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Active learning pp2

Class Assignment for IDT 7064

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Active learning pp2

  1. 1. Active Learning Scedella McAtee IDT 7064 Fall 2014
  2. 2. Student Assignments Web-based Research  PowerPoint creation and demonstration  Group Discussions
  3. 3. Web-based Research – Inquiry/Discovery Learning which requires students to research ideas and develop their knowledge and based on information they discover. Pg. 30
  4. 4. Web-based Research Student Project The web based research projects will include students having to use the internet to access educational sites to explore a teacher chosen topic. A topic I have used in the past for student based research is review and discussion of the First Amendment. The students are required to locate the First Amendment, review it and provide a summary of what the First Amendment means to them. The paper should be completed from two points of views: as a US citizen and a non-US citizen. Citations and references are required. Students are required to submit the paper on a teacher approved web-based tool.
  5. 5. PowerPoint creation and demonstration  Project based learning – organizing learning around projects- which involve students’ critical thinking pg. 31
  6. 6. PowerPoint creation and demonstration Student Project  When completing a power point student project. Students are required to utilize MS Power Point program. Students’ projects usually require text, pictures, graphics and sounds. One of my recent student projects required students to create a “capturing” digital presentation via MS Power point. The student problem listed that the students were working at the U of M Sports Management team and was required to create a 5-7 minute presentation to the school Booster Club that would encourage them to continue to donate toward the sports department. The requirements included a minimal amount of slides, images/visual effects and audio. Students were required to present their completed digital presentation to the class.
  7. 7. Group Discussions  Collaborative Learning requires cooperative learning among 2 or more peers which ultimately “extends learning beyond the immediate collaboration by adding to the collective knowledge of the classroom” pg. 29
  8. 8. Group Discussions Student Product  Group discussions is a great way to have students collaborate and work together as a team. Group discussions allow for students to reflect and build upon ideas with each other. Students are allow to present their ideas while listening to and adding on to others’ ideas. A productive group discussion includes a group that can evaluate both pros and cons of ideas. Everyone will not always agree, but should be able to express their opinions openly and with integrity. Group discussions are important to team building and character building.
  9. 9. Two Teaching and Learning Strategies that I identified with most: Strategy 1: Generative Learning Generative learning is defined by Mills as: “process of generating ideas by reorganizing facts and information into more flexible knowledge structures that reveal relationships among ides or by identifying gaps in knowledge or conflicts between ideas.” Pg. 31 When reviewing this material, I identified with this teaching strategy because I include assignments that require group discussion. During group discussion ideas are generated, discussed, evaluated and students are allowed to identify gaps or conflicts during their analysis.
  10. 10. Two Teaching and Learning Strategies that I identified with most: Strategy 2: Coaching and Mentoring  Coaching and Mentoring is defined by Mills as: Coaching is a partnership among colleagues where they observe one another in practice of their profession and conduct discussions before and after the observation. Mentoring is when an expert/professional is identified to assist with developing/coaching another to improve/enhance his/her skills. Pg. 32 Coaching and Mentoring is an important part of being an instructor. As educators we learn everyday from our colleagues, other educators and experienced professionals in our areas of focus. I think we all should coach each other, build collaborative groups and provide each other aids and resources.
  11. 11. Reflecting on the two strategies Pt. 1  The Coaching and Mentoring teaching strategy may affect teaching and learning for me as I will increase my knowledge base and skills by incorporating what I gain from my coach/mentor to my teaching skills.  I will adapt the coaching and teaching strategy in the classroom. Students can use this as a learning mechanism. Students should be encouraged to partner up and/or work in groups in order to assist each other in different areas. Where some students are stronger in certain subjects – there counterparts are stronger in others. Those students should tap into that and work together. In the beginning I may have to pair them up – but it will be up to them to continue on and maintain the coach/mentor relationship. Of course they can/should update me periodically and will be required to do so.  Technology and the internet will play a role in this strategy as students will have to learn to work together on projects that inclue the use f technology and the internet. Which leads to part 2 of this reflection
  12. 12. Reflecting on the two strategies Pt. 2  The generative learning technique will help me promote group discussions and activities in the learning process for the students. Students will collaborate to build like ideas and/or suggest different ideas during these activities.  I can combine generative learning with coaching and mentoring as normally being coached or mentored involves at least 2 people. Groups can also be smaller than an entire class. Sometimes, smaller groups an produce better learning outcomes due to less clashing of ideas.  I hinted at this earlier in the presentation and will reiterate here that group learning with technology and the use of the internet is becoming traditional classroom teaching strategy. My learning institution is equipped with personal computers for each student and the use of technology is an everyday classroom experience. These two teaching strategies will allow me to continue to advance the learning process through generative learning as well as coaching/mentoring.
  13. 13. Going Forward!!!  As an educator I plan to continue to grow in my field. I will complete in-service training as well as continue to strive to have the most effective teaching and learning strategies implemented in the classroom. Each learner is unique in their own way and we can reach each of them by ensuring we are efficient with our teaching tool.  I personally, would like a mentor to aid me with my journey in education. I feel as though I have only “scratched the surface” and I am ready to build on to my skills and knowledge.  With the advances in technology and the ever evolving internet educational tools, teaching will continued to be impacted. How we allow these advances effect our classroom is key. We must ensure that we abide by safety use policies while engaging in classroom activities and instruction that include the use of the internet. While at the same time, we must ensure we are incorporating internet tools in our curriculum as technology is no longer just an “option” – it’s a way of life for the current and future generations.
  14. 14.  References:  Mills, S.C. (2006). Using the Internet for active teaching and learning. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Merrill Prentice Hall. ISBN 10: 0131105469