Business Opportunity for Windows Phone 7


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Introduction to the Windows Phone

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  • MWC: 24 hours of news domination
    477 articles and blogs
    After 48 hrs, 2000+ unique articles worldwide
    461 total broadcast hits across TV, radio and online
    Windows Phone shot up as the #1 trending topic on Twitter. At launch, Bing got to #9.
    103,975,873 broadcast viewers and listeners
    #1 Most viewed sponsored channel on YouTube that week
  • We were a technology vendor delivering components to OEMs that were trying to fill orders
    We need you, and other partners to fulfill our vision
    Product is more constrained – can’t fundamentally change the user experience
    We’re building more of the product than we used to
    OEMs built SIP, text input, drivers, dialers
    Getting much more specific about the hardware
    Eliminates hardware variation, creating a more consistent experience for you
    Require fast processor, capacitive touch, camera, accelerometer, GPS, etc.
    This will be predictable for you, and end users
    There will be hardware innovation
    OEMs will also innovate with software
  • On average 38 years old, most are in a partnered relationship, most are employed
    Work / life balance is important (we have been really good at work)
  • The key navigational elements for Windows Phone 7 are called a tiles and hub. Tiles are used on the home screen to display alerts and launch applications. Hub are the key navigation element for built-in applications; the Applications hub will provide a launch area for 3rd party applications such as one developed by Kraft.
  • Once we decided that the #1 priority is delighting the end-user, another big change comes for the team, moving our competitive lens from RIM to the iPhone. Based upon the usage within this room that I’ve noticed in the last day, I would guess that many of you agree that Apple has lapped us on mobile end-user satisfaction. Many describe the iPhone as the most personal, and valuable, computer they’ve ever owned. This thing is a serious threat to all that we do.

    As we’ve studied the end-users of this device, we’ve developed a list of experiences where we need to match the iPhone. Our goal is not to beat them on these experiences, just match. That being said, it’s a daunting list. Design, Touch, Browser, Update, Marketplace, and developer platform. But if anyone has doubts that we can do this, I’d ask they stop by Henry Sanders office and tell him that we can’t do it. It will just get him more fired up. Between JoeB, Henry, Tom Gibbons and myself we are very seriously going after this.

    We’ve also developed the list of experiences where we plan to differentiate and win. Starting with the home screen. One could argue the current WM 6.x home screen, with it’s glance able view of your current information is better than the iPhone. We plan to embrace social, personal preferences, and location throughout our shell experiences, and hopefully express this through our applications. The iPhone does a crummy job with photos. Search on the iPhone

    2 design trends in smart phones – grid of icons, and widgets

  • Single identity (gamertag)
    20 achievements, 200 gamer score
    Cross game/device invitations
    Editorial merchandising for Live games
  • Business Opportunity for Windows Phone 7

    1. 1. Smart Phone Market SMART PHONES (13%) RIM (41%) WINDOWS PHONE (13%) ANDROID (13%) APPLE (24%) Number of Smart Phones Worldwide ±500 million
    2. 2. “…it is different enough to embarrass pretty much everyone else except Apple.” Charlie Sorrel, Wired “Microsoft is about to leapfrog Apple and every other player in the mobile space with Windows Phone 7.” Peter Ha, TIME “All of the major wireless carriers and every likely hardware maker are backing it, and they’d be stupid not to, it’s awesome.“ Matt Buchanan at Gizmodo “Microsoft had three challenges: bring the Windows Mobile UI up to par, differentiate using its unique assets, and re-engage developers. With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has accomplished the first two and put itself in position to hit the third.” Avi Greengart, Current Analysis “Microsoft hit it out of the park by creating an innovative and exciting smartphone platform.” Matthew Miller of ZDNet Microsoft Gets Its Groove Back “I came away impressed. If you considered Microsoft to be down and out, it's definitely back in the ring, both gloves laced up, ready to fight.” Eric Zeman InformationWeek “The man with the plan for your mobile future is not Steve Jobs but Steve Ballmer.” “I kind of LOVED it.” Jessica Mintz, AP
    3. 3. Changing our Game A New Approach with WP7
    4. 4. Target: Life Maximizers
    5. 5. Inspiration
    6. 6. Windows Phone 7 Tiles & Hubs
    7. 7. SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS ‘People-centric’ experiences merging social nets with communication HARDWARE CHOICE Range of sizes, keyboard options, look and feel PHOTOS Best photo phone available Replaces your point and shoot BEST FOR BUSINESS USERS Continued focus on user productivity LOCATION AWARE SEARCH Full search capability delivering location relevant results XBOX LIVE GAMING Arcade, Indie and Premium 3D games with Xbox Live “START” EXPERIENCE Simple and delightful START screen with all your relevant information at your fingertips Excelling in 7 Areas
    8. 8. Xbox LIVE Gaming Services Identity Friends Achievements Merchandising Premium Placement Windows Phone will extend the Xbox LIVE brand beyond the console for the first time Windows Phone is the first step towards our vision of a ubiquitous gaming service Premium placement helps your titles stand out and avoid the race to the bottom
    9. 9. What’s Built In Meeting high expectations BROWSER High-performance browsing experience MUSIC , VIDEO, PHOTOS Fully integrated Zune experience, connected Photos COMMUNICATION People-centric experiences merging social nets with communication MAPS & DIRECTIONS Context aware, turn-by-turn, walking or driving APPS & GAMES Best of breed developer platform for apps & games DESIGN/MOTION/TOUCH Delightful touch experience on capacitive screens
    10. 10. Two Flavors of Applications
    11. 11. On-Device MarketplaceYourcompany Youricon Yourapp Yourimage
    12. 12. Hardware Launch Partners
    13. 13. Mobile Operator Launch Partners