsidiary Advertising Team while thesearch advertising campaigns will be planned and executed centrally by Microsoft Corporate. These ad campaigns, combinedwith the activities listed above are designed to deliver 100,000 downloads of WebMatrix within the first month of its launch andover 600,000 by the end of June, 2011. Below are some examples of various ad creative and sizes that will be used by MicrosoftCorporate and its Subsidiaries world-wide.