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    Microsoft Platform Ready is here to help everyone build great applications on Microsoft technologies. It’s available to all developers, whether you’re a student, a hobbyist, a startup or an enterprise developer.

    MPR supports a number of Microsoft technologies but Windows Phone and Windows Azure are especially important to us this year, so if you’re building on those you get some extra benefits.
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    Here’s an example of some of the benefits you’ll receive when building a Windows Phone application with MPR.
  • Script:
    So again the URL is

    (click) Notice that MPR supports a large number of Microsoft technologies, not just Windows Phone and Windows Azure.
    (click) And MPR supports you all the way through development, even helping you market the final product.
    (click) If you’re new to MPR the first thing you’ll need to do is create an account. But in the interest of time, I’ll skip the signup process and show you what MPR looks like after you’ve created your account.
  • Script:
    Now we’re in our MPR dashboard.

    (click) You can see at the top that we don’t have any applications.
    (click) Let’s get started by adding one.
  • Script:
    Now let’s in a few details about our application. Like

    (click) Application name and version number
    (click) Categories
    (click) URL and description
    (click) Languages supported

  • Script:
    Now check the MPR-supported technologies your application uses. When you check a box you may be asked to add additional information. For example, let’s say our phone application synchronizes data with Windows Azure.

    (click) When we check the Azure box, we need to add the date we’ll be compatible and the URL for the Azure solution.
    (click) When we check the Windows Phone box, the only thing we need to add is our planned compatibility date.

  • Script:
    Now in our dashboard we can see the application we just created and the two technologies it supports.

    (click) Both the Phone and the Azure portions of our project are still under development.
    (click) At this stage we can download the tools and view recommended materials.
    (click) We can also click on ‘Get Technical Benefits’ to start using the free support.
  • Script:
    The testing and marketing benefits, like the marketplace rebate, become available when you’ve verified your application is ready to sell.
  • Script:
    So head on over to and start getting help today!
  • Mpr walkthrough

    1. 1. Microsoft Platform Ready Introduction and Getting Started
    2. 2. Let Microsoft Platform Ready help you build your apps!
    3. 3. 7 developer program Powered by Microsoft PlatformReady • Free developer support is just an e-mail or phone call away • Quick access to top resources and content, like guidance on leveraging the Microsoft Mobile Advertising platform. • Assistance submitting your app into marketplace • Full $99 refund of marketplace registration fees after your second app is in the marketplace * * See site for full details. Marketplace rebate is a limited time offer.
    4. 4. Let Microsoft Platform Ready help you build your apps!